Long distance love affair…

Long distance love affair.  Technology is what makes it happen. Internet connection, laptop with camera, mobile phone with wi-fi, may have 3G or 4G is all you need to keep in touch with your loved ones as communication is the best weapon to keep the flame of love.

Widely used for web communication are the Yahoo Messenger, Skype and Oovoo as you can see your family and friends through webcam while chit-chatting with them.

As technology is making our life easier with just a click of a mouse, many individuals found their love of a lifetime or soul mates through chatting.  They may be introduced by a common friend or through one of the chat rooms. Cyber love affair as they call it. Gone is the day of pen pal where you have to write lengthy sweet nothings on a scented stationery paper with matching red kiss marks on the signature with tons of pictures and wait for weeks to receive the reply of your last mail.

I have friends who found their soul mates across the globe and are now living a happy life but there were others that were unfortunate maybe because the love was not too strong, they were not able to endure the trials of a married life.

There are lovebirds that are sooo inlove with each other that the guy proposed on the net and popped the ring on the cam with the magic line “will you be my wife?” .  Others, got married on the net because of circumstances that won’t allow them to be in one place for the ceremony. You can find a lot of videos in Youtube of marriages celebrated on the net.

How can one make the intensity of love intact while being away from each other?  Huh, tough question here.  One can never say that this advice or that advice is appropriate or better for a certain  situation because we don’t know the bottom line of the problem, what we see is just the icing of the cake.  Sometimes, even constant communication is not enough specially if you are just shouting at each other during the call, blaming each other for a situation, responding negatively not even an “i love you” is whispered to each other can surely dry up a relationship.

Others are on cloud nine because of the sweet nothings they share.   They were able to keep the flame of their relationship burning.

In a cyber relationship, distance does matter.  It is really hard to keep a relationship with someone who is at the end of the world.  Trials are there to try and test how strong the lovers are to keep the relationship until the day they shall tie the knot.    If your partner keeps on telling you to hold on and keep on holding on for him, what will you do when all along, all that you did was to really hold on for him, but still, nothing happened.

From the song “Somewhere down the road”  –  Sometimes good-byes are not forever.  It doesn’t matter if you’re gone.  I still believe in us together.  I understand more than you think I can. You have to go out on your own.  So you can find your way back home.  And somewhere down the road.  Our roads are gonna cross again.  It doesn’t really matter when.  But somewhere down the road.  I know that heart of yours will come to see,  that you belong with me.  Letting go is just another way to say,  I’ll always love you so.  We had the right love.  At the wrong time.  Maybe we’ve only just begun.  Maybe the best is yet to come

If you love the person, don’t get pride get in the way and tell him or her that you love him/ her so much.  Let me borrow this quote which I found on the net –  “Never waste an opportunity to say I love you to someone you really love, because it’s not everyday you find a person who has the magic to let you fall in love.”   

As I have mentioned earlier, what if the other person will ask you to hold on?  Let me match this with another quote –         “They say never,  never give up on someone…. but maybe it’s the holding on that is slowly tearing you apart.”  

Will you give up, keep on holding on?  or just simply fall out of love…


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