Let’s go to Las Vegas – Anything goes in The Strip

Let me share my first trip to Uncle Sam’s country, the USA.  One of the popular destinations for tourists with its dramatic cityscape and skyscraper hotels and casinos is the famous – The Strip in Las Vegas.

Before going to any destination, we always research for value for money hotels for us budget travellers. Best way is to book in advance your plane tickets and hotel reservation as this will save you money.  There are lots of online travel companies that offer discounted hotel rates and package rates (hotel plus airfare) like Expedia, Orbitz, Traveloctiy, etc.  Mine, I booked my plane tickets and hotel at Expedia.  My Aunt and her husband sponsored also 10 days of the 14 days of my stay, so I had so much savings.

A City as awesome as Las Vegas, I never thought to see beggars parading on the skywalk.  I was shocked to see these people even asking for a penny just to buy beer. They even wrote on the carton these line “I’m just being honest, I need a beer”  They are called  homeless but even if they are homeless, they receive assistance (money) from the government.

They say that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, I don’t think so.  This mobile ad is a living proof that prostitution in Las Vegas is rampant and openly advertised.  There were  lots of pimps on the street handing out leaflets, brochures of the flesh they were selling.  Even if the guy is with his girl, they don’t care, they will still give  the guy the calling card.   Take note, the pimps wore shirts with advertisements like, hot babes in your hotel in 20 minutes.

Horse riding metropolice complete with guns and helmets were patrolling the city.  This is the first time I saw policemen not in their patrol cars but on horses.  Unique  isn’t it?

Street musicians were all over the Strip but this one caught my attention.  He positioned himself on the skywalk, complete with sound system, his instrument and in a decent attire.  If one knows how to use his talent to make a living, he will never go hungry.

Here are two impersonators of the late Michael Jackson.  These two are on shifts, the one on white clothes was about to wrap up his day and the one on silver attire iwas just about to begin his day.  There were lots of impersonators lining up the street of The Strip like the Pirates of the Caribbean (which I have a souvenir), cartoon characters, Ninjas, etc.  With a dollar or two, one can take  souvenir pictures with these impersonators.

I have seen brides walking past the casinos in their wedding gowns  from or going to the wedding chapel as Las Vegas is home for quickie marriages.  As we stroll along The Strip, I happened to chance upon a newly-wed couple who were having a photo shoot.  I grabbed my camera and took a shot of the bride.

                                                                                              I went to the Bingo hall of one of the casino hotels and was terrified to see an oldie with an oxygen tank attached to her  wheelchair. I thought there was an emergency going on but I was more shocked to see  several of them in walkers too when they positioned themselves at the playing station to play Bingo.  When I went to the gambling area of the casino, more of these pensioners were  there, playing slot machines and having the time of their lives.

I played at  the casino but not to the extent of squandering my pocket-money as I have limited budget.  I won the jackpot twice on the 25 cents slot machines for $200.  On our last day, I had a great time playing Spin-the-wheel with my special someone.

                             What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas  


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