Las Vegas at Night – night photography

It was freezing cold.  My hands were almost frozen despite the mittens I was wearing. We’ll, I came from a tropical country and not to used to freezing’ cold weather.  I first experienced my winter in Riyadh, but it’s dry winter.  Here in Las Vegas was different.  Freezing temperature, strong winds and it’s drizzling but that did not stop me from positioning myself on the skywalks.  It’s not perfect though, considering  this is my first attempt for long exposure and night photography.  I tried the hand shake look but it’s awful as my hands were shaking tremendously of the cold.

With my tripod, I positioned myself on the other side of the skywalks.  Second attempt now. Hmmm, I guess this looks better.  I was happy with it, screaming  and jumping and I did not care what those passers-by thought about me.  I don’t think they mind because they too were busy taking pictures of themselves

And this was my last try. We have to pack up and run to the nearest hotel because it’s raining time.  Whew! What a picture. Hmmm at least I tried.  When I have the time, I will do this again.



This is Aria Resort and Casino Hotel, one of the newest addition in The strip.


The Planet Hollywood     Resort and Casino Hotel.



The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas.  Feels like in Paris now.  Unfortunately, we were not able to go up the tower as it was closed for maintenance.




Excalibur hotel casino, just by the name of it, you are like living in a castle.




The famous Caesars Palace and on the far left is the Bellagio Hotel.

Glitzy lights, gambling halls, night life, quick marriages, one can never get enough of  Las Vegas.  Wonder why it’s called the Sin City?

What do you think?


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