Exploring Las Vegas

          More of Las Vegas here.  This is Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant.  My aunt and her husband brought me here on the morning I arrived in Viva for breakfast.  Had eaten here 2 – 3 times but unfortunately was not able to take pics of the food we ordered.  Food was great but my taste buds were not working due to jet lag ;-( but food I ordered was good I can say because my stomach did not complain ;-).

A family friend brought me here at Seafood City.  This is a Filipino market, so obviously you can see mostly Filipinos shopping and dining here.

Since there is no pork in Riyadh, I ordered tocino meal at Chowking. Blurrrppp, yummy.  There’s Jollibee, the “langhap sarap”  fast food and Red Ribbon here, so after the sumptuous tocino meal, I had a piece of chocolate cake from the famous bakeshop.


          If you love jellies and  candies, this candy stand will satisfy your sweet tooth, variety of candies to choose from.  The liberty is a proof  ’cause she’s made of candies.

More of chocolates and candies, this M&M facade will make you crave for more.

After all the chocolates and candies, you can quench your thirst with an ice-cold coca cola.  End point, you will have tonsilitis :-).  Better drink water (not cold)  after eating sweets to avoid swollen tonsils, right?

      You will be strolling The Strip elbow to elbow with other tourists.  It’s nice and refreshing to see new faces coming from different  countries and culture.


         Awesome eye-catching cityscapes and skyscraper buildings delight my eyes and shots for my camera.

Vacations and holidays are not just for the rich and famous but also for us who are on limited budget.  Know where you want to spend your holiday.  Plan ahead of time, make an intensive research on the internet, ask friends who have been there then make a realistic budget.  If you have friends or relatives in the area, ask them if it’s possible to stay for couple of days in their house to save on hotels. If the city or country you want to explore is out of budget, don’t fret, instead make an alternative route and make the most of the place.  Having a vacation even for 3 days will de-stress and make your mind and soul refreshed. Travelling is fun and exciting, the only set back though is if the journey is a gruesome 30  hours flight, ugghhh.


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