B1/B2 US visa – helpful tips from my experience

You must have stumbled upon my page because you were looking for some tips on how to get a US tourist visa. I’m going to share simple and helpful tips based on my experience. As you can see, I am a OFW working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, obviously, my B1/B2 US visa was granted in this oil rich country.

There are a lot of hearsay and misconceptions about acquiring a US tourist visa. They say that it’s hard to get a US visa in the Philippines but easier when applied in another country. WRONG. I have a handful of friends who tried their luck for the US visa but ended up DENIED even if they have all the necessary requirements, documents and mind you, with fat bank accounts.

I was afraid to apply for a US tourist visa when I was in the Philippines because the thought of getting denied is emotionally draining not to mention the financial side of the story. Manila is an hour flight from Cebu and that means I need a place to stay during the interview, meaning, aside from the application and visa fees, I have to spend for my plane tickets, food and accommodation in Manila. As I am not familiar with Manila, I need to bring somebody with me to help me around and that would mean added expenses. In short, US tourist Visa is just a dream.

All I had during my interview were handwritten letters from my daughter which she gave me before I left for Saudi Arabia, pictures of me, my daughter and mom, malnourished bank account from the Philippines (print out), ATM card and Credit card (just in case of emergency), print out of the last billing of my credit card, an invitation letter from my aunt in Las Vegas sent thru email (as they say I need an invitation letter as one of the supporting documents) my passport, passport size pictures ( 4 copies) and the very most important thing, certificate of employment from my employer (or a company employment certificate from where you are working). I have no land title/s, house or car under my name or fat bank account. I don’t even have the statement of account of my aunt to support my stay in the US as it will take 3 weeks for them to get a copy of the document from their bank. In short, I am taking a big risk.

So you want to visit the US for tourism, right? Foreign nationals who want to enter the US temporarily for business or tourism purposes must apply for Non-immigrant visa with a valid passport.

What is a B1/B2 Visa?

B1 Visa is for business purposes, meaning, you can go to the US for the purpose of business. When you say business, it’s not that you are already allowed to open your own business in the US but only transact business, procurement of materials, attend trade shows, etc.

B2 Visa is for tourism, travel for leisure and medical treatment in the US.

What is a Visa?

A citizen of a foreign country who seeks to enter the United States (U.S.) generally must first obtain a U.S. visa, which is placed in the traveler’s passport, a travel document issued by the traveler’s country of citizenship. Certain international travelers may be eligible to travel to the U.S. without a visa if they meet the requirements for visa-free travel. The Visa section of this website is all about U.S. visas for foreign citizens to travel to the U.S – (from travel.state.gov)

Here is a sample of a B1/B2 US Visa.  (pic from travel.state.gov)

How to apply for B1/B2 Visa.

First, you have to apply online and fill up the application form before you can make an appointment through their website. Detailed application if you are in Saudi Arabia in this site. http://riyadh.usembassy.gov/visas/b1b2.html.

If you are in the Philippines, one has to make an appointment thru call center. Please click the link for details, http://manila.usembassy.gov/wwwh3024.htmlhttp://manila.usembassy.gov/wwwh3024.html.

Now, you have already filled up and submitted your online application form, paid the corresponding visa fee and is waiting for the schedule of your appointment. Waiting time is the hardest time because of so many negative thoughts coming in to your mind like what if I get denied, what shall I do? Can I still apply again? Or, you are already very excited of the trip and plotting out your itinerary. Planning for a trip is stressful, isn’t it?

When filling up the application form online, keep in mind to be always honest with your answers because this will be asked to you again by the Consul, randomly. If you lie in your application, one lie will give you a big trouble if discovered, worse, you might get banned from entering the US because of fraud. The Consuls are trained to read facial expressions and mannerisms of a person that is why, your fate and hopes lie with these people.

I was doing my research to get tips on how to better answer the Consul during my interview and what should I bring to get the Visa. I read blogs and tips that sometimes I get discouraged because I don’t have some of the most required documents like financial capacity (enough money in my name) to support the travel, land titles etc. Then I told myself, even if I don’t have all these documents, all I will do is just be honest with myself and to the Consul, do the best that I can do during the interview and leave everything to God, at least I tried.

The day of my interview came. I chose the 8:30 am schedule so I was already at the US Embassy in Riyadh by 7:30 am. As the sun was getting hotter, the people queuing were increasing too. My heart was pounding fast and had butterflies in my stomach. I did not have enough sleep and was praying all night for guidance from God. If it is His will that I shall travel to the US, thank you, if not, then so be it.

The guy in the window asked for my appointment paper and bank receipt. My mobile phone, perfume and hand sanitizer, all metal things were left at the counter. I passed by the scanner and so my bag too. After all the security check, I headed to the office. While waiting, I tried to comfort myself, kept my composure because this will affect my interview if the Consul will see me shaking and nervous, I might get denied without any word at all.

My number was called. A friendly woman asked me few questions like what are you going to do in the US? She took some of my documents then advised me to have a seat and wait again for my number to be called.

A voice from the loud-speaker announced – Number so and so, English speaking please proceed to window 13. Nervous as I am, before I headed to the cubicle, I prayed, Lord God please be with me, Thy will be done. I approached the guard and asked again if what window shall I proceed to because I did not hear the voice clearly. The guard said, just go to either window 12 or 13. I went inside the 1st cubicle. The guy had a mean face that I started to tremble but still I wore my smile and said, Good morning Sir. The Consul, a bit chubby with a beard and without a trace of smile on his face responded, I did not call, you go to the next window. Whew! Thank God he’s not the one. I went to the next window and saw an approachable, small framed American guy. Again, I flashed a smile and greeted the Consul. He then asked me to pick up the phone so that we can talk properly. He opened the computer and was accessing my online application then started throwing questions at me.

Consul: What is your purpose of travel to the US?

Me: For tourism and I want to spend my Christmas and New Year in the US and hopefully to experience white Christmas.

Consul: So you’re going to Las Vegas, I heard there’s a lot of Filipinos there; do you have a relative in Vegas?

(My mind was having 2nd thoughts of the question because they said, don’t ever tell the interviewer that you have relatives in the US because chances are you will get denied as they will think you will not go back to your country again. Thing is, I am honest remember? I have written in my application that I have an aunt in Vegas and the address)

Me: Yes, I have an aunt, she is a nurse and I haven’t seen her for almost 15 years.

Consul: Do you have kids?

Me: Yes, I have a daughter; she’s in the Philippines now. (I took the pictures and her handwritten letters from my folder and handed it to the Consul as a support to my claim)

Consul: It’s ok, thank you. (He declined and did not took the papers and photos from me)

Consul: So, what is your work here?

Me: I work as personal secretary of a Princess.

Consul: That’s great. As her secretary, what is your scope of work?

Me: The usual clerical work, paper work that is, scout for manufacturers of furniture online, negotiate prices, buy items for her, make appointments, etc.

Consul: What is the business of your employer?

Me: She has a company that caters to the needs of women and children like spa, swimming area, gym, beauty parlor, furniture and home deco. She’s into interior designs now.

Consul: Do you have the financial capacity to sustain your travel?

Me: (Hmmmm tough question. Confident as I am I replied) Yes, I have cash on hand.

Consul: Why cash on hand? Why not put it in the bank? Don’t you have a bank account?

Me: Yes, I have but it’s a Philippine account, not in a Saudi bank. (Took my passbook and bank statement, handed it to him, but the Consul did not even bother to check my documents, again.)

Consul: Why not open one here?

Me: If I open an account in Saudi, it will be cumbersome on my part as I have to go to the bank, withdraw, and then go to remittance centers to transfer or send money to my family in the Philippines. For me, it’s better have my cash on hand. Anytime I need to send money, I can do so and straight to my account too.

Consul: Do you have a credit card?

Me: Yes, I have sir.

(Took me sometime to find my credit card inside the folder, the Consul then said, just give me your folder. When he opened the folder, the first page was the Certificate of employment from my employer. After reading the certification, he said, ok, you go to FedEx, pay and wait for your visa; you will have it in few days.)

Everything the Consul asked me were based on what I have written on my application form.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I passed the interview and will be heading to the US soon. I left the embassy with a smile. After 3 days, my passport arrived and guess what, I got 10 years multiple entry B1/B2 US visa.

Lessons from the interview:

1) Be transparent. As what I have said, the Consuls are individual who have years of experience and extensive trainings in their chosen field.

2) Be honest. As much as possible don’t lie. If you do so, tendency is you will forget what you have written on the application form and you may blow that chance of getting the visa. Whatever way the Consul will interrogate you, if you are honest with your answers, you will still give the same reply.

3) Be yourself.

4) Relax and be confident with all your answers. Never make unnecessary movements like twirling your hair or worse, biting your nails (as some unconsciously do) or make facial expressions that will distract the Consul.

5) Get as much information needed like the place you want to visit, jot down possible questions the Consul might ask you. If possible, practise in front of a mirror or with a friend.

6) One question, one answer. Don’t give too much information other than what is being asked. Keep the talkative side of you behind for a while as this may get you into trouble than good.

7) Have your presence of mind, stay focused and be attentive to the questions asked.

8) Have an eye contact.

9) Have faith in yourself.

10) Have faith in God.

11) As per my observation, the Consuls really don’t care of your financial status, what they care about is your strong ties to your country or work. That you have the intentions of going back to your country and NOT stay in the US as an illegal alien.

12) Being granted a visa is not because of the mood of the Consul during the interview as how we see it when things went wrong and denied of the opportunity. It is but by how you confidently answer and assures the Consul of your honest intentions as a tourist.

I was expecting a single entry but God gave me more than what I have asked for. Everything is according to His great plan and in His time, not ours.


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    • Hi Robert,

      Thank you for dropping by. That would really depend on where you want to go, what you want to do like if you want to go from one state to another, go shopping, etc. and if you have a place to stay like relatives for free or be staying in a hotel in your entire visit and the duration of your stay.

      • Hi Cebuanawithlove!!!!

        I will be having my interview next week.. I’m single but soon to be married. I’m going to US to reward myself and to have a vacation and at the same time to visit my cousin. I’m presently working as Department Head Teacher in a Private school for 5 years. I have a bank account.. Plan to go this coming April 2015, summer vacation for 2 weeks.. What do you think?Will I pass the interview?Thanks po,,,,

      • Hello…

        May mga nabasa akong testimonies of some our kababayans..Sabi nila kapag teacher ka mejo malabo makapasa?????

      • Hi Cebuanawithlove!!!!

        I will be having my interview next week.. I’m single but soon to be married. I’m going to US to reward myself and to have a vacation and at the same time to visit my cousin. I’m presently working as Department Head Teacher in a Private school for 5 years. I have a bank account.. Plan to go this coming April 2015, summer vacation for 2 weeks.. What do you think?Will I pass the interview?Thanks po,,,,

      • HI Jean,

        Kumusta? Jean, i-clear ko lang ha, I’m not an expert in this field. I was just sharing my experience during the interview. Also, you can find sharing from kababayan who tried for the tourist visa wherein you can get ideas from them. I share based on friends and relatives’ experiences as well.

        My question is OFW ka ba or nasa Pinas? Which country if OFW?

        I have a friend na nurse but Clinical instructor nasa Pinas sya. She and her husband tried for a tourist visa and was granted 10 yrs multiple entry. Sabi nga mahirap kumuha ng tourist visa ang nurse kc baka mag TNT pagdating sa US. May dito din nag share, nurse sya sa Riyadh, d sya na grant ng visa kc raw no strong ties raw dito sa Riyadh even if she has worked here for few years.

        May teacher din ako na friend, nag try years ago to accompany her nieces who are minors to the US pero denied kc single sya kahit may work pa at kotse in her name.

        Thing here is, iba iba tayo ng destiny. It doesn’t mean na na deny sila ma de deny ka din. It will all depend sa sagot mo sa tanong ng Consul or officer and how confident and true are you to go back to your home country or the country where you are working.

        LIke me, d naman tiningnan ang bank account ko if I really have the money to spend while I’m having my vacation but I have my credit card which is really a plus factor. Be sure to have your employment certificate and the assurance from the school na babalik ka to work for them again after your vacation. if OFW ka, bring your contract na hindi pa expired and that you still have the contract to work for the school even after your vacation.

        Bring all documents na you think is valuable kc minsan isip natin ah d to kailangan, pero unfortunately, yon pala ang hahanapin sa u. bring your school ID, bank certificate, bank book, ATM, Credit card, police clearance if ever kc may friend ako, family sila na dapat mag bakasyon, may pera talaga sila. All documents na nasa website na hanap ay dala nila but then guess what anong hinanap? Police clearance, ng wlang maipakita, deny kaagad.

        Be yourself during the interview, wag ka magpakita na kinakabahan ka kahit nangangatog na tuhod mo kc it will show na you lack the confidence. If you’re not in Saudi, dress appropriately during the interview, wag magsuot ng maraming alahas. Just be as simple as you can be kc ang titingnan nila is not how you look like or how you dress up but your intention as a tourist and the will to go back to your country after the given period of time.

        And last but not the least, pray to God. If this is your time to visit the US then by hook or by crook, you will be granted a visa.

        Good luck on your interview and God bless. I hope you will share your experience, ma approve or ma deny kc you will be able to help also others who are trying to get a US tourist visa.



      • hi maam cebuanawithlove ,

        naa lang ko pangutana maam, gi imbitar kos akong amo online nga mo bisita mag tambong og seminar inline sa akong trabaho ako usa ka virtual assistant niya . aduna siya suwat para sa consular akong pangutana kinahanglan pa ba ko og employment certificate og kwarta duha ka bulan ra man ko didto sa US . salamat maam

      • Hi Bodet


        parehas ta, VA man pud ko on the side. wa kaau ko kasabot sa imong question, you said “gi imbitar kos akong amo online nga mo bisita mag tambong og seminar inline sa akong trabaho ako usa ka virtual assistant niya”

        Your intention to go to US is mo attend ka og seminar online or mo attend jud ka og seminar sa US?

        virtual man ni sya na work and not a permanent job. as far as I know dapat imong bossing mo provide not only the employment certificate but also certificate of his support and financial capacity na maka provide sya sa imong stay for 2 months, including board and lodging. Pero this is not an assurance ghapon na mahatagan ka og visa kay ang major jud na pangitaon sa isa ka Consul kay ang imong ties back home na mobalik jud ka sa Pinas after the duration sa imong travel. But then again, there’s no harm in trying, kay ang Consul ra jud ang mo decide, who knows mahatagan pa ka og 10 yrs multiple entry.

        I hope this helps.

        Salamat and God bless us all


    • Hello , I need a clarify on this issue of my application for non immigrant visa after i was giving confirmation number for the submission i have made schedule appointment for the interview i noticed that there is no educational background and also question like have you travelled before in the application form i filled what should i do in this regard should re-apply for new application without repayment fee for the visa although i still have like 2 weeks for the interview date to hold.

      • hi Ade! same with me.. what did you do? is your visa granted? please advise, I’m already scheduled for interview on Monday, Aug 8. will appreciate your response. Thanks a lot!

  1. Hello I’m Alvin working also here in KSA, I was inspired with your quest to go to US me also wants to tour there but not just me with my wife as well she was here also because of my status as family status.

    How can I arrange things, is there a problem if I include my wife to travel US? Is it specified in the application? She will be interviewed also like me?

    When did you apply? Regarding interview date did the embassy assigned it?

    When did you travel US? The itinerary how you arrange it, how much is the expenses in travelling to US?

    Hope you could give me your ample time on my queries. I will be keeping in touch to you and my wife too.

    Thank you and have a good day…

    • Hi Alvin,


      Thank you for dropping by. You and your wife will go to the embassy for personal appearance and interview. I applied last October 2010, got my visa after 3 working days. I went to the U.S. December 2010 – January 2011.

      You and your wife are going to fill up an online application form, choose the date and time you want to be interviewed after paying online fee using a credit card. Then, you have to pay the visa fee thru Samba bank.

      Before I planned my US vacation, I already have in mind which places to go, how much will I spending for pasalubongs and personal stuff. From there, I have my conservative budget. I wasn’t able to shell out much because my aunt sponsored for my hotel accomodation.

      I hope this helps. If you need more info, please leave your email address. Regards to your wife. God bless and merry Christmas.


      • Hi John Mark,

        Kumusta? Buti at naka apply ka agad kc as far as I know kapag na deny, after 6 months ka pa makaka apply ulit. Ang tendency kc pag nag re apply, ma de deny din bec of the reason nga, bakit atat na atat ka makapuntang Amerika. Kung papunta kang Israel, siguro all you have to do is bring your Israel documents to prove na hindi ka mag stay sa US because you the work waiting for you sa Israel and ang purpose mo talaga to visit the US is for tourism lang and few few days lang ba or weeks. You really have to convince the consul na yon lang ang purpose mo to visit a friend sa US before going to Israel for work. Good luck and let us know kung ano ang result sa 2nd interview mo.

        God bless.


  2. Hi, I just wanna express my sincerely thanks to you for the confidence your experience has made me regain. I am a Nigerian,married to an American.My first encounter with the consul at the Embassy here in Nigeria in 2010 for my immigrant Visa was an awful experience that added to the challenges me and My wife already had(distance). I am planning for a Visit to spend my vacation with my Wife and our Wedding anniversary together (April, 28). Your Post has gone a long way to give me hope and confidence that with God all things are possible. Thanks a lot for the tips. God bless you, Happy New Year.

  3. HI. I was looking through visa pages and glad I found your article. I am so inspired. I just want to ask if it’s possible for my best friend (a Filipina) to sponsor my tourist visa? I’ve read a couple of articles on immihelp.com which made us believe it’s possible. I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thanks. 🙂

  4. You got the visa partly because you are working in a country not of your citizenship/residence. Therefore being in a “3rd country” seems safer to them compared to your base country.

    Greetings from Malaysia.

    • I don’t think so. I have a couple of friends who tried to get a visa from here and they have all the papers to show their capacities to sustain travels with their families but were still denied.

  5. Hi. I’m planning to visit the embassy soon, but I do not have all those things! I’m a student at the university level and I will be taking a school letter,invitation letter and the person who is inviting me bank’s draft and such. I’m applying for a non immigrant visa, do u think I will get the visa? Being I have not much ties at home! After all its just school. Please reply!!

  6. Great experience. I really like your story, just like others who have read ur story i too was really inspired and motivated to file for a tourist visa. In your case you have relatives in U.S… but how about if i declare that i dont have relatives there? in all honesty, i have bunch of relatives there but im not so close to them…is there a big chance if no one can vouch for me in US for a tourist visa?

    • HI Tzarina,

      Just be honest during the interview. I was tempted to deny having relatives there but I took the chance of telling the Consul the truth and it paid off.

      Good luck to you.

  7. i’m inspire by your article too. It seems like really not that scary to apply for a US visa. I’m thinking of applying too. But can i ask if i plan to go on December 2012 when is the suitable date for me to start applying? and how long does the visa last (10 years??) ?

    thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Hi there!

    First of all, thanks a lot for an inspiring article!

    I am a nurse here in KSA, and the one who’s going to sponsor my visit in US is a nurse as well. Do you think it’s a disadvantage?

  9. Hello! I stumbled upon this blog because I am looking for information regarding US Visa. 🙂 I was issued a B1/B2 Visa 10 years ago and now I’m about to renew it. The purpose of the travel is for tourism. I’m confused whether I will pick B1/B2 visa (just because that’s the visa they issued me years ago) or just choose B2 because that’s really the intended purpose of travel? Thanks in advance. 🙂 Thank you also for sharing your experience 🙂

  10. Hello,

    your post is really inspiring. I am going to apply for US visitor vis soon. I dont own a credit card,is there any other way to purchase PIN to take appointments online.

  11. hello there,

    can you also tell us about your experience when you first left the plane in USA…I mean i heard that a B1-B2 visa is not a guarantee to enter USA, you will also be asked some questions at the airport there by an officer and he determines if you will enter USA or not…


  12. hello, good afternoon ,, balak ko kasi kumuha ng tourist visa… sabi kasi nila mahirap mag apply ng K1 visa.. plano namin pakasal ng nobyo ko.. kaya lang dahil sa medyo may edad na siya hindi na niya kaya mag byahe ng matagal .. papuntang pinas . katulong poh work ko dito .. wala ako bank account sa pinas or kahit anong tittle.. pero gusto ko pumunta ng USA. para ma meet ng personal future husband ko.. yon ksi kailangan para sa pag apply ng fiancee visa.. us citizen nobyo ko xa lahat ang sagot sa mga gastos ko .. hindi ko talaga alam pano mag apply ng tourist visa ,,, pls need ko advice u pauwi na kasi ako ng pinas this coming nov … lagi kamo nag tatalo dahil jan ayoko ko kasi umuwi eh gusto niya para ayosin documents ko…

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Just try lang mag apply. Visit the website po kung san ang location mo ngayon at apply ka online. If nasa Pinas ka visit http://manila.usembassy.gov/wwwh3217.html.

      Advice ko lang sa you is just be yourself during the interview at kalma lang though madaling sabihin but mahirap gawin lalo na pag nininerbyos na tayo. Wag maraming sagot sa isang tanong. Rule is – isang tanong isang sagot unless mag follow up question ang Consul.

      Good luck. Keep me posted. TY

  13. i also have the same story like you do, im working as a nurse here in Riyadh and dreamed of going to USA, God is so good that he granted my request. I was given a multiple entry for one year only and i have used it properly, came back after 2 weeks vacation in USA, if i apply for renewal of visa, what is the chance that the consul will give me a multiple entry of 10 years? thanks

    • Hi Angeline,

      Sorry for the late reply ha. Granting multiple entry of 10 years visa is depende talaga sa Consul and during the interview. Like me, 1st try ko pa lang 10 yrs kaagad ang naibigay sa akin. I have friends na they have properties sa Pinas, stable jobs, fat bank accounts but still denied everytime they try their luck again. One friend 4 times syang nag try, still nothing happened. As for you, malaki ang chance mo kasi ilang beses ka na din nagbakasyon dun.

      Good luck and pls keep me posted. TY

    • Ms angeline hello po… may i know what documents you present to the consul.? They really need credit card? Coz i dont have credit card just my boyfriend will sponsor my ticket and hotel
      . Thank you

      • the only tie i can get is abirth certficate for my child buh the financial card isnt good no land title and the person am going to visist in the US is going to fund me will they give me avisa am confused

  14. Hi…kumusta? i have read your experience and comments here and it helps a lot… I too is planning to apply for a visa but i was not confident to do so because, as i read some blog, visa experiences in different websites, that single is being denied… I am a single but i have a daughter, im employed for 9 years and have no land titles…do you think being a single will deny the visa? I will be applying together with my daughter, is it a big factor if we will both apply for visa? pls. enlighten…thanks…

    • Hi Madzky,

      Thank you for dropping by. I’m a single mother with a daughter too. What I did talaga dun sa embassy was answer all the questions honestly. Dala ko ang picture ng anak ko at yong mga hand written letters nya, d pa nga tiningnan, deadma hehehe. Wala akong land title, fat bank accounts but I have the guts to tell the Consul straight to his face when he asked me ano raw ang gagastusin ko sa US kung wala akong pera, i told him, I have my plastic and showed him my credit card. I have read instances na mom and daughter applied but the mother was denied for some reason at ang anak ang na approve. Again, the Consul can read the person kahit d pa nagsasalita and what is true and maybe not true during the question and answer portion or even approaching ka palang. Just be simple and just be you.

      Hope this help. Good luck and please keep me posted. TY

    • Hope the blog owner doesn’t mind me chiming in.

      I was approved for B1/B2 and I visas a few days ago. I was advised to apply for both visas by the consular officer, though initially it was only the B1/B2 visa that I applied for.

      I don’t think being single is a factor at all. I’m single and has no kid. I think it really depends on whether you can convince the officer you have plans to come back to the Philippines. Actually, even from my end, just observing those at the embassy, I could sense if the visa applicant will be denied or not.

      Here are my other observations from my two visits to the U.S. embassy:

      1. Those who applied as a whole family (not just a mother and her child, or a grandmother with her grandkid) and the family has children up to their early 20s, they were oftentimes approved, especially if the parents are business owners.

      2. Those who were denied previously of their tourist visa applications were likely to be denied again.

      3. The more questions they ask, the higher the likelihood you’d get denied.

      4. Those with legitimate letters of invitation to train or intern were mostly approved.

      5. Applications by government employees were mostly denied.

      6. Applications from senior citizens, well most of them, were denied.

      • hi EJ,

        not a problem po. This is good at least may makukuha na ideas ang ating mga kababayan who wanted to visit the US.

        As far as I know po, senior citizens specially if may may anak or immediate family sa US ay approved kc as what I have learned from a friend, the reason for approving these senior citizens is that they will not go on TNT sa US and most likely will just be there for few months at babalik talaga ng Pinas which is quite true specially if they have grandchildren in the Philippines, properties or a small business.

        I have a friend na ang family nag apply for a US tourist visa, thing is the daughter was approved but the mother was denied for some reasons.

        Another friend also wanted to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of his parents but was denied. May family business nga sya at may pera, properties at kotse denied pa din.

        End point, the consuls have their reasons to deny the applicants. We just don’t know what.

      • Hi EJ, hala medyo nawalan na naman ako ng confident nong nabasa ko ung No. 5 observations mo….truly po ba na government mployees were morstly denied?kinabahan ako sir……i’m planning kc to apply, atras abante ako kc natatakot ako baka madeny….whew!…

        Anyway, i hope that is just mainly an observations and not true hehehe…

      • Madzky,

        That’s why you are here sa site na to kc naghahanap ka ng tips and I’m glad you are here. Sana makakuha ka ng tips talaga to make it through sa application mo just in case matutuloy ka.

        Re number 5 sa post ni EJ, sabi nga nila pag gov’t employee ka, mahaba habang usapan yan kahit na sa Asian country ka lang pupunta. But still, depende yan sa Immigration officer din, kc d ba most of the Asian countries no need nga ang visa. My aunt is a gov’t employee and was able to travel to Asian countries d nga lang U.S pero naka travel sya d ba though she said may kaba talaga nung naka queue na sya sa airport kc baka ma offload but that did not happen.

        In your case, there is no harm in trying d ba? Just try and take the risk if you really want to visit the US. There is really no harm in trying pero yon nga sa katulad ko na medyo gipit sa budget, sayang ang mga fees pag na deny but so worth it pag na approve.

        Good luck!

  15. Hi there, i’m glad to read this. I am planning to apply for US visa but didn’t figured out yet what kind of visa to apply. I have a US citizen bf and the visa that i should apply would be K1 visa but it requires personal meeting but it will take time for that to happen because he is afraid to fly. So he wants me to visit him to the US instead of him visiting me here. My question is…is it possible to apply for tourist visa even if i don’t have a job since i already quit my call center job?. And don’t have properties too but he is willing to transfer his money to my bank account for the show money and that he will be my sponsor.


    • Hi Rency,

      Kumusta ka? Honestly, I don’t have the authority to give you legal advice. My own personal advise lang po is that bec your bf can’t make it to see you in the Philippines bec of his fear to fly, try to apply for a tourist visa. SAbi nga nila mahirap kumuha nito but then again there is no harm in trying. Just be yourself and you have to convince the Consul na you are really going back to the PHilippines after the due date of your travel and will not go on TNT sa US po. Better still, try to call the US embassy for advice before you apply for the visa so that you will know which is which and para di sayang ang pera at effort mo.

      Hope this helps. All the best and good luck. Keep me posted po. TY

      • Hi po, thank you for the reply. Actually, I’m planning na nga po na kumuha ng immigration lawyer para matulongan ako about this matter. Kasi my bf is also asking me to bring my daughter with me when i visit the US. And medyo worried ako kasi naka apelyedo sya sa dad nya. I don’t have plans naman na mag TNT kasi gusto nya na sumama samin pagbalik but then yon nga po ang problema is how to convince the consul na uuwi ako.

        And yes! i will keep you posted whatever happens. TY

    • Hi! Rency, I just want to ask if there’s any progress about your application for visa? But I’m planning to get B2 visa. We have same situation. I have a US citizen bf and want me to visit his country. I have no job but he’s willing to transfer his money to my bank account. I hope you can help me about my concern.

  16. Hi Po! Salamat po sa pagshare ng experience mo Ate, actually natatakot ak uli mag-apply ng B2 visa ko Ate kasi nga nadeny nako minsan. At ang inaalala ko ai yung ties na sinabi sakin nung consul officer na wala daw ak.Ano dapat kong gawin Ate magtry lang ulit kahit wlang changes nangyari sakin?tapos wla na ak work now dahil sa pagpunta ko ng interview ko sa visa.Okay parin kaya yun kahit wala na ak work now Ate?
    Tapos wala din ak properties and bank accounts.Plz give me an advice Ate ano dapat kong gawin?

    • Hi Shierly,

      Thank you for dropping by po.

      Naku ate, parang malabo yata ang case mo considering wala kang work at kahit man lang konti sa account mo. Kc itatanong yan sa u if ever, anong gagamitin mong pera dun d ba? May friend ako, single sya, may stable na work, may fat bank account, may kotse sya pero 4 times na deny. Maybe you can try again pag may work ka na para may strong ties ka sa Pinas at babalik ka talaga sa Pinas. One thing also, ask for a company certification na after your vacation, you will go back to work, just like what I did po. I asked for a certification sa work ko, kung ilan taon na ako sa work ko and nag vouch sila na babalik ako and my purpose for travel is solely for vacation lang.

      I hope this helps.


  17. You are very True I had this same experience last month on 29th and when i read your article every thing happened to you was so much like what i have experience. And yes one has to be transparent in every way. An be legal have faith on your self and have faith on God.

    Richard Roberts
    (Lahore, Pakistan)

  18. Hi Mam,
    Please do advise me what to do to make the consul believe me. I was denied 2yrs ago and again trying my luck. I have no relatives in US but I have an Americn friend who is sponsoring me. He is giving all my iteneraries and documents that I will be attending workshops-such as learning new software. The iteneraries and documents listed all the Info of him and my round trip ticket which he will shoulder all. And will stay to his house in Las Vegas.
    My question now is…is all the documents that come from him would be a great vehicle for my visa?
    I work only in a university just for 5 yrs and have minimal salary. Do you think will thi help?
    By the way, I am single. I have travelled HK twice, Singapore, Malaysia. This happened after i was denied
    Pls do advise me as I am planning to get appointment this coming week.

  19. I had my first US tourist visa interview last Sept 5 at the US Embassy in Doha, Qatar. I took the 7:45am interview schedule and while everybody I saw was excessively dressed to killl for an interview, I just came in wearing my construction company uniform with the logo and name printed on my shirt. He asked me why I want to go to the US. I replied: I want to go and spend my vacation in NY to watch broadway musicals or go to Las Vegas and play slot machines but for sure I want to see Sleeping Beauty when she wakes up at Disneyland.

    He was laughing on my answer then took a glance at my shirt and asked if the name in my shirt is the company I am working in Qatar. I simply said yes. he then asked me about my work. I spoke about my purchaser work routine from meeting up construction suppliers and placing orders. Dealing on payment terms and making sure my company gets the full value on their money. I then finally ended my statement that in my stressful construction career wherein Qatar right now is on a construction upswing, I think I deserve to spend my hard earnings for a peaceful vacation. No work, no relatives, no friends, no deadlines and no pressures. Just me and my peaceful broadway musicals, me chilling with my slot machine and me with sleeping beauty in disneyland (which I actually meant to get a much needed beauty rest). So after my vacation in the United States, I can go back to my present work in Qatar, fully rested, vibrantly refreshed and ready to do my procurement work again!

    He then smiled at me and told me to come back the next day for my passport. When I got my passport the following day, I saw my first US visa with multiple entries and 10 years validity in it. I looked up in the sky, thank God and smiled: “Sleeping Beauty for the next 10 years… here I come! 🙂

    My Tip:

    1. Be concise and honest on your answers. They dont have time to listen for your so called finance capabilities with supporting documents that you wish they would see. If you think your capable, it will show on how you answer his questions.

    2. Don’t dress to kill for the interview. It only shows your desperate to get one.

    3. Answer honestly. Consuls are bored on listening daily about Disneyland answers. A twist of laugh about Disneyland will make the consul more interested to listen about you.

    4. Speak with actions when you answer questions. It will be more convincing than your supporting documents. Remember that the consul does not only listen on what you say but also decide on how you convey your answers.

    5. Last, be positive about yourself. Be confident and have faith that you can.

    Good Luck! 🙂

    • Hi Clyde,

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your experience and tips as well. This will really help those who are trying for a US tourist visa. I agree with all what you just mentioned. Be yourself and be honest with all your answers, positive, confident and faith not only in yourself but in the Almight Father. Everything is according to HIS will and not ours. I was planning to visit again US this year but there was a change in plans. Hopefully and God willing, next year again or whenever ;-).

    • Hi Clyde,

      Thanks for Sharing your experiences.

      I am staying in Qatar and I have applied for the B1/B2 visa. My interview is scheduled on 3rd Feb. at 8:30 AM. In this regard, I need to speak to you and take some interview tips and step by step process. I would appreciate if you could spare some time and contact me on irfan250@yahoo.com I need to speak to you.

  20. Very helpful,thanks a lot,so maybe you can advice me as well,if what shall i do?i’m working in saloon and my contract will be invalid in sept2013,while im waiting,i’d intent to apply k-1 visa as i know this is easiest visa apply.but i got doubt when i noticed that it needs lot of requirements nor even physically meet.yet im trying to loolking some good idea and easiest way and i found your blog and try to ask ur advice.im in reyadh now and my fiance said is easy to apply online for visit visa coz that’s easy,and fastest way to apply in reyadh and he adds also that he has guide here in saudi reyadh as he working here before being a soldier,but yet i still have doubt.whta shall i do then?pls i need ur advice and help thnaks.

  21. Hi good day, im romeo i have a scheduled interview on october 22, presently im working here in Jubail at Saudi Aramco Total Refing Petrochemicla Corp as Project Reporting Assistant, my requirements all completed cert. emplyment, bank statement and others, i just want to know if i have chance to recieve a visa, I knew its God’s will, can you give me tips in regards to the intervies, your blog is very helpful. Thank you God bless

    • Hi Romeo,

      I guess you have a good chance considering you have an employment certificate in your requirements. Is it also stated there when you intend to go to the US and for how many weeks or months, cause that is really helpful. The rest will depend on how you answer the questions of the consul, confidence and how true is your intention to come back to middle east after the said holiday. Good luck and hope you will get the 10 yrs multiple entry. God bless and have faith in the Almighty Father and in yourself.


  22. Hi Cebuana with Love. TRUST in GOD & HONESTY matters most! The same thing i did during my interview @ the US Consular in Khobar last April. I got 10 years multi-entry visa. Went to the US last August 01 and went back here in the Kingdom 25 August.

    I’m just an ordinary Petrochemical employee and even not earning 5 or 6 digit income. and i only got less than 40 grand in my bank account – the consul never asked for it. He never asked if i have any property back home.

    Parang nakita ko sarili sa ‘yo during your interview. Praise God HE blessed me with a 10 year Multi-entry visa.

    Maayong Buntag!

    • Hi Gilbert,

      I’m happy you did it and had your great time in the US. God is good all the time. Pinakita nya na lahat ng pangarap ay di nadadaan sa pera lang. Dreams do come true in the right time.

      Maayong adlaw nimo!

  23. Hi Weng,

    Praise God, I finished my US Visa Interview… in Dhahran thanks God… I passed the interview this morning, i dont know how many days my passport will be delivered by fedex, and i dont know how many years entry visa given to me by the Consul, until I received my passport.
    Thanks for your blog, your right just answer honestly what is written in our DS-160 application, and to prepare the supporting documents.

  24. hi everyone,
    My name is victor and i am an international student in Canada, basically from India. I came here last year for my 4 semester studies. i have already finished my 2 semesters and currently is in 3rd semester and will finish this 3rd semester on 14th december,2012. I have already applied for US visa online application form and i have mentioned there that i dont have any relative there, just a family friend but honestly speaking he is my mother’s real brother. i dont have any relative here in Canada and i am staying with my friends here. now the problem is as everybody is saying be honest there in front of visa officer, please tell me what should i do now? i am sure they will ask me ” is there any relative of mine there in US or not?”, i will say just a family friend. few days back someone in my class got rejection because she said she does not have anyone here in Canada as well as in US also and Visa officer said she does not have strong connection in both the countries thats why he denied her visa. now please guide me what should i say in interview? should i say i do have cousins here in Canada or not? or should i say i dont have any relative in Canada as well as in Us also?

  25. HI! Im a Cebuana too. Great to hear your wonderful story and how touching it is that to be transparent, confident and faith in God are the important things to achieve to get the US visa.

    I will be having my interview this Nov 6 2012 here at Manila Phils, and it will be of great help if you can give me some tips, or questions that may be asked? I am applying for a B2 visa, the company is shouldering me the expenses and it’s my first time. So i am quite nervous per se. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Vanne,

      thanks a lot for dropping by. I guess B2 visa can be easily acquired because you have a strong tie back in the Philippines, and that is your work. And I bet you will have your certificate of employment and all necessary documents pertaining to your US travel from the company and that is what they need plus your confidence during the interview. Just a note, don’t over dress. Be as simple but chic as you are. Good luck and just be yourself.

      • Hi po Ma’am
        I am a DepEd Teacher and I was invited po by my Aunt in US to visit her because she has problems with her aching knees. I was bothered po about government employees na usually raw po ay nadedeny sa US Embassy. I hope Ma’am you can give me an advice. God bless you.

      • Hi Marie


        I’m not sure talaga sa sinasabing pag government employees na dedeny, eh dami naman talagang na de deny irregardless sa work status. Depende na talaga yan sa pagsagot mo sa Consul and your honesty to convince the officer na babalik ka talaga sa Pinas at hindi ka mag oovertay or mag TNT sa America.

        Just try, because it’s the only way to know if you will be on your way to the US or not. Good luck sa application mo, sana 10 yrs multiple entry ang maibigay sa yo.



    • Hi Vanne, share ur xperience during ur interview pls? and good luch to you….sana makakuha ka rin kagaya ng ibang nakakuha ng B2 visa….God Bless…

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  27. Hi cebuana,

    I Aldrin, from Cebu also, I am planning to apply for a visitors Visa, and your experience is an insparation to me, I am 23 years old, with a regular job, No land titles, and my money on my bank, was very low. My Aunt who is a nurse at California, what me to with her during her vacation, so I can experience skiing and riding on a hot air balloon. how long does the appointment waits?

  28. Kumusta Aldrin,

    Unsa na ang Cebu karon? You check the online appointment of US embassy, Manila. There, you will see schedules which are yet open. You decide and choose the date when you want to have the interview. Also, application is filled up online too. Be careful when filling up the online form and be honest as possible with your answers because it is also where the Consul will get his questions. You might get confused with your answers if and when and is be a big factor para ma deny. Also, don’t forget to ask for company certification where it reflects your vacation schedule and that you will come back for work on specific date as well.

    Good luck!

    • Hi cebuana, okay ra ghapon ang cebu…. I was thinking if you can help me with the process, cause I am really confuse where to apply… can you support me with a link and where to pay the fee? That you mean a lot to me.

  29. hi i am attendn my interview on december 14th,b4 i was very scare about what question i would b ask bcos my company will sponsoring my visit but after readn ur tips,i feell relax have confidence in my self and i bliv by d grace of God i will d interview.Note-apart from my official work i still have a small private transport company whish we based on motor cycles and my father is about 80yrs nd he has called me to come take over is companies from d first week of March 2013 he said his doing dis cos i am d first son of d family but 3rd in familly with dis is dat enough to convince counsuller dat i will come back to my Country

    • Hi She,

      the possibility of getting a tourist visa is your strong ties back in your country and how you convince the Consul of your honest intention of just being a tourist in the US.

      I hope this helps. thanks for dropping by.

  30. Hi dear Cebuana, thanks for sharing your experience. My husband and I also want to apply for B2 and Its our first time visiting states. We are from Iran, and stay in Malaysia( under my husband’s study visa). This January is our 10th anniversary 🙂 my husband own an apartment in our country, he was working for a good company and they gave him a 2 year permission to study abroad. he has a fat bank account., and he is his parents only son. but I dont . is my husband ties and docs enough for both of us? or we need show our ties separately?

    • Hi Ladan,

      Thank you so much for dropping by. As far as I know with your situation, you are a dependent of your husband and you don’t need separate documents. Good luck and happy anniversary. 😉

  31. I’m a nigerian, what documents do i need from my american fiancee to apply for visiting visa… She my sponsor and i’m trader here in nigeria.

  32. hi cebuana…im lovely martinez.. from philippines..gusto ko lang sana malaman ang step-by-step proCeSS pag kuha Ng pAsspORt..sana matulungan mo ako…i mean…about the ties..supporting documents..how if may sponsor ako dun sa usa..3 sila and willing to submitted all the requirments needed para sa invitation …for tourist visa

    • Hi lovely,

      sa passport po just go to DFA ofc, pati picture dun nalang, mas madali pa. Re visa, apply ka online, select the date na gusto mong ma interview, pay ka online ng fee at sa bank din. RE US Visa documents, just bring all documents na meron ka but ang importante kc jan, paano mo ma convince ang Consul na tourist ka lang talaga at babalik sa Pilipinas after ka mag vacation. Good luck!

  33. Hi! ask ko lang po kung ano mga documents needed in entering US. We already got our B1/B2 visa and travelling this december with my husband and kid. Kasi medyo worried ako baka sa port of entry my hingin sa amin tapos hindi namin dala at yun pa maging dahilan para hindi kami makapasok ng US. Any required amount ba ng pocket money? kasi ask din ata yun sa port of entry eh. Saka may magiging problem ba kung sa application namin noon ang stay namin is 2 weeks pero after ma approve visa namin, 1 month vacation kami? By the way, dito po kami manggagaling sa dubai. Thanks! c” )

    • Hi AUH girl,

      Kumusta? As far as I know, don’t bring cash more then 10k$ kc bawal. I don’t even have that amount in my pocket lol I only have my ever reliable credit card. Sa point of entry, they did not ask me how much money I have, they just asked me where I will stay and I showed them the hotel reservation, how many days or months ako, I told them 2 weeks lang but I was stamped 6 months pa din and the purpose of my travel which I said was tourism.

  34. hi cebuana,

    gud am! we have an appointment on dec 21 together with my family, paki assess nman if may chance n ma approve kmi…


    principal applicant- me (40 y.o) Registered nurse by profession
    husband- 47 y.oRegistered nurse by profession
    kid1- 11 y.o
    kid2-7 y.o
    business – Lessor (30 plus tenants including mercury drug)
    income- 180k
    with titles, car
    parents and siblings of my husband ( US citizen)
    previous travels- hkg, macau, china
    my family stayed and worked in dubai for a year(2008)


  35. Hi All,
    Getting US visa for any national is bit tough except who are promoted by government/ university/ some countries i.e CA, UK, AUS, S.Korea etc (mention on website, also i know one of my co-worker who was S.Korean who’s visa got rejected although they dnt need for shorter duration)
    I recently got my B1 and happy because i got it. Two more person with me from my same company got rejected with me.
    1>I was bit more lucky
    2>I was full of confidence.

    There main purpose is the find out will you return back from US, Do you have sufficient money to make your trip and You will keep peace in US.

    If you lie they will catch you for sure, if not at Embassy, then may be at Immegration port.
    Be confident, stay cool, be honest. If they reject d’nt beg, just leave. If you are unmarried it is more tought because they think, he may settle down. Also i am unmarried. If you had made travel abroad to other countries in past it makes things easy.(except to pakistan, bdesh, Afghan, N.korea and few more countries 😉 )
    I was bit afraid, but God was on my side, Counslar took less then 50 sec and asked me 3 question all done!
    1>What you do?
    2>How long you are working with my present employer(who was arranging my trip, if you have less then 1 year with current employer, they may reject, but if you are working in US based company chance are high to get)
    3>Purpose to visit to US.
    I was not able to believe. I asked him again its finished? lol. Then i said have a good day and left with 🙂

  36. hi ace here,

    I’m a registered nurse here sa philippines ala akong work experience sa hospital pero meron sa call center pero 6 months lang nag resign ako because my dad let me resign to take care of my mom who is hypertensive, my uncle invited me sa florida and he said he will sponsor my travel he’s a pastor with religious visa, dun din daw ako mag sstay sa bahay nya.pwede ko bang gawing strong ties ang mom ko about her hypertensive case?and my dad is not around since seaman sya and babalik pa sya sa april next year, can you help me with my case?

  37. Hello po!Ganda naman po experience ninyo kahit na super kaba. Ask ko lang po, I had a fiance visa canceled this month. Naghiwalay kami. Pero plano ko maglakad ng tourist visa to US.. Pwede ba yon te?

    Thank you…

  38. Hi po.I’m from manila,twice na po kaming nadeny ng husband ko ang work ng husband ko ay elected official,government kumpleto requirements kami noon una nag agency ako mali nilagay ng agency sa application form ko sponsor ako ng pinsan ko then inilagay nya husband ko ang sasagot not enough yun salary nya para masagot pa nya yun trip namin ang totoo naman talaga ay sagot kami ng tita ko reason ng agency baka daw hanapan pa ko ng kung anu ano ayun 1st attempt deny kami then sa 2nd attempt po ay ako na nag asikaso di na ko nag agency mas matipid pa at madali lang naman pala ako po walang work house wife lang po ako but we have 2 kids na maiiwan still di namin na convince yun consul lahat naman meron kami di nga nila tinitignan documents unless present mo sakanila base on my observation.I want to try it ulit sana pero afraid na ko nakaka trauma na yata pero this time ako nalang mag isa kasi sa totoo lang ako lang naman talaga ang gustong makita ng tita ko at pinsan siya kasi yun nagpalaki sa akin gagawa siya letter for me na ipapakita ko sa consul para maniwala na wala naman akong balak talagang mag TNT dun andito sa pinas ang pamilya ko yun lang diba malakas ng ties na babalik ako talaga kahit ala akong work dito.Anu po ba maadvice nyo sa akin yun tita ko po kasi ay di na pwedeng umuwi dito sa pinas kasi ilang beses na syang naoperahan at major surgery pa kaya ayaw na syang payagan ng doc.nya di na nya kakayanin kaya gusto nya ako nalang ang mag tour para makita nya ko ang parents ko nag tour na din dun 2005 at multilple visa binigay sakanila senior citizen sila 3 mos lang sila nag stay dun at bumalik agad dito sa pinas.I’m glad at may mga nababasa akong ganito I keep on researching sayang din kasi yun babayaran ko di biro ang 6thou sa hirap ng buhay ngayon all expenses paid ako ng tita at pinsan ko I keep on praying.What advice can you give on my case?

  39. hi, im i just wanna ask if we have a chance to obtain a tourist visa in US , even my daughters dad is living as permanent resident in US his family are living also there. my daughter and i planning to visit them they just like to celebrate bday of my daughters who’ s turning 3yrs old. my sister in law will sponsor our trip do we need to to tell the consul that his dad is living in US were not married yet

  40. Elow po, just wana share my interview last Dec 19, 2012 in Doha Qatar. The process before interview is same as mentioned by Cebuana.

    Concul: what is the purpose of your trip?
    Me: for tourism
    C: where are you working?
    M: in XXX company
    C: Who is this XXX co.?
    M: that’s the name of my Boz and at the same time, it’s the name of our company
    C: what is your work in XXX company?
    M: facility management
    C: tell me what is your work exactly?
    M:im taking care of all the buildings od my boss, our company is a real estate company
    C: ah ok, how long you’ve been in this company?
    M: 6yrs.
    C:how much is your salary?
    M: 000
    C: is it including accomoation?
    M:yes + food allowance, transportation & telephone allowanace
    C:all inclided in your salary?
    C: do you have bank statement?
    M: yes (then I gave to him, he check it and gave back to me)
    C: did you travel before?
    C: tell me the countries you have visited.
    M:Bahrain,dubai,Italy,Switzerland, germany….(I want to tell more but asked me another question while checking my passport with schengen visa)
    C: with whom you traveled?
    M:im alone
    C: you didn’t feel bored travelling alone?
    M:No. its exciting to travel alone
    C:ok, when was the last time you have traveled?
    M:Last June 2012, this year (then he check the dates)
    C:ok, let me check the passport if its really you.
    M:ok, just look at my nose(because its quite big hehe) and my mole to my left chin(smiling at him) That’s me, I said (he then smile as well)

    C: Ok, heres is you stab number, come back tomorrow and take your visa between 3-3:30pm

    M: Thank you, and said, can I ask a question?
    M: in my first entry in US, how many days or months I will be allowed to stay?
    C: oh, too much, my company wont allow me to stay there in six months (he then smile) and I said,,bye thank you..

    (then got my 10yrs multiple visa the next day)

    I agree with cebuana:
    1.be honest. Coz if you hiding samtin, it will show.
    2. have an eye contact, most of the time I was looking at him and he was not to me (maybe he was shy hehe)
    3.no further explanation unless requested to give more explanation
    4. don’t be over confident, just relax and be normal
    5.the most important is ask for Gods assistance…

    My observations:
    1. Here in Qatar, most of the single granted 10yrs multiple visa. And family getting 1-3 yrs visa. I asked all my single friends who applied, all of them got 10 yrs. same as I asked the families I know got maximum 3 yrs.
    2. The consul don’t depend how much you have in the bank, the important is if you really getting this salary and enough for you not to escape from your Company. My colleague got her 10 yrs visa with 60 riyals only in her bank. Believe me, its only 700 pesos in our money.
    3. They don’t depend also to your travel history, other friend of mine never travel (her travel history is only Phils-Doha)
    4. They don’t care what you are wearing; the important is you are presentable.
    5. The questions are base on your statement in the application form. So make sure that you are the one who fill up the form, if not, make sure you know all the details in your application
    6. NO NEED for agents assistance, so easy, just follow the easy procedure and instruction from their website
    7. Its case to case basis. Don’t compare others case to your case. Always… IT DEPENDS on your situation
    8. And lastly, so DIFFICULT to get visa in the Philippines,,,so sad unlike when your working abroad…I brought only(aside from passport, receipt & confirmation form) salary certificate and 6 months bank statement, he asked me only the bank statement.

    THank You…

    • hi po May I ask questions regarding DS-160 thank you in advance. 3rd country din po kasi friend ko.

      My friend was a Filipino working in South Korea and he was invited by his relatives to
      attend the wedding of his cousin in the US.

      my questions are the following:

      In filling his DS-160 form what he will put for full name in native alphabet his full name in the passport ? or “it does not apply”

      What home address will he use ? his home adress in his home country Philippines? or his address in South Korea where he is currently working and the place where he filed his DS-160 form and also his mailing address?

      He recently renewed his passport in South Korea is it right to put that the country that issued his passport was Philippines and the place where his passport was issued was in S. Korea?

      For the type of non immigrant visa is it right that his purpose of trip to US was– Temp. business.pleasure. visitor (B) and for specification- Tourism/Medical treatment (B2) ?

      What are the supporting documents needed in the interview?

      Will his payment in the visa fee will be made after filling the DS-160?

      Hoping for your response and guidance, thank you very much po.

  41. sori there missing answer from consul,,when i ask how much time i can stay,,he said, up to six months…the last is my answer,,sorry for many error:(

    • Hi cebuanawithlove & Purple,

      Thanks for Sharing your experiences.

      @ Purple: – As I am staying in Qatar and I have applied for the B1/B2 visa. My interview is scheduled on 3rd Feb. at 8:30 AM. In this regard, I need to speak to you and take some interview tips and step by step process. I would appreciate if you could spare some time and contact me on irfan250@yahoo.com I need to speak to you.

      • hi irfan,,,my post is the complete details about my interview, no more no less:) all the infos already with them, so they will ask u based on your info mentioned in your application online…just relax and be normal:)

  42. Thanks i think this is helpfull i have allready apply for b1 visa last year Dec14 but i got denied just because i didnt present my invitation letter,i have travel to Germany and South Korea before in 2009 but i was robbed on my returning from South korea which i lost my passport and some document but now i am applying with my new passport to attend a conference in washington,i dont know if i will still find it difficult because am applying with new passport

  43. Greetings Mam,

    I tried to apply for a US visa last October 2012 but I was denied, the consul just asked for my purpose of going in the US and I said I will settle my estate in Florida that was given to me by my late grandmom through her living trust and asked me where will I stay and told him I’ll be staying with my aunt in Washington because she’s going to accompany me in processing the real estate property’s papers ( original land titles etc. ) but still I was denied. I had a savings account both peso and dollar but not that high and I just started working in the company last May 2012. Right now, Im still working in the same company, still have my savings and I’m planning of applying again for a US visa this coming summer after my trip in Taiwan this month, do you think I have greater chances this time to be granted a US tourist visa for I really wanted to visit my property? Im working in a hospital ( not a nurse ), no pending H1B application, in fact, I never applied for one, and I am currently paying the property’s tax in the US this year with original copy of the receipt coming from the county’s tax collector. My dad who is a seafarer will shoulder my expenses of the trip if ever, Thank you.

  44. hi i will be having my interview this march 11 @ usembassy manila,i got inspired by the post you guys shared, thanks a lot if help me gain confidence.

  45. hi miss weng i was only given a single receipt from the bank for my application transaction, what is that “blue copy of machine-readable bill.”? I’ve read this article that says …#4. Pay the visa application fee at a nearby bank accredited by the U.S. Embassy in Manila. Payments must be paid in cash. Upon payment, you will receive two copies of the machine-readable bill payment slips. The blue copy is the U.S. Embassy copy. This must be brought during your interview at the embassy. A lost copy of this document would mean having to pay the same amount again. should i call the bank and ask for a copy of it?

    • Hi Sky,

      I got my visa here in Riyadh and only had 1 copy of the bank receipt and that was what I brought during the interview. Infact, the receipt was returned to me, they just checked the validity of the receipt if same as what I inputted online. Better you call the US Embassy and inquire from them if 2 copies are needed as you only have 1 with you. Good luck.


      • Hi! I was browsing the net for some tips for US visa application (B2) and your blog is indeed very informative and helpful with all the experiences and comments shared by everyone 🙂 I am a nurse here in Riyadh in king Faisal and I am planning to renew my US visa. My last visit in US was 16years ago (1997). Last 2008 I tried to renew my visa back home in the Philippines but unfortunately I was denied for the reason of not having strong family ties. My parents are living in the states along with my 2younger siblings. My father is an
        H1-B visa holder but his contract will end this year so all of them will plan to settle and go back to the Philippines this December. I’m going for my annual leave this October til November and I plan to visit them in the US since I won’t be able to spend time with them on Christmas because I’ve to go back here in Saudi. I am a bit scared though with what EJ posted that those who have been denied of a visa before has a low chance of getting one. I was a bit traumatized when my visa got denied before that’s why it took me some time to finally decide to try again. I’m planning to apply this July and I’m hoping I can get more tips and advice from you since you also applied here in Saudi 🙂 here are my dilemmas:
        – I’ve only been here in Riyadh for 1year I got here last year June2012 but I signed up for a 2year contract..I was wondering if it’ll be a barrier since just new here
        – I don’t have a credit card 😦 but I’ve saved enough money to provide for my trip just in case I’d be granted with a tourist visa
        – I read that I need to provide a work certificate, would it help also if I ask for a letter from my head nurse that ill be going back to work?
        – I am really really scared 😦 browsing thru the conversations and comments above already gave me the jitters :(:( natatakot akong madeny ulit 😦
        Hope you’d take time po to reply — would really appreciate it 🙂

        Kudos to those who got their US visas approved :):)

      • Hi Carla,

        Sorry for the late reply. I applied for my US tourist visa after a year of working here in Riyadh. I guess a big plus ang credit card kc most of time dun, credit card ginagamit to buy things, online na nga din kung mag pay ng bills. A certificate of employment is a must talaga but get it from the hospital not from your head nurse, dapat may letter ng hospital ang letter. I was so afraid also that time na nagbabalak pa lang akong kumuha ng visa kc daming negatives eh. SA Pinas pa ako pina try ng auntie ko na nasa US but I did not kc takot ako ma deny not to mention sa gastos na sayang. But when I was here, I told myself, If I will not do it now, then when? So I risk and tried my luck. Risk kc I don’t have all the necessary documents needed like enough funds sa bank, and no properties sa Pinas. That time kc very strong ang gut feeling ko to try coupled with fervent prayers kay God. Just give it a shot, you really don’t know what lies ahead pag d ka nag try.

        Good luck and God bless,


  46. Ur testimony is really inspiring.am a nigerian ,waiting for my appointment day already,and am a buz woman .I am applying for a b1&B2 visa ,and I don’t know anyone in the us, I have made hotel reservation realating to my travel.cos other countries ve been to,I always make use of hotel reservations.
    I ve all other documents ,bt I do not have an invitation letter, do u think I have a chance?

  47. Hello love,
    Tanong ko lang po sana kung gaano kalaki ang pera mo sa pinas. This 25 is my visa interview, tourist visa po. I’m working here in Canada as caregiver and my fiance who is a u.s citizen, would like me to meet his mom. Kaunti lang rin kc ung pera ko dito sa canada. At may account din ako sa pinas, un nga lang hanggang ngayon hnd ko pa na update kc almost 3 years na akong Hindi umuuwi.

  48. hello po, tanong ko lang po sana kung ano dapat ang nakalagay sa letter of employment. Nasa canada ako working as nanny. Nag submit na ako ng application online interview ko next monday. At may fiance ako from u.s gusto nya kasing makilala ko ang mom niya. thank you po.

    • hi Chan,

      sorry for the late reply ha. Kindly ask your employer for COE na naka state dun na magbabakasyon ka lang for say 2 weeks or 1 month then babalik ka on the specified date. Also, letter of invite sa fiance mo. As for the account, kung may online ka, print mo nalang, importante may credit card ka, yon ang i present mo. Good luck po!


      • Hello po ate,
        Interview ko po kanina, pero Hindi po nagsabi ang consul kung approved ba ako or denied. Binigyan lang ako ng papel on how to check the status of my doc’s. He said my doc’s would be ready in 3 to 5 business days. Ano po ibig Sabihin noon.

      • Kumusta po,

        Natanggap ko na po passport ko, ngayon lang naideliver. Binigyan po ako ng 10 years multiple entry. Salamat po sa post na to’, dahil dito nagkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob at idea about sa interview. Thank you so much.

      • Malaking tulong po talaga ang blog na to. Ang question lang sa akin ay:
        Why do you want to go to the U.S? Ans: To visit my fiance and to meet his mom.
        How long have you been working in Canada? Ans: 8 months.
        Do you have friends and family here? Ans: I have friends here, but my mom, my 2 brothers and 2 sisters living back home in Philippines.
        Where were you before working here in Canada? Ans: I was working in hong Kong for 6 years.
        After that, sabi ng consul your passport will be ready for pickup in 3 to 5 business days.

      • Maraming salamat po talaga at dito ka sa site ko nakakuha ng inspirasyon. I’m sure sa shinare mo na experience ay mapupulutan din ng idea ng mga gusto or nagbabalak kumuha ng visa. Keep visiting my site po. Give my regards to your fiance and your family.

        best regards,


  49. Hi i like your page and im hoping to get an idea from other people that checks this page too. Im 43 y/0 married woman but separated. I have three teen kids ages 17,16,14. I met an american guy from online and he wants me to visit him the US. He said he will tour me to disneyland in florida and everywhere else. He said ill just stay there for two to three weeks but its up to me if i wanted to stay long too. He asked a lawyer’s advice in california and was charged $2,000 but didnt get the positive news from lawyer. Lawyer said i cant go visit him coz i am married. All im just asking is a tourist visa…Can anyone here help and give me some advice on what to do please?

    • Hi Jean,

      Kumusta? the lawyer said you can’t go because you are married? so that means all the other married women can’t go to the US then. joking aside. Don’t know why it’s like that. But, if you have a strong connection back home, like work, business, properties, there’s no reason you will not have any chance for a visa. Well, it’s the Consul who decides if he will give you one though. Just try, there is really no harm in trying. And your intention in visiting the US is tourism. Maybe, others who were at same situation as you can better give you advice from here. Good luck.


  50. hi just want to say..this blogs really helped a lot,,I just got home from US a week ago.I stayed there for 2 months,,before my interview last year i used to read blogs ( those success stories) and can really uplift and boost your confidence,,mind u i was denied 5x before i got the 10 yrs multiple entry?,,,determination and hope is my key to success…all u need to do is just be honest and relax (dnt panic) @ have an eye contact in front of the consul,,,it’s just like simple conversation with the consul dnt make it a big deal…para lang nag usap kayo….

    • i do apply for us visa thrice within a couple of months,and i was denial.Now it”s more than two years that i apply,and am thinking of going back to the embassy to re-apply again.The last time that i applied in 2010,i was called from the embassy the following day after my visa was denial,the consular said to me that they are trying to review my application and he ask me the same question that he did ask me during my interview section.I did answer him correctly and he said that he was trying to call my wife office number,sothat he can confirm from her maybe we both reside together or not,but her office number didn”t went through.Now that am planning to re-apply again what are the chances that i will get the visa?and i have travel to many countries within the last two years.thanx hope to hear from you soonest.

  51. Good day po!
    I’m a nurse working here in riyadh po. I’m planning to apply again for visit visa kahit na na denied po ako before dito din sa riyadh US embassy because i was just a newbie sa ksa,nearly a year old pa during the interview. Now i’m on my new workplace(finished my previous contract before) here in riyadh and I really wanna try t again to apply for B2 visa to see my mom I haven’t seen more than a decade.. Can I ask po about the supporting docs/requirements i should prepare sa interview and about the bank statement(should it really be necessary na may laman po siya and i applied for credit card as well po.. I’m really inspired talaga about your story that it fueled my dream to go to the US to visit my mom I really missed her.. Would a pending petition affect the interview po like working visa?
    Thank you very much and More power to You po!

    • Hi Brigette,

      Kumusta? sorry for the late reply talaga, medyo busy these days. if na deny ka before, you can re-apply after 6 months. I just had with me that time Certificate of Employment, Bank statement that I printed online kc ang bank book was not updated (my bank balance is not that big, if that was the basis of the Consul, d talaga papasa but when he asked for my credit card, meron ako. sa US most of the people there use card instead of cash) plus ang may credit card talaga and work. just tell the Consul you want to meet your mom and you missed her a lot. ako nga auntie ko lang gusto ko makita na approve na ako.

      Sana this helps and good luck. Inform us and share your story ha after your interview.

      Best regards,


      • Hi brigette! May I ask Kung ano ano yung questions sa Iyo mg consul when you got denied before? I’m planning to apply also Kaso kaka 1 year ko Lang din here in KSA

  52. Reg..

    Hi po..ask ko lng if pwede po kaya samahan ako mag appearance ng bf ko sa US embassy at sya magpatunay Na hindi ako mag ooverstay sa US at purely pasyal lng talaga coz he wants me to meet his relatives..thanks in advance

    • HI Reg,

      Strict ang US Embassy. kung sino lang ang may appointment ang pde sumama sa loob unless otherwise minor ang sasamahan or if group kayo.

      thanks for dropping by. hope this helps.


  53. Hi i like your page and im hoping to get an idea from you.. tanong ko lng kong anu ung naka lagay sa certificate of employment? lagay mo ba ung company an ang mag shoulder lhat ng expenses mo to US or no need to mention? Can anyone here help and give me some advice on what to do please? Thank you

  54. hi ask ko lng ko anu nakalagay sa employment certificate mo ok lnng ba na mention mo na ang expenses ng tour mo shoulder ng company? anu nkalagay sa EOC mo? please reply thanks

    • Hi Ruzzel,

      sorry for the late reply.

      Yes, it’s big factor sa application mo if stated sa EOC mo that your holiday is all expense paid by the company because your document will be signed by the HR or sa immediate boss mo.

      hope this helps. thanks for dropping by.


      • Hi Cebuana with love,

        thanks for the tips!.

        Just wana ask again, planu kona mag apply sa DS 160 online but the problem is my passport is nearly mapapaso peru may sked na ako for may passport renewal next month. Ok lng ba na apply n ako DS 160 ngaun den ang lagay ko sa application form “Passport no. is ung old passport ko? hnd mag conflict un kong nsa akin na ung OLD at New passport ko na mag kaiba ang PNo.? kc ung new passport ko ma release ng May 2013, wala bang problema na ang lagay ko na passport number ung old passport ko?

        One more thing, f nag apply ka sa DS 160 my validation period ba? Please give some advise on what do… Thank you and regards.

  55. hi! i just wanna ask what kind of bank account you have?was it in US or in SR deposit? Mag oopen pa lang po kasi ako ng account dito sa Riyadh and i want to know which one is better. Is it also ok to make an appointment for the interview after i opened the account or should i wait for a couple of months pa po? Thanks!

  56. May appoinment po ako for interview on saturday 7:30 am … dh po ako sa riyadh inapply ako ng boss ko ng tourist visa sila ang shoulder ng expenses ko… kinakabahan pp talaga ako mam .. wish kasi ng amo ko na makasama nila ako habang andun sila nagpapagamot ang boss kong lalake

    Wala akong ibang documents na dala kundi yung letter ng boss ko at mga copy ng id’s nya at copy ng green card.. may chance po ba kaya ako ma issuhan ng visa 😦

  57. Hi Cebuna,

    I have got my US B1-Visa back in the August, 2008 for 10 years from India. Now I am in the UK from last more than 3 years. I have to attend one conference in Chicago in August, 2013. Can I use the same visa to visit and attend conference in the UK. I am currently a PhD student in the UK. Please suggest.

  58. Goo day Cebuana with love,

    Im planning to travel US this coming december to spent christmas and new years eve, mga kelan ako pwde mag apply ng visa application ko?… 4 years n me working as a IT staff sa shipping agency, like the others who applied thier visa I have no fat banks and no land titles to show sa visa officer. What are the reqirements that I need to prepare. Please I need your advise Ms. Cebuanawithlove…

    Thanks and more power!

  59. Good day Cebuana with love,Im planning to travel US this coming december to spent christmas and new years eve, mga kelan ako pwde mag apply ng visa application ko?… 4 years n me working as a IT staff sa shipping agency, like the others who applied thier visa I have no fat banks and no land titles to show sa visa officer. What are the reqirements that I need to prepare. Please I need your advise Ms. Cebuanawithlove…

    Thanks and more power!

  60. hi good evening! i am planning too to travel in the US by december coz that is my slot for my yearly vacation. question po, is it necessary to state that i have a brother in california? does it affect my application? i am a nurse here in jeddah, no pending petition, not US-RN, i have relatives living there, should i ask invitation letter from them for my visit? the bank statement, is it peso account or riyals? pls help me decide… thanks po and God Bless Us all!

    • Hi Chaffy,

      When I applied online, i stated there that I have an aunt and she is one of the purpose of my visit. My bank account is in Philippines, peso account lang, i don’t have Saudi bank account. One of the edge I had was that I have a credit card to use even if I don’t have enough cash on hand. Also, ask for an employment certificate sa hospital where you worked for, importante yon. Good luck.


  61. Hi,i need ur advice on a b1/b2.i applied for a student in ’07 and got denied 3times due to not having strong ties..got denied 4 weeks ago of a tourist visa cos i answered a question wrongly..but now am a graduate,av a job,married with a daughter….pls what are my chances in getting a b1/b2 visa?

  62. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up!

    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future. Many thanks

  63. Applied for B1 (business) visa at Riyadh US embassy and luckily was granted with B1/B2 multiple 10 years. I got my passport 2 days after the interview which was fast.

    Works for a govt hospital for 8 years (technician) and purpose of visit is to attend a conference. VO focused her questions on my work, family, previous travels (i only went to dubai twice) and nature of the conference. She never bothered to check my bank statement and invitation from the organizer.

    Sobrang relieved when you hear the words “your visa has been approved and you may proceed to fedex”.

    • Hi Myk and Reese,

      I agree, sarap ng feeling but sa akin d kc sinabi na approved ang visa ko. Sabi lang ng Consul ok, go to Fedex near the entrance and pay this amount. D ko alam na yon na pala ang hudyat na approved ang visa ko. nag ask pa nga ako how about my passport? and the consul smiled, you will receive it after 3 days with your visa. na shock ako at napa smile ng wlang humpay. cloud 9 ang feeling ko that time. so unexpected, moreso ng makita ko kung ilang years ang binigay nya sa akin.


    • Hi Rochelle,

      Kumusta? Pde naman kahit sino mag sponsor ng trip mo sa US as long as ma convince mo ang Consul na you are going back dito sa Saudi and your purpose in going to the US is for tourism lang talaga. I’m not sure of what you are saying na your aunt will act as your employer. Does that mean you are going to work in the US and your aunt is your employer? ibang usapan na yan ate, unless may company ang auntie mo sa US and you have all the necessary working documents for the work, d na tourist ang i apply mo, working visa na. If you will tell the Consul about this, 100% deny ang application mo.


  64. Hi Cebuana,

    I’m planning to apply a visa next month and there are my questions po;

    1.) Can I apply B1/B2 visa even if my purpose is to travel? If yes, is there any chance na iask nila ako kung ang business purpose ko?

    2.) I’m applying next month and planning to travel next year (like after 1 year from my visa application) Would it still be okay?

    3.) Sorry if this question is so senseless, I have an Aunt in the states but all I know is she’s just a close family friend. Can I address her as my relative? Do they need supporting documents proving that we’re relatives?

    Hoping for your response po. Thanks for inspiring thousands of lives.


    • Hi skidz,

      Sorry for the late reply. Ok, here we go with your questions po. When I applied for my visa, I was asked of the purpose of my travel. I told the Consul, my purpose is tourism. But he gave me B1/B2 instead. I applied 3 months before my planned US visit, depende kc yon sa ibigay na visa if ma granted, like 6 months single entry or 1 – 10 yrs multiple entry visa. If you are not in a hurry naman, apply 6 months before your planned travel. I had my Aunt’s invitation letter through email, I printed that pero d naman tiningnan ng Consul, but don’t take chances, ask ka pa rin from your Aunt or any relatives there.

      I hope this helps.

      Good luck and God bless.


  65. hi gud eve, , , Im nurse and single here in philippines and i work in a hospital since last year, now my uncle in US has a cancer, so he sponsor me to go there and now we urgently fixing all necessary papers, I have the copy of the approval from social worker and the letter from congressman there, but the problem is i dont have a strong ties here in philippines my salary is only minimum, my scheduled interview is on July 11, 2013. . . . im afraid i cannot get my visa because of my ties, , ,
    do you think i can get my visa even i dont have strong ties????

    • Hi Markjec,

      Sorry sa late reply. Be the best of you during your interview. Ang importante ma convince mo ang consul na babalik ka ng Pinas after sa stated number of weeks na bakasyon mo dun. Also, kailangan may certificate of employment ka din na naka state dun ilan weeks ka sa US. If meron kang credit card, dalhin mo yon during your interview. Don’t overdress, be as simple as you can be.

      Best of luck and God bless,


  66. hi! good day po! i am planning po to visit US along w/ my husband and 2 kids. i am a bit hesitant po to apply after learning from someone na if u are nurse, there’s a big chance of getting denial. pareho po kaming nurse ng husband ko. also a problem i can see is that my parents, sister and all relatives on my father’s side are all living in US now. others are saying it’s a disadvantage kase they will think u have reason to go for TNT. though i had been once in US when i am still in college, will these issues po ba affect my application? my husband and I are both working in saudi as nurses in a private hospital for almost 3-4 yrs now. ung eldest ko po is studying na rin. i haven’t started my application yet becoz i wanted to ask advice first from experienced US visa holders. hoping for your reply. thanks and Godbless.

    • Hi R.N.

      Kumusta po? sorry for the late reply, bakasyon ko kc sa Pinas, kakabalik ko lang. Yon nga din sabi nila na wag sabihin na may relatives sa US but I did not lie, I have many relatives dun at auntie ko din ang dinalaw ko dun, though nag hotel ako and she paid for my hotel bills kc may duty sya, d palagi nakakasama sa akin. Ang importante po sa Consul na ma prove at ma convince mo sya na babalik kayo sa Saudi to resume work at d magiging dagdag sa mga TNT sa US. I suggest na try your luck, get a certificate of employment ninyong mag asawa sa hospital na pinagtatrabahuan nyo at you have to state there how many weeks kayo sa US. Also, school certification ng anak nyo na he/she is studying here. Also, might help na kumuha din kayo ng police clearance kc a friend of mine dito, her family wanted to visit the US but na deny kc the consul asked for police clearance, wala naman yon sa requirement, so na deny sila though meron sila lahat ng requirements, pera, good job here, properties here and sa Pinas. There is no harm in trying your luck. You will never know what is instored for you and your family if you will not try d ba?

      Good luck and God bless,


      • hi po uli! nkabayad na po ako visa fee namin ng family ko just yesterday. i tried to book on november kaso close pa ang booking. til sept 24 palabg ang open. i have question po on bank certificate. last week nag open ako savings account sa bdo here in saudi. upon giving the card, sabi nga agent mahirap daw kmuha ng bank certificate d2. ano po ba process pra makakuha ng bank certificate sa bdo if d2 sa saudi ka nag open? can i use my saudi bank account provided by my employer for salary payments instead? another question po is til when po validity ng visa fee receipt? di pa po kase ako nkapa boom ng appointment since close pa ang booking for november. hoping for your response. thank you very much po!

  67. Hi Cebuanawithlove, I am really inspired about your story. It really help me to get US visa for tourism. I really hope to go New York soon.

  68. Hi Ms. Weng

    Can I apply B2 visa, like one year before my plan of visit sa US. And how much cash on hand should I have before applying, coz wala pa din po bank account here in Saudi. I prefer cash sa pag received ng salary. And do you have any idea how much I should be earning to open a credit card account.

    • Hi Diane,

      Sorry for the late reply, laging bakasyon pa kc ako then medyo na bz din. Kumusta? Depende kc kung ilang entries and years ang ibibgay sa you ng Consul, it might be 6 months lang. So, I suggest you apply say 3 months before your planned vacation just like what I did. Also, not much talaga ang cash on hand ko and I don’t have a bank account sa Saudi din, sa Pinas ang account ko and di talaga ganun kalaki din ang laman. I just have with me my credit card, and I guess yon ang isa sa mga plus points ko kc sa America, most of the time credit card ang gamit. I hope this helps.


      • Hi Ms. Weng

        Thanks for your reply. Big help. I was planning to get a credit card too. But not from Saudi, kasi di po mag-quaqualify yung salary. So its either BPI or BDO. Do you think acceptable din po sa kanila yun. I also read abt. “strong social ties” that I need to prove to the consul. Professional ties I believe I have.,becoz of my contract in the hospital I’m working but on Financial ties, I’m worried becoz maybe I just have 60K savings on my account in the Philippines. The whole planned trip will just be a sponsored trip from my Cousin and her husband. But I read that I should at least has moderate amount of money, to demonstrate that I’m financially in good condition to manage my general expenses related to the trip. Would that amount will we enough to show in the embassy. And is I-134 Form is also the same as the so called “invitation letter”


      • Hi Diane,

        Kumusta? sorry for the late reply ha, kc medyo bz then trying to revamp my site too. My credit is from PInas, it’s Metrobank visa. Ok lang kung PInas credit card po basta international. Strong social ties ok kc may work ka and ok pa contract mo. Sa Financial side naman, that time maliit din ang pera ko sa bank almost same lang tayo. That time d naman tiningnan ang print out ng bank account ko but may tanong ang Consul that time. I mentioned too that I have a relative there, my aunt. When the Consul asked me nga anong igagastos ko dun, I told him I have my credit card, tiningnan nya card ko na dala ko, 2 pa nga, isang ATM at credit card, but ang credit card ang tiningnan nya – tapos ang usapan lol. Also d ako nag fill up ng 134 form, d ko alam na meron ya, I just asked an invitation letter from my aunt sent to my email, the print ko, pero again, d naman tiningnan ang letter, more of questions and follow questions ang Consul.

        I hope this helps. Good luck Diane.


    • HI Kingsley,

      You know, there is no real recipe in passing the US visa interview. It’s just how you answer the consul’s questions, the ball is really in your hands. Hope you will get the US visa.

      God bless and good luck,


  69. hello po..ate ask ko lng po kasi po m ay interview ako sa US embassy dito sa singapore sa monday july 15, 2013..pero hindi po ako masyadong nakakampante para sa interview.ok n po lahat ngpapeles kasi may decent job naman ako dito at sa 2015 pa expired ng pass ko dito..dun lng po ako nag woworied sa interview n kung tanungin ako kung saan ako may stay sa US ala po akong relatives dun pero dun po ako sa BF ko tutuloy pero mag stay lang po ako dun ng 2 weeks..then kung tinanong po ako saan kayo nag kakilala..kailangn ko bang sabihin through online site? kasi po 5 years n kaming mag ka relasyon at pupunta lng ako dun para makilala yung parents niya kasi twice n siyang umiwi sa pinas para ma meet parents ko and he told its my time for to meet his parents in person…natatakot lng po ako baka hindi accurate yung sagot ko n online site at ma denie ako..ano po bang dapat kong sabihin..please help me po kasi ..balisang balisa po ako…

      • I was denied po..unfortunately. ..the reason why is only because I dont have enough Support for strong ties here in singapore like staying here even more than 2 years is not enough. . I submitted all requirements that I think will help me to prove that I will come back here in singapore but for them all not enough. .. any way. ..I think its not yet my time. .. so.. I just charge it to my experience. . Even My $280 sg. Just went like that. .. its the us law that is really strict …consul are just doing there job. .. but it happen. . Better luck next time.

      • Hi Liezel,

        It’s ok, don’t lose hope. You can apply again naman after 6 months eh. Meron ka bang employment certificate na dala at naka state dun na 2 weeks ka lang? Kc akong dito when I applied more than a year pa lang ako sa work ko eh. Depende din kc talaga yan sa Consul. Don’t worry jan, next punta mo makakakuha ka na ng Visa at ang importante naman dyan ang relationship mo sa boyfriend mo at yong effort din nya na pumupuntang Pinas para magkita at ma meet nya family mo.

        Best of luck to you and your bf.


    • Hi Liezl, ano ba mga documents na hiningi sayo nga consul? At anong klaseng support ang kelangan nila for them to make sure na you’re coming back to Singapore?


  70. I have a girl friend in the state and she want me to come over but she will be sponsor my trip every and she will be sending me some of her document like her statement of acc with all this document is there any chance of me getting a US visa?

  71. hello even I am applying for USA vISA FOR CONFERENCE PURPOSE. mY COMPANY WILL BEAR ALL MY TRAVEL EXPENSES FOR 5 DAYS. I havent traveled abroad before and have only 6 months experience in the present company. Please suggest relevant tips which could help me.

  72. Hi Miss Weng!…im working here in Riyadh as a nurse,interested din ako mag apply for tourist visa sa U.S…pero reluctant ako na ituloy since ang parents ko andun din pero TNT..maaapektuhan ba yun sa pag apply ko?…invitation letter from my cousin..makakatulong ba yun?..
    Thanks po and God Bless

    • Hi Myla,

      Kumusta ka? sorry po sa late reply kc nagtanong pa ako. Medyo complicated po yong situation nyo Myla pero kc kung d mo lang i mention yan at walang record pa yong parents mo dun, baka makakuha ka pa ng visa. Also, as what I have mentioned dun kay Jenny na yong invitation letter not really a requirement daw pag kaw naman talaga gagastos partly or mostly sa expenses mo and the inviation letter if kung sila lahat mag shoulder sa gastos mo. Needed dun ang financial capacity ng cousin mo and his or her bank statement. Pero may work ka naman eh, need mo lang talaga yong certificate of employment na babalik ka sa work mo kc baka iisipin nila na mag TNT ka kc nurse ka nga din d ba. I try mo lang, you never know, baka mabigyan ka pa ng 10 yrs US tourist visa. Just try and believe in yourself na kaya mo.

      Good luck and God bless po,


  73. hi weng
    its so nice to read your experience and I really admire what you did.
    we are currently here in Dubai and were planning to visit in us this coming December with my husand and son 1yr old.. sabi nila need daw ipa notary yung invitation letter dun sa us bago ipadala sa amin? totoo ba yun or ok lng yung letter n may pirma nila at may attached passport copy.. do you have any idea?

    please advise


  74. Hi Jenny,

    Kumusta? sorry sa late reply kasi I called up pa yong kakilala ko sa US embassy to be sure ano isasagot ko sa yo. Sa akin kc, i asked for an invitation letter sa auntie ko as part of the requirements and just incase nga na hahanapan ako. She sent that through email nga lang and I printed that out. D ko din kc alam na may form talaga for invitation letter and that time d naman hiningi din sa akin ng Consul. But this is what the lady from the US embassy said. Not really a requirement yong invitation letter if kayo naman talaga ang gagastos sa vacation nyo. Needed lang yong invitation letter and the bank statement ng nag invite or sponsor pag most of the gastusin sa vacation ay sa kanila. But in your case, I guess you have the capacity to pay for your travel. Just be ready lang din sa bank statement nyo just incase na hanapan kayo and your credit card if meron. One thing din na importante base sa mga na gather ko na info is the Certificate of Employment to prove na babalik kayo sa workplace nyo.

    Sana this helped and good luck.

    Best regards,


  75. hi weng

    thank you.. actually ready n lhat but I just want to be sure din po..hehehe..
    also one more question kc yung husband ko ng fill up ng online application which andun n yung name nmin ng son ko..need ba ng individual application or enough n yung sa hubby ko?


    • Hi Jenny,

      Isang form lang po, at I guess na mention naman dun sa online form your hubby filled up – your name and sa anak mo. Ok na yon, basta wag kalimutan kung anong sinulat nyo dun sa online form kc dun din mostly kukunin ang questions na itatanong sa inyo.

      Share ka din dito ha re result ng interview nyo. Good luck.


      • hello po Ms. Weng
        gusto po kasi ng tita ko na mag-apply for tourist visa yung lola ko at kung pwede ko po ba daw syang samahan pag nagtour sya sa US..pwede po ba yun? of course mag-aapply din po ako for tourist visa…
        thanks po.. God bless

  76. hi weng

    may appointment date n yung hubby ko, peo nagtataka ako kc isang payment lng yung ndeduct sa knya gnun ba yun.. kc ksama yung name nmin sa application nya. bka may idea ka. natwag ako sa consulate kaso wla n nsagot at mejo busy din ako sa work..


  77. Hello Cebuana,
    Just want to ask if may possibility ako na ma grant ng B2 visa. I’m a nurse here in KSA for six years. I’m married and my husband is working in Doha, Qatar.I have my 2 aunts who are inviting me to visit US. I’m planning to have my interview in Riyadh on October. Is there a possibility that I will be approved based on my mentioned status? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Joniful,

      Lahat po tayo na mag try mag apply ng US visa ay taking our chances na sana ma grant tayo kahit single entry lang. May mga completo sa documents, maraming pera sa bank, properties pero denied. Meron naman wla talaga like me but was granted a US visa. Ang bottom line po is that your intention go to the US is solely for tourism and that is what you should do to convince the Consul para ma grant po kayo ng visa. Importante ang certificate of employment for your strong ties to go back sa work mo. As per my friend sa US embassy, pag sakto ka sa documents at pera, at sa experience ko, credit card ang medyo nakatulong din, kahit walang invitation pde na as long as makakasuport ka sa travel and expenses mo sa US.

      I hope nakatulong po to. Good luck and keep us posted.



  78. ate weng,

    i just want to know. I plan to visit between june and august next year. is it okay for an early visa application probably december this year? and 4 thou $ allowance is enough? let me know po. thanks in advance.

    Mike from dubai.

    • Hi Mike,

      I guess pde naman siguro pero ako I applied 2months before sa intended travel ko. I suggest apply 3 months before your intended travel but if you want to do it early, up to you po. 4K US is already a good amount, just don’t bring more than 10kUS$ at maharang ka nyan sa immigration. You never know anong gagawin check sa bags at luggage mo pagdating mo sa port of entry which I witnessed dun sa airport.

      keep us posted and share your experience ha.



  79. hi ms. cebuanawithlove,
    i’m planning to get B1/B2 visa next year, this is why napunta ako sa blog mo. it’s very helpful and inspiring too. this will guide me along my journey to the US. my fiance is inviting me to see him in vegas. i’m currently here in jeddah, nurse. i will just hope i’ll be blessed too.
    i’ll keep u posted then and i’ll get myself updated too with the posts from here.
    God bless us all!

    • Hi Bella,

      That’s nice. Vegas is a cool place pag d summer kc disyerto din dun eh, medyo mainit. Pero I was there winter time so ok lang, malamig, same lang ng Riyadh ang winter. Good luck and share your experience to us para mapulutan din ng idea ng ibang kababayan natin.



  80. Hi po,
    tanong ko lang po ano-anong mga documents po ba ang dapat dalhin?, kc 19year old palang ako tapos. I have a friend sa U.S. Isa siyang V-P ng isang malaking company tapos gusto niya magvacation ako sa kanila ng 6m0nths. Wala akong relatives doon. Wala rin akong bank acc and work dito sa pinas,kahit ATM o credit cards wala rin. Pero andito family ko. Tapos, ‘invitation letter’ at ‘bank acc. Ng friend’ ko lang ang meron ako. Pero lahat ng gastos ko ay sagot ng friend ko. Gve me more advice po. Salamat and God bless!

    • Hi Jorgeen,

      Naku Jorgeen, ang advice ko lang is if you will really want to try for that US visit visa, be yourself during the interview. Wag magsuot ng maraming alahas, just be simple as you can be. Also, hindi assurance na you have your parents and family sa Pinas para ma approve ka kc wla kang strong ties to support na babalik ka talaga sa Pinas at d mag TNT. Moreso na wala kang work. I don’t want to put you down at mawalan ka ng pag-asa, as what I have said, try ka lang, you never know anong makikita ng Consul sa iyo at paano mo sya ma convince sa mga sagot mo sa mga tanong nya.

      Good luck,


  81. Hi! I cant sleep as i was thinking again of my plan of traveling to the US then i came across your story as i was doing my research.. Just like you i have a lot of thoughts in my mind.. Coz a lot of people are being so negative and ‘pakialamera’ in my plan to travel to the US.. Im just new here in KSA but im planning to travel next year to US even for just 2-3weeks time just to visit a friend.. Its nice to find someone that is actually experienced with the said situation.. I just want to ask for advice please? I have a relative in the US but then, i am not going there, i am supposed to visit a ‘friend’ there and maybe stay with him.. Do you think it would be necessary to tell the Consul about it? Or as i fill out my application form? And do i really have to have a letter of invitation even if i will be the one to shoulder my expenses?

    I am really inspired by your story and the more i became faithful to God as your experience inspires me.. I am really hopeful for your response regarding this matter.. Thanks so much kabayan..;)

    • Hi Roxy,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and medyo pangamba. You are right, daming negative inputs from people na minsan walang experience at alam, na yong advise nila are coming from hearsay lang din.

      This is what I did – i have my aunt’s letter of invite. I mentioned there that na punta lang akong US for tourism and to see my aunt. I never mentioned that I’m going to meet a “friend” sa form and during the interview. I have my initial itinerary with me and the hotel where I will be staying.

      As per my friend sa US embassy, no need na ang letter of invitation if you are really the one who is going to shoulder your travel expenses, just bring all your financial statements/documents at credit card mo just like what I did to back you up na kaya mo ang gastusin. Pero ask lang ng invitation letter though yong sa akin, walang gamit kc d naman din tiningnan ng Consul pero at least ready ako just in case.

      Importante dito kc is that you can convince the Consul na babalik ka sa work mo at d mag TNT. Na may strong ties ka sa country where you are currently working or living.

      I hope this helps and sana ma grant ka ng visa para ma meet mo friend mo. Keep us posted and share your experience to us. Pray ka lang, yon din ginawa ko and trust in God. Pag d binigay wag magtampo, but surely your time will come at the right time.



      • Thank you Ms. Weng sa reply..:) right now kc i really need to talk to someone who experienced it.. Not those people na hindi din nman makakatulong at panay negative.. Anyway, so paano po un? I should mention na may relative aq kahit na hindi nman aq sa kanila pupunta? The thing is my aunt’s in cali and my friend is at NY.. Should i still mention it? Or just go along with the thing na i’ll be staying in new york with a friend instead of my aunt? Will that matter po kaya if i dont mention n i have relatives in US pa din nman? Nacoconfuse po kc aq sa thought n un.. Anyway it’s really my friend po tlga who invited me there, not my aunt.. Thanks ms. Weng.. Ang dami pa kasing dilemma lalo pa at first timer aq.. Thanks po!

  82. Hi po ate Weng and Roxy,
    Try mo lang po mag apply just do your best basta pag oras ng interview maintain eye contact. Dito rin ako nakahanap ng inpirasyon noong nag apply ako ng tourist visa last february 25. Awa ng diyos naapproved din. Kababalik ko ng galing bakasyon last week sa US. Tatlong beses na akong nakapagbakasyon. Nagpakasal na rin kami last July.

    Thanks to ate Weng ang her blog for inspiring me.

    • Wow ang galing nman..:) thanks for inspiring me Ate, sana i’ll meet the enough requirements bgo q sumabak for interview…:) planning plang kc q, i’ll apply at around april coz im planning to go by the month of july.. Khit 2 weeks lng.. May kmag anak k din posa US?

      • Hi Roxy,

        Assuming lang ako na para sa akin ang tanong mo. Wala po akong kamag-anak sa US kundi ang fiance ko lang. May tanong sa application na “Do you have any relative in the US?” Ang nilagay ko si fiance as relative. Ang letter of invite ko nga ay hand written lang. During may interview walang hiningi na document ang consul, pero may dala ako just incase na magtanong sila.
        Kaya mo yan, basta maging honest ka lang sa lahat ng sagot mo.

      • Thanks ate.. I have a relative there kc and friends but no fiance.. Lol! Think ate weng is right bout just telling na i have to visit my aunt and just leave the ‘friend’ thingy behind.. After all its the truth din nman though they wont shoulder any of my expenses.. Prayers lng din teh and right use of my resources.. Inshallah i’ll be granted with visa.. Hopefully!

      • Hi Roxy and Chandra,

        I have mentioned there sa application ko na may aunt ako though that time nagdadalawang isip ako na sabihin kc sabi nila wag raw at malaki chance ko na d makakuha ng visa but I did at yon talaga ang unang tanong ng consul but in another way, not directly asking me about my aunt sa US. Ang pagkatanong kung may relatives ba ako sa US, obvious naman kc nakasulat yon sa application ko ;-). Tama din si Chandra, eye contact talaga. Paglapit ko pa lang sa cubicle, naka smile na ako though nanginginig na tuhod ko at d ko inaalis ang mata ko sa mata ng Consul na pag tumingin sya sa akin, deretso ang mga mata ko sa kanya. At d naman talaga sya palaging nakatingin sa akin, sa computer sya at sa binibigay ko kung ano man hingin nya but 80% ng dala ko nya tiningnan.

        Kayang kaya mo yan, just believe in yourself and in God. Good luck and keep us posted ha.

      • Thanks Ate! I’ll surely keep those things in mind po.. May question lng po ulit aq.. Im sure you know about visacentro? Nag aasikso po sila ng visa right? Does it guarantee 100% approval po b of you would reccomend i’ll apply via embassy n lng? Thanks!

      • Alam mo, save your money nalang and do it yourself kc same lang din, hihingin nila sa yo ang lahat ng information and documents needed. They will apply on your behalf but kaw pa rin ang haharap sa Consul during the interview. MInsan magbibigay sila ng tips on how to reply nga and mag sa suggest pa ng kung ano ano sa application form mo or sometimes sila na mismo ang mag answer sa questionaires, I briefing nalang ang client, tapos yong client nalilito or nalilimutan ang sagot during the interview kc d nga sya ang nag answer, so deny kaagad. Better, save that as your pocket money sa US vacay ang pera mo. 😉 Kaw na mag apply directly sa US embassy, online lang naman lahat then punta ka lang sa embassy during sa interview mo with all the necessary documents.

  83. hi ms weng! good day! i just want to ask po til when validity ng receipt ng visa fee? nkabayad na po kase ako last month and still haven’t booked yet kase september sked palang ang open. plano ko po kase ew by november. ok lang po ba un? di po kaya ako maquestion dun why late ako mgpapasked? december po plano ko alis kaso di pa kase kumpleto documents ko pati show money wla pa po ako. hope u can advice me on this matter. thank you very much po!

  84. hi ms weng! good day! i just want to ask po til when validity ng receipt ng visa fee? nkabayad na po kase ako last month and still haven’t booked yet kase september sked palang ang open. plano ko po kase magpa sked for interview by november. ok lang po ba un? di po kaya ako maquestion dun why late ako mgpapasked? december po plano ko alis kaso di pa kase kumpleto documents ko pati show money wla pa po ako. hope u can advice me on this matter. thank you very much po!

  85. i done my embassy interview this morning but unfortunately, the consul- a small young like man denied my application, i am a nurse working in a government hospital here in riyadh nearly 4 years and had been travelling in the UK, Europe, some parts of Asia and GCC countries. I am depressed why i was not given a chance to travel next year to visit my aunt. How can I apply again? im scared to re-apply.

    • Hi Ace,

      I guess the Consul you are talking about is the one who interviewed me too. Sya raw yong Gen Consul. Well travelled ka pala. After 6 months ka ulit pde mag apply ng US visa. Don’t be discouraged and don’t be scared. Your time will certainly come. Malay mo magkita pa tayo dun 😉 at i-libre mo ako ng lunch sa Denny’s or kaya sa IN n Out. Be sure lang na dala mo lahat ng documents na you think are needed, kahit d needed – just in case lang ba kc most of the time, the least document na you thought hindi kailangan, yon pa ang hahanapin sa you at cause ng rejection.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us and hope share ka dito pag nag try ka ulit.

      Good luck.

      • HI ate Weng, I’m back again to tell you my experience in my 2nd US interview today. I was denied lastyear here in US embassy Riyadh. Unfortunately, I did not get the visa that I wanted, to travel in the US in December. The small-framed American guy again was my Consul onduty and he told me to find another consul who can interview me since he already interviewed me last year. So I was interviewed by another consul and he told me i dont have strong ties to the Kingdom, Im already working here as a nurse for almost 4.5 years in a government hospital. and been travelling around the world in Asia, GCC , UK and Europe as well, I dont know why until now Im not yet given a US visa.

      • Hi, Thank you so much for this blog.
        I’m back again Ate Weng.

        I have been travelling extensively either single/multiple times in Gulf countries, Northern Europe,UK and several Asian countries. It was my 3rd attempt before I was given a 10 years multiple entry visa. First and second time (2013 and 2014) visa application—– it was refused and the consul told me that I didn’t demonstrate strong social ties although I’ve been to a lot of countries. But that didnt stop me to apply again this year. Finally visa was approved with confidence and prayer during the interview.

        To anyone who is applying for US tourist visa either first/second times, don’t lose hope when you’re not given a visa after the interview. Try again and make sure to demonstrate strong ties either familial, social and economic ties. Goodluck.

  86. Hello kabayan…like you, i’m also working here in Saudi and also wants to travel and tour US. I have a sister there living by the way and plan ko talaga na bumisita dun very soon. I also thought na di talaga mahalaga yung financial status mo as long as you have strong ties with the country you are in right now. Just like you, I also dont have a fat bank account pero may assets naman kahit paano. Nice blog btw, at dahil dito mas lalo ako na-inspire to go to the US. And thanks na rin sa tips on how to handle the interview. God bless you.

  87. hi po,im mariegold working as a nurse for 6years in ksa.im planing to visit my sis in florida in feb,im single,and i dont have enough money to show in consul. Do you think i can pass for interview?thank you po and Godbless

  88. Hi,
    Can I apply for a visit visa kahit wala akong invitation from someone who lives in the US? Magjojoin kasi ako ng tour and booking lang ng tour ang balak kong isubmit sa interview.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Hi Maria,

      Oo naman pdeng pde as long as may strong ties ka sa Pinas at ma convince mo ang Consul na you’ll be in the US as tourist lang talaga plus financial capacity mo.

      Best regards,


  89. Hi Weng,

    Salamat sa encouragement mo. 🙂 I am currently based in Dubai working in an IT company here for almost 7 years. Wala naman akong plano magtagal sa tour, 1 week lang ang duration ng tour, so hindi rin masyadong marami akong ipapakita na finances. Yung cost lang ng tour, pamasahe, at konting pocket money. What do you think?

    • Hi Maria,

      Yes, wag magdala ng masyadong maraming pera at pag nagdala ka ng pera na 10,000US$, you’ll be questioned sa port of entry. They will randomly ask kung magkano dalang pera ng tao at minsan they will open up the luggage or bag to check on what’s inside pag may duda sila. konti lang dala ko talaga na pera but I have my credit card with me.

      • Hi Weng,

        Maraming salamat sa positive vibes at feedback. 😉 I will keep you in the know if nakakuha ako ng visa. More blessing your way for your good spirit.


      • Hello ate Weng!

        Thank you for sharing with us your experience in applying for a tourist visa.

        I am an 18-year old college student. I only have less than PhP10,000 in my bank account, no work, no titles and properties. I would like to apply for a tourist visa eventhough I don’t have a work and personal money. My father who is a US passport holder, will sponsor and pay for my tickets and etc. My father’s children(my step siblings) lives in the US. Is it possible for me to be approved and will travel alone, to visit my stepbrothers and stepsisters? My biological sister had her interview when she was 18. My dad gave her properties, and show money in her bank account, but she was denied. My dad payed for the agency to fix the application, too bad that may be the cause of rejection.

        Thank you for giving us time to answer our thoughts in mind. I would like to give it a try, if ever I am qualified.

        God bless! 🙂

      • Hi Apple,

        I really can’t say na you will be approved or denied kc it all depends on how you will convince the Consul of your purpose and will really go back to Pinas after the scheduled holiday. Your dad should provide all the necessary documents needed specially the support of your travel. But then again as what I have mentioned it all depends on how you convince the Consul. Just try your like and take the risk, because you never know if you will be granted or not if you will not try. Your sister’s fate is not yours.

        Good luck.


  90. I am planning to visit my cousin in US and my husband (who is in India) is sponsoring my trip. So what are the documents I need to take for the same?

  91. I want to apply for b1/b2 visa but I am not working at the moment but my wife is working and well paid. Can we both apply for the visa without being refused? Who will be tje principal applicant? What are our chances of getting it. Please help thank you

  92. Hello ask ko lang sana paano mga dapat ko na gagawin para sa US visa. Meron ako na dalawang kapatid and mga pamangkin sa States and plan ko sila na visitahin. Taga Italy po ako. And I want to know kung ano ang pwedeng itanong sa akin. At mag kano ang mga magagastos.

    • Hi Eunice,


      Mostly ang tinatanong talaga ng Consul is based dun sa mga sinusulat mo sa online form. Ang importante is may certificate of employment ka and vouching na babalik ka sa work after your vacation. Sa gastos, depende kasi yon kung anong gagawin mo dun at if you have a place to stay. Just be yourself during the interview and be honest as possible on your purpose of the visit which is for tourism and visiting family lang talaga.

      Good luck and God bless.


  93. Hi,

    Ask ko lang po, nakakuha po kami ng aking asawa ng 10 years M status. On the interview, we have presented specific itinerary of our travel plans. Kakailanganin ko po baguhin ung travel places, pero same time period naman,, magkakaproblema kaya kami sa entry? Need lang po an advise.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Ernie,

      Kumusta? As per my experience, ok lang baguhin kasi wala namang magchecheck if sinunod mo ang itinerary mo or hindi. Ako nga may mga d talaga natupad because of the weather. Ang importante po is babalik kayo sa country na where kayo based at hindi mag stay sa US beyond what is allowed ng US government.

      Enjoy your vacay and regards to your wife. Thanks for dropping by.



  94. hi ate..
    dto ako ngyon sa Riyadh. Nurse ako and 2 yrs pa lang ako dto.and mag rerenew ako contract dto sa Riyadh. my mga questions lng po ako…Plan ko sana since meron ako 1 month vacay sa pinas e sa US ko na lng i spend mga 1 week lng cguro (God willing) then the rest sa pinas. My employer will provide ung mga supporting documents na may contract pa ako sa kanila..so definitely babalik ako dto sa Riyadh..so tlgang 1 week visit lng ako sa US..wala ako relatives dun. Gusto k lng mabisita bf ko(pinoy) US citizen cya..and willing nmn cla mag provide ng letter of invitation.
    So my question is..if im gonna be staying house nila do i really need to provide a proof na kukuha ako ng hotel for accomodation or do u think they would consider na ung dun ako magiistay sa house ng bf ko

    and wala ako bank account dto sa Saudi. wala rin ako credit card..pero meron akong bank account sa pinas ..saving account.. i only carry cash..

    single mom ako..nasa pinas anak ko…

    last question kahit estimate lng..when the consul asked u about ur pocket money..magkano sinabi mo..kahit estimate lng po..para may idea ako kng magkano ba dapat ko dalhin..Saudi Riyals cash ko..tas the rest sa bank account ko sa pinas nga lng..at ndi rin nmn po kalakihan…

    pasensya na po dami ko tanong..
    baka sakali lang po ako..

    • Hi fangirlfriend,

      Sorry sa late reply ha.

      1) No need ka mag provide ng proof of hotel reservation basta maka provide ka ng address ng titirhan mo.
      2) Yong letter of invitation ng bf mo I guess may link jan but sa akin kc nag email lang auntie ko then sa work nya with letterhead na she’s working there. Pero d tiningnan ng consul ang letter of invite ng auntie ko.
      3) Wala din akong bank account sa Saudi but I have a Philiippine bank account and international credit card. I also carried with US$ during my travel.
      4) The Consul did not ask me about how much is my cash on hand or the cash that I’m going to carry during my travel. When he saw my credit card, parang that’s all he wanted to know. Also, my current statement ako na dala sa credit card ko, but not sure if he saw that when he went over my documents and my print out din ako sa bank statement ko sa Pinas.

      I hope this answers your questions. Kung may tanong ka pa at kaya ko pa sagutin, just shoot me a message here.



    • Hi Anissa,

      Kumusta? There was really no show money that I presented to the Consul, though I have a little on my name (100k) but he did not bother to look at it, When I showed my credit card and Certificate of Employment he then took my passport and adviced me to pay for the courier fee.

      I hope this answers your question.



  95. hi miss weng..ur blog is inspiring and helpful 🙂
    nag apply ako b1/b2 visa nakaschedule march 14.tourism and college visit purpose ko don
    ok lng po ba debit card..?
    3rd year college student ako at gusto ko ituloy degree ko sa US pero next year pa.
    wala ako work dependent lang sa parents
    and yonng friend ko sa US ang magsponsor ..
    do i have a chance?

    thanks..ur reply and more advise much appreciated 🙂

  96. hi ate weng…ask ko lng ulet do i need to present a birth certificate of my son whose in the philipines right now..para lang may pakita ako na may strong ties ako sa pinas?
    **tulad nang sabi ko noon dto po ako riyadh magaapply po sana ako dto sa riyadh ng US visa

    so ang mga requirements ba would be:
    – ID passport photo
    -bank statement of account/ credit card statement
    -certificate of employment (currently employed)

    **kailngn pa po ba ng certificate of salary?

  97. Hi Weng,

    Thought you might like to hear good news. Got it for 10 years din, yey!

    My application underwent administrative processing, I believe the most plausible explanation is my profession kasi, nasa Information Security ako, na nakahighlight sa Technology Alert List nila, kung tama ako. May requirement daw na clearance from Washington pag under TAL ang profession. No documents were asked, 4 questions lang answerable by Yes or No, wala pang 2 minutes yung interview ko. 🙂

    Thanks Weng!
    Have a nice day!

  98. hi po…gusto ko lang po sana malaman what if my us visa na si hubby nakuha niya from singapore,then balak po namin mag iina na mag apply for us visa here in philippines…ano po kaya dapat gawin? kailangan po ba si husband ang mag apply sa amin or individual application po kami nang mga bata?

    thank you,

  99. Me: single guy at 35
    Work: secretary
    OFW in KSA: 7.5 years with same employer
    Travel history: visited 7 countries for tourism (multiple times) in 6 years (Japan, Korea, UAE, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, HongKong)

    I just want to share my experience applying for B1/B2 visa at US Embassy Riyadh. I’m supposed to apply for Schengen visa at Czech Republic Embassy but I got a very late appointment sked on 13Jul14 for my planned trip on 25Jul14 so in order for my documents not to be wasted I decided to apply US visa instead. I completed my DS160 online on 9Jun14, paid my visa the next day at SAMBA for SR608, sked my appointment on 12Jun14@9AM. Outside the embassy, lines are segregated depending on appointment time, I arrived at 8:35 and queued for 9AM line. A staff checks the document for all applicants in the queue then at exactly 9AM they start checking appointment confirmation and security check. If you have your mobile, car keys etc. you have to leave it at the security and take it back after you finish the process or better yet leave it in your car or at home. Once inside a staff will greet you and ask for your passport, DS160 confirmation page, employment letter, bank statement and they will put it in a separate plastic folder and they will also give you a small ticket with number. wait ’til your number appear on the screen for electronic finger printing. a lady in the window of finger printing ask me what is the purpose of my trip, i replied ” tourism and visit friends”, then she hand me back the documents and paste an Aramex sticker on my passport. After this you have to sit again and wait for the same number for your interview. When my number was called, I went to a window were a young american guy visa officer is waiting. the interview goes this way:
    me: hi sir good morning, how are you today? (with a smile and jolly voice)
    vo: im fine, how about you?
    me: im good (then I handed over the plastic folder to him, he scanned my DS160, and check my passport)
    vo: please put your 4 left fingers on the scanner (then he read my employment letter and the first page of my bank statement only, without seeing my last balance of about SR17000)
    vo: why would you like to go to the USA?
    me: for tourism and i want to visit my friend who used to work here in saudi but now he’s there.
    vo: OK thank you!
    me: (I was waiting for the next question for like 2 seconds but the VO just looked at me again and repeat saying “thank you!” implying that the interview is over.)
    me: ah OK thank you!

    He didnt told me if i was approve but he return back the documents to me except for my passport so I assumed that I was approved. I asked a lady staff what is the next procedure, she told me to go home and wait ’til Aramex sent you sms once your passport is ready for collection. The whole process takes 1 hour so at 10am Im done. My interview was Thursday and on Monday i received an sms from Aramex saying that I have to collect my passport, I immediately went to collect my passport at Aramex and once there I showed them copy of my appointment confirmation I used during interview and my original Iqama. I opened the package and check my passport, nervous and frustrated as i check each pages and i see no visa but when i reach page 38 the big surprise was there, my B1/B2 visa valid for 10 years. I went back to work with a big smile on my face 😉

    I brought with me complete set of documents including my old passports but they only checked my Employment letter and bank statement. I answered all questions in DS160 online in detail especially the part were I described my current specific task at work, my previous employment task, my education background and my travel history so I assume they pre-screened the details in it and pre-approved applicants based on the details on the DS160. I usually travel during Eid holidays (Ramadan Eid and Hajj Eid) were we usually have 9days off aside from my annual Christmas vacation. I travel to 7 different countries sometimes more than once in the past 6 years. I fund my travels by saving my salary.

    Good luck to future visa applicants!!!

      • Paki-delete nalang po ung isang version ng share ko kase same essense lang naman nadoble ko kase hehe. Also i mentioned that im supposed to apply schengen visa but i got late appointment sked at Czech Embassy Riyadh, i still went anyway eventhough im aware that my proposed travel plan is less than 2 weeks after submitting my visa app, but thank God last day of work on 24Jul2014 i got my Schengen visa and im writing this follow up comment while im in europe. Thanks ms Weng…

  100. Me: single guy at 35
    OFW: KSA 7.5yrs
    Job: secretary

    Hello po! Share ko lang din experience ko applying for US visa in Riyadh. Im supposed to apply Schengen visa for my planned holiday on 25Jul14 during eid but i got a very late appointment sked on 13jul14 too short to process my visa at Czech Republic embassy so in order for my complete docs not to be wasted i just decided to apply US visa all of a sudden. I completed my DS160 online 9jun14, paid my visa at SAMBA for SR608, sked my appointment on 12jun14@9am. I arrive at 8:35 and queued at 9am designated line. A staff check appointment confirmation and DS160 confirmation page and passport while you are on the line. At exactly 9am they started letting applicants in and undergo security check. You have to leave your mobile car keys etc. at the security area then you can claim it after you finish your interview. Inside the lobby a staff will greet you and ask for your passport, employment letter and bank statement and they will put it in a separate plastic folder along with a small tiket number. Wait for your ticket number on the screen for your electronic finger scan. Once called, a visa staff will take your finger prints and ask you what is the purpose of your travel, they scan my DS160 and my passport and put an aramex sticker in it. After that you need to sit down again and wait for the same ticket number to be called for an interview with a visa officer. When my number was called a young american guy Visa Officer is waiting. The interview goeas this way:
    Me: hi sir good morning how are you today? (jolly voice with a smile)
    Vo: im good, how about you?
    Me: good! (Then i handed over my plastic folder to him)
    Vo: please put your four left finger on the scanner (then he also scanned my DS160 and passport, read my employment letter and look at the first page of my bank statement, without checking the last balance on the last page, i have sr17000 last balance that time)
    Vo: so why would you like to go the USA?
    Me: for tourism and i want to visit my a friend of mine who used to work here in saudi but now he’s there.
    Vo: ok thank you!
    Me: ( waiting for the next question, but the VO just looked at me and said again “thank you”, implying that the interview is over, so i said “ah ok thank you!”)

    He didnt told me if i was approved but he returned back my employment letter and bank statement. He retained my passport so i assumed that i was approved. I asked a lady staff what is the next step, she told me “go home and wait for aramex to inform you if your passport is ready for collection”. The interview lasted for 2min and the whole procedure lasted only for 1hr. At 10am I went back to my work. It was thursday. Then monday came i received an sms from aramex saying that i need to collect my passport at their branch. I excitedly went right away. When i opened the package i check each page of my passport and no visa can be seen until i reach page 38 and the big surprise was there, my B1/B2 multiple entry visa valid for 10yrs! I was really happy smiling all the way through! Thank God!!!

    Be truthful and give details of your work, your previous work, your educational background, your actual salary on the DS160 online application. I travelled for tourism to japan korea turkey UAE thailand hongkong singapore (sometimes multiple times) in the last 6yrs so i think it helped alot. Smile and be confident during interview. Although they only required 2 supporting docs, its better to bring all docs ‘coz you never know if they ask for it. Good luck to future applicants!!!

  101. Ask ko lang po..na grant na po kami ng B1/B2 ng husband ko dto sa riaydh.plan namin to go to US ng November pero from philippines ang roundtrip ticket namin..wala po kaya magiging problema don sa US mmigration? Thanks

  102. I was deny a visa in november of this year i want to know if my fiancee have a visa can he bring me to the embassy to get a visa. Iwas marrried my husband died from 2007 but my passport still have my husband. My spouse and i are gonna get married we have a business together owned our home what are my chances of getting a visa

  103. I am a nigerian,30yrs old a policeman, i wanted to apply for B1/B2 visa,i contacted an agent who is demanding 500hundred thousand naira from me but that is not a problem.he said i shd wear my uniform to interview but i read it on your page now that its not good.i want to ask what are the documents i must prepare if i want to apply myself and the website where i can apply online ..pls i dnt have any relative there.

  104. Hi wheng!
    I was inspired by your blog. May tanong lang ako, ang asawa ko Kasi Ay overstayed sa US in short TNT sya. Plano sana namin magpa interview ng aming anak. Matratrace ba nila ung status ng asawa ko? Mabibigyan kaya kame ng visa? Need bang sabihin na nandun asawa ko or wag na? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mstree

      Ang hirap ng tanong mo te hahaha at lalong d ka pde mag tanong sa US Embassy about that situation. Pag mag apply ka kc ng visa, may tanong jan if may relatives ka sa US at kung sino ang dadalawin mo dun or ano ang gagawin mo sa America. If you want to try for a visa wag na sabihin na andun asawa mo but i’m sure itatanong yan kung nasan hubby mo, at I ready mo na ang sagot mo kung ano man yang magiging sagot mo at I brief mo din anak mo. Hay naku te hahaha ano ba to, try nalang kumuha ng visa at magdasal na sana ibigay ni God sa inyo ang visit visa para magkita na kayo ng asawa mo. Pray hard and good luck



  105. this is my situation. i have two kids 5 and 2 yrs old and my boyfriend who is their dad is out of the country working as ofw. so i am a stay at home mom but my biological sister wants to sponsor me to go to US. i dont have a job obviously, no fat bank but my biological sister is an Registered Nurse in the US and she is willing to pay for my tour there. What would be the possibility of me being approved for the visa. any idea?

    • Hi Irishtemptasian

      How are you? sorry for the very late reply.

      I can’t really say na you will be denied or approved because of you having no job but your husband is working and supporting you and the kids. Thing here is, you should be able to convince the Consul that after the visit you will really go back to your home country and not overstay in the US.

      You just have to try to apply for that visa because if you will not try, you’ll never know the chance and opportunity that might be given to you.

      Good luck on your application



  106. Dear cebuanawithlove

    I just wanted to ask if;

    – Have you purchase a plane ticket before you went for your interview?

    – Do you think it is important factor to have an itinerary booked along with your documents?

    appreciate your advise on this.


    • Hi Chaester

      How are you?

      Sorry for the late reply.

      1) I did not purchase the plane tickets before the interview and it’s not advisable.
      2) In my case, I have my itinerary just in case and it’s a must talaga kc the Consul will ask you about itineraries and all the stuff related to your visit. Just have with you an itinerary along with your documents because you never know what the Consul will ask you during the interview. sometimes they ask documents that you are not prepared because you thought is not relevant to your application and in most cases, they don’t even bother to check a single document that you have prepared.

      I hope you will be granted a 10 yrs multiple entry visa. Good luck



  107. Dear Cebuanawithlove,
    I’m planning to visit my relatives in US for a short vacation soon but I’m a little bit scared in applying for a US Tourist Visa. I’m working as a government employee in a national agency in Manila and my bosses has already approved my vacation leave.I’m afraid that since I’m working for the government they will deny my application. What do you think?

    • Hi bbpilipina

      Sorry for the very late reply.

      I guess working if a government agency is not a factor na ma deny ka unless during the interview ay may makitang loopholes ang Consul sa yo. You just need to try kasi d mo malalaman ang result if you will not try d ba. If ma deny, then better luck next time. If ma approve then it’s meant to be.



  108. Hi everyone, I’m writing a testimony on how I got my Visa. When I searched in the internet, almost all the comments and reviews said that in my case it will be rejected. I wanted this VISA so much because I already sacrificed a lot for this.
    So at first, I worry so much to the point that I always think about it and I even cannot sleep anymore.

    But I came to the point that I realized that I cannot do anything anymore, I just need to trust God because I know He is powerful and can do all things even beyond our imagination. I trusted in His promises because I know God put the dream in my heart and I know only He can fulfill it. I trusted in His love because I know that God wants what is best for me. When doubts arise, I always think about these things. Jesus said that if we have faith, we can get what we want, provided that it is according to His will. So keep the faith and drop the doubt!. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”. I chose to put my trust in Jesus and He didn’t fail me. I started to send prayer request to different churches and to some of my friends. It is true that Prayer really works. Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith, miracles happen. My journey in getting my Visa really increased my faith and trust in God. My Visa was approved! Other people even told me that it was approved fast, because some usually takes a long time. Truly nothing is impossible with God! To God be all the glory, honor and praise.

    Here are some bible verses that help me:

    Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4).

    Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24)

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (Philippians 4:6)

    “Keep on asking and it will be given to you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you” (Mat. 7:7)

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

  109. can apply a woman that she invited to usa for business training for 3 months take her 3 small children with herself ?

    • Hi Farida

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am not in any position to answer this kind of question and I cannot share anything as I have not experienced tagging children while on business trip. It’s best to ask Consul or representatives at US Embassy office in your place.



  110. Hi, I’m from Ormoc City po. Every time I can read this kind of experience, it will boost my confidence that I can also make it, in God’s will. I have my interview schedule next week. Sana po like you, positive po resulta.

  111. Hello Teh.. Madam, Ako pa la si Walter OFW taga Dammam,may tanong lang ako.Kasi may plano ako mag apply ng US tourist visa dito sa Al Khobar.Wala ba problema kung yung job title ko sa Iqama is Plumber pero ang work ko is Data Entry officer? Hindi ba nila tini tignan yung Iqama ID dito ng US Embassy.? Yung Cert. Employment ko is Data Entry officer naka title…5 years na ako dito sa company.. Ano sa tingin mo Madam?



    • Hi Walter,

      kumusta? sorry sa very very late reply, pasensya na talaga.

      Sa case ko, iba ang iqama ko kaysa work ko dito. d nag matter yon kc d naman tiningnan iqama ko kundi ang Employment Certificate ko naman.

      Good luck sa application mo, sana mabigyan ka ng 10 yrs multiple entry.



  112. Good Morning Madam,
    Thank you pala sa mga sharepoint mo about tourist visa application to US.May plano din ako mag apply visa for 11 days visit visa to US.Taga dito ako Dammam, ask ko lang. about the job title sa Iqama,Kasi yung work ko talaga is Document Controller but yung sa Iqama ko ay Plumber,? may issues ba yun sa US embassy, kasia ng i-declared ko job is doc.controller as per my job offer.Almost 6 years na ako sa currents company ko.Hindi ba magiging discrepancy yung sa apps ko.pero my letter company naman ako na as Doc.Controller.Ano sa tingin mo madam ?

    Thank you

  113. Hi! Great blog! 🙂 Just a question.. Do you think it would be advisable to get a visa months before the intended travel dates? I wanna try getting a visa as early as now.. however.. I might travel by mid-next year pa. Do you think that’s okay? Or, too early?

    • Hi Carol,

      How are you? Sorry for the late reply.

      Sa case ko, I applied for the visa October 2010 then I travelled sa December 2010. My 16 yr old daughter was also granted a US visa this April 2016 then we travelled to the US July to August. Ok lang yan kung kelan mo gagamitin but sa application, there are questions of your intended travel, date and place or hotels to stay and the address.


  114. Hi po. Meron lang po akong mga tanong. It was my first application for a US tourist visa. I had my interview last June 2015 and got denied. We planning to reapply again next year.
    1. In our first application, we declared that we have no relative in US. if we reapply again, can we declare po that we have a relative there?
    We were wondering po, if it matter if there is no relative in the US?
    2. Is it true that if you came from Middle East, it is difficult to get a tourist visa?
    because I came from dubai, I’ve been there for 5 months(April 2014 to sept 2014) and they checked my passport page per page.
    3. I wonder po if the time will matter? because I was away from April to sep2014 then apply for US last June 2015.
    4. Can I declare in my next application that I have not travelled internationally before?because I think this was the main reason why I got denied.

    Please advise po.
    Thank you and God bless

    • Hi Luz

      Kumusta? sorry sa late reply kc galing akong bakasyon sa atin at sa awa ng Diyos, kami ng anak ko (nabigyan sya ng US visa din) ay nagpunta din sa America.

      1) nag declare ka na no relatives sa US. sa akin lang ha, d maniniwala ang Consul na wala kang relative kc paniniwala nila na sa bawat pamilyang Pilipino meron yang relative na nasa America. I was asked the same question during my interview at d ba nasa application yan, I declared na I have relatives sa US talaga.
      2) Dito ko nakuha ang aking US tourist visa. Sa awa ng Diyos, 1st try ko palang, nabigyan na agad ako. My daughter (16 yrs old) was granted her 10 yrs B1/B2 visa (same sa na grant sa akin) sa Pinas.

      3) I did not understand this part here na you were away from April to Sept 2014.
      4) You should not lie about anything sa application mo. The more that you should declare that you have travelled abroad kc it’s a big factor din that you have the money to spend abroad. Sa case ko nga, Riyadh pa lang ang 1st international travel ko and nag try ng US visa, na grant naman.

      As for my daughter, we travelled every year na kada uwi ko. She was asked by the Consul if she was able to travel abroad and she mentioned all the places that we’ve been to. It’s not a matter if you have travelled to other countries prior to your US tourist visa application, because what matters to the Consul is your strong ties to your country or host country na babalik ka talaga and will not overstay sa US. Re-apply after 6 months if importante talaga na makapunta kang US otherwise, after a year ka na mag try ulit para d masabi ng Immigration officer na baka may hidden agenda ka sa pagpuntang US.

      I hope nakatulong ang mga sagot ko sa yo.

      • Ito po kasi yon, I’ve been in Dubai kasi for 5 months( April 14 2014 to Sept 29 2014) as tourist kasi sponsor po yong auntie ko, that time I was given a long vacation because of accumulated vacation leave for the past years. Ako lang po ang pumunta ng Dubai, hindi po kasama anak at asawa ko. During my stay there, nagka-worked po ako for 3 months(May 2014 to Aug 2014) then when my leave was about to finished, bumalik ako ng pinas Sept 29 2014 kasi balik na man sa work first week sa October.

        Then yong June 2015 mismo ako nag-apply ng tourist sa US, ako lang din mag-isa kasi yong asawa ko meron mina-manage na family business nila at wala din maiwan sa anak namin. Meron kaming relative doon pro illegal kasi ang pagpunta niya at nag-TNT siya doon at first, baka kasi ma-traced ng Consul, although nag punta siya ng US mga 1988 pa, pero nakapag-asawa na siya ng American, so US citizen na siya.

        Pagtanong naman ng Consul if I have travelled internationally before, sinagot ko naman ng “Yes”. Pro baka po yong pag-work ko doon ang nakita nilang Mali ko.

        1. Paano po ba yo malulusotan sa next application?
        2. Plano namin dalawa kami ng sister-inlaw ko sabay na mag-apply, possible po ba yan?
        3. Plano din po namin sa ibang state ng US naman kami mag-apply, doon sa meron pa rin kaming relative na pwede naming i-declared.

        Daghan salamat ug God bless

  115. Salam sisters!

    I am a nurse here in riyadh for almost 3 years na po pero 6 months p lng ako dito government hospital but more than 2 years ako sa previous hospital ko.,,i got an interview schedule this coming august 13, and im kind of worried and nervous… takot ako sa rejection pero will still risk it… gusto ko lng talga mag vacation this eid, kc meron kming 11 days na days off sa eid.

    anyway, ang tanong ko po are 1.) Is 3 years enough strong tie para maapprove ako ng visa? and icoconsider kaya nila ang 3 years or baka 6 months lng since 2nd hospital work ko na ito?

  116. hello mam,

    Thank you for sharing your experience regarding your successful application for US non-immigrant Visa. It really do encourage me more to have faith in God and entrust to Him my upcoming interview on Sept. 3, 2015, 3 days from now. I am a nurse been working here in Saudi twice already for a total of more than 4 years. I am planning to go to US on December end 2015 for tourism purposes, to visit my sister and to celebrate New Year with them. I have my documents with me and I’ll be bringing it on my interview day. God’s will be done. If It’s God’s will that I’ll be approved and be given a Visa, I’ll be very thankful and grateful. If not, still thanks be to Him for He has a better plan.
    Thank you once again and God Bless!

  117. Hi Ms. Cebuanawithlove!

    I am planning to apply for a tourist visa by January next year. I just want to ask I had my first visa interviewed in U.S. Embassy in Manila last 2009 pa but unfortunately it was denied. Now I am planning to hit another try for a tourist visa. Ask ko lang when I had my first interviewed kasi ang nakalagay sa dS160 ko sa tanong “if I have a relatives in the U.S.?” Ang nilagay ko is “No” kahit na meron akong relatives dun at yung father ko is nandun din. Sabi kasi ng Auntie ko na huwag ko daw ilagay na may relatives ako sa u.s basta ang ilagay ko na reason is to attend a picpa convention kaya pinadalhan nya ako ng invitation letter from picpa. Yun nga denied ako nung 2009. Ang gusto ko lang malaman kailangan ko ba manindigan na wala akong relatives dun on my second trial? Kasi I heard na kapag yung first refusal of visa mo yung mga nakalagay dun will be maintained sa data nila. Iniisip ko kasi kapag sinabi ko ngayon na may relatives ako dun baka mag-complicate sa first application ko dati na nilagay ko na wala akong relatives? And another question, why i want to go to the u.s now because my boyfriend(we are living together) parents wants me to go to hawaii to visit them and show me around. My boyfriend has a dual citizenship filipino and american citizen kaya dalawa passport nya. He was born and raised in Hawaii but he is currently working here in one of the airlines company as a Pilot for 3 years now. Gusto ako isama ng boyfriend ko sa hawaii by March next year kasi magbabakasyon sya dun and he’ll do some training upgrade as a pilot and ako will stay to her parents and will just roaming around. Will just stay there for one month lang. Ang balak ko lang if am being interview of the consul why I want to visit u.s? Ang sasabihin ko is my boyfriend parents is inviting me to visit them and show me the beauty of Hawaii. Pero hindi ko sasabihin na kasama ko sya magbabakasyon ng hawaii kasi iniisip ko na baka isipin ng consul na mag-migrate ako dun if kasama ko sya pero dito nagwowork ang boyfriend ko at dual citizenship sya or okay lang ba na sabihin ko na pupunta kami dalawa ng boyfriend ko to visit his parents and for tourism as well? And pano ko ba i-acknowledged ang bf ko as a fiance ba or boyfriend kapag tinanong ako ng consul kasi we’re living together na and planning to get married hopefully next year. Sagot ng boyfriend ko lahat ng expenses ko sa u.s trip ko and also his parents too. Iniisip ko rin kasi if ang sasabihin ko lang is ako lang ang pupunta ng u.s for vacation and to visit my boyfriends parents coz they inviting me to go over. Pls help me how to come up with all these na magkaroon ako ng chance na ma-approve. By the way am working in a bank as a customer advisor for 12 years now and I own property and i have a bank account not that fat bank account mga $5000. Do you think i can possibly get a visa now? Before 50k lang ang show money ko and 5 yrs palng ako sa work ko.

  118. Hi Ms. Cebuanawithlove!

    I am planning to apply for a tourist visa by January next year. I just want to ask I had my first visa interviewed in U.S. Embassy in Manila last 2009 pa but unfortunately it was denied. Now I am planning to hit another try for a tourist visa. Ask ko lang when I had my first interviewed kasi ang nakalagay sa dS160 ko sa tanong “if I have a relatives in the U.S.?” Ang nilagay ko is “No” kahit na meron akong relatives dun at yung father ko is nandun din. Sabi kasi ng Auntie ko na huwag ko daw ilagay na may relatives ako sa u.s basta ang ilagay ko na reason is to attend a picpa convention kaya pinadalhan nya ako ng invitation letter from picpa. Yun nga denied ako nung 2009. Ang gusto ko lang malaman kailangan ko ba manindigan na wala akong relatives dun on my second trial? Kasi I heard na kapag yung first refusal of visa mo yung mga nakalagay dun will be maintained sa data nila. Iniisip ko kasi kapag sinabi ko ngayon na may relatives ako dun baka mag-complicate sa first application ko dati na nilagay ko na wala akong relatives? And another question, why i want to go to the u.s now because my boyfriend(we are living together) parents wants me to go to hawaii to visit them and show me around. My boyfriend has a dual citizenship filipino and american citizen kaya dalawa passport nya. He was born and raised in Hawaii but he is currently working here in one of the airlines company as a Pilot for 3 years now. Gusto ako isama ng boyfriend ko sa hawaii by March next year kasi magbabakasyon sya dun and he’ll do some training upgrade as a pilot and ako will stay to her parents and will just roaming around. Will just stay there for one month lang. Ang balak ko lang if am being interview of the consul why I want to visit u.s? Ang sasabihin ko is my boyfriend parents is inviting me to visit them and show me the beauty of Hawaii. Pero hindi ko sasabihin na kasama ko sya magbabakasyon ng hawaii kasi iniisip ko na baka isipin ng consul na mag-migrate ako dun if kasama ko sya pero dito nagwowork ang boyfriend ko at dual citizenship sya or okay lang ba na sabihin ko na pupunta kami dalawa ng boyfriend ko to visit his parents and for tourism as well? And pano ko ba i-acknowledged ang bf ko as a fiance ba or boyfriend kapag tinanong ako ng consul kasi we’re living together na and planning to get married hopefully next year. Sagot ng boyfriend ko lahat ng expenses ko sa u.s trip ko and also his parents too. Iniisip ko rin kasi if ang sasabihin ko lang is ako lang ang pupunta ng u.s for vacation and to visit my boyfriends parents coz they inviting me to go over. Pls help me how to come up with all these na magkaroon ako ng chance na ma-approve. By the way am working in a bank as a customer advisor for 12 years now and I own property and i have a bank account like $5000. Do you think i can possibly get a visa now? Before 50k lang ang show money ko and 5 yrs palng ako sa work ko.

  119. Hi, my parents are planning to apply for a tourist visa. Can they be interviewed together? If yes what is the procedure. Thanks a lot

  120. Good day po. May I ask questions regarding DS-160 thank you in advance.
    My friend was a Filipino working in South Korea and he was invited by his relatives to
    attend the wedding of his cousin in the US.

    my questions are the following:

    1. In filling his DS-160 form what he will put for full name in native alphabet his full name in the passport ? or “it does not apply”

    2. What home address will he use ? his home adress in his home country Philippines? or his address in South Korea where he is currently working and the place where he filed his DS-160 form and also his mailing address?

    3. He recently renewed his passport in South Korea is it right to put that the country that issued his passport was Philippines and the place where his passport was issued was in S. Korea?

    4. For the type of non immigrant visa is it right that his purpose of trip to US was– Temp. business.pleasure. visitor (B) and for specification- Tourism/Medical treatment (B2) ?

    5.What are the supporting documents needed in the interview?

    6.Will his payment in the visa fee will be made after filling the DS-160?

    Hoping for your response and guidance, thank you very much. Mabuhay!

  121. Hi po. Jst got confused, coz u first mentioned that u applied in the Philippines, but then again, as I read ur story, it says u applied in Saudi. So jst want to clarify, saan po ba tlga kau nag apply? Sa pinas or sa Saudi?
    Thank u.

    • Hi Kerry


      The first paragraph ng blog ko I stated na “As you can see, I am a OFW working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, obviously, my B1/B2 US visa was granted in this oil-rich country.”

      (You must have stumbled upon my page because you were looking for some tips on how to get a US tourist visa. I’m going to share simple and helpful tips based on my experience. As you can see, I am a OFW working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, obviously, my B1/B2 US visa was granted in this oil-rich country.)

      On the third paragraph I stated there na “when I was in the Philippines”

      (I was afraid to apply for a US tourist visa when I was in the Philippines because the thought of getting denied is emotionally draining not to mention the financial side of the story.)

      To answer your question, sa Riyadh ko po nakuha ang US visa ko.

      Thank you for dropping by and God bless us all.



  122. Hi Ms. Weng,

    I was totally inspired by your wonderful experienced in order to obtain multiply entry VISA, which one of my biggest dream to have it. It boost a positive faith that i will have it soon. On my case I have an agony, honestly wala ako relatives sa US, solong anak ako and both of my parents passed away since years ago.I presently working here Riyadh Saudi Arabia, as Purchasing Coordinator since 2012. I’ve been traveled in Dubai, Korea, HK, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam just to spend Holiday Vacation. So in my application I placed the name of my closest friend which is base in Anchorage, Alaska. I can comply COE, Bank Statement (but not fat balance since it was Payroll Account), and Credit Card. So do you think I should prepare more additional documents?Any suggestions?How about being NO RELATIVES in the US?Do you think it will matters?I still single and not yet married?They consider it?

    I am looking forward to know your suggestions and certain ideas. As most of your readers are definitely seeing positive. I keep myself to be positive and believed into my faith.

    With Thanks

    • Hi PM,

      Kumusta? I know very late na ang reply ko but nevertheless, I will still share my thoughts.

      Bongga ka naman, jetsetter ang peg mo ;-). I guess having no relatives in the US is going to be an issue but being single is ewan ko lang talaga po. But, depende na talaga lahat yan sa course ng interview nyo if the Consul finds you honest enough na d ka mag TNT sa America, I’m sure you will get the visa. At d madamot ang mga consuls pag nakita nila ang sincerity mo.

      Just be honest, be yourself and don’t divulge too much info about you if you are not asked by the consul. One question, one simple and straight to the point answer. If and when my time ka, share ka naman sa experience mo dito during your interview.

      Thank you

      Good luck to you and God bless us all.

  123. Hi, Thank you so much for this blog.
    I’ve read everything what was written here as well as the information and interview experiences shared by everyone here that greatly helped me on my B1B2 visa application.
    I’m a nurse, working in Riyadh nearly 6 years in a government hospital, 28 years old and have been travelling extensively either single/multiple times in Gulf countries, Northern Europe,UK and several Asian countries. It was my 3rd attempt before I was given a 10 years multiple entry visa. First and second time (2013 and 2014) visa application—– it was refused and the consul told me that I didn’t demonstrate strong social ties although I’ve been to a lot of countries. But that didnt stop me to apply again this year. Finally visa was approved with confidence and prayer during the interview.

    To anyone who is applying for US tourist visa either first/second times, don’t lose hope when you’re not given a visa after the interview. Try again and make sure to demonstrate strong ties either familial, social and economic ties. Goodluck.

    ** By the way, I have also a pending EB3 application so for the meantime, I’ll be visiting California Disneyland and Universal Studios next year during my annual vacation.

    • Hi Che,

      Wow, very inspiring ang story mo. Thank you for sharing this to us and I’m sure they will get a lot of inspiration from your story. My daughter and I went to California Disneyland and Universal Studios last year. Nice place to visit to unleash the child in us :-).

      Good luck to your EB3 application. I’m sure you’ll get it.

      God bless us all



  124. hi im ian. d2 ako sa israel ngwowork as a caregiver mag 3yrs n ko d2,mgbbkasyon ako sa march 2016 sa pinas para makasama ang awasa at anak ko 1st tym ko mgbbkasyon pero ung mother ko nakuha n xa ng ate ko sa america last novembr 30 2015 ng flyt n xa,gusto ko sana dumaan sa us ng 2wiks tapos diretso ko ng pinas para makasama ko ang pamilya ko. wla ako credit card d2 pero my COE at valid visa ako d2 sa israel my chance kya ako na makalusot?

  125. Hi ate,
    Can u give me advice which visa should I need to apply?B1/B2,tourist or fiance visa? I am domestic helper here in Jeddah and I was planning to visit californiA USA. I am also worried maybe I cannot meet there criteria..I do have savings,single but I dnt have credit card.. could u give me tips…Thank u ill wait for your reply..

    • Hi Tintin,

      Kumusta? Sorry talaga for the super duper late na reply.

      First of all, ang type of visa na a applyan mo is the tourist visa and it’s up to the Consul if B1 or B2 or B1/B2 ang i grant sa iyo. Fiance’s visa is not the option kc ang mag file nyan is your bf and not you unless otherwise he will apply for you a fiance’s visa but you need a lot of documents to prove na magkasintahan kayo kc dapat within two years prior sa application nagkita na kayo at need ang mga pictures as proof of the meeting.

      Just try kc there’s no harm in trying. And d mo malalaman if makakuha ka ng tourist visa if you will not try d ba. Just be yourself during the interview and be honest.

      Good luck and God bless us all

      Best regards


  126. Hi cebuana,i love your story. it is motivating and directing. i have a little challenges,i have a sister in usa and it is 10yrs now that we saw each other last. she sent an IV to me in 2014 but i was denied but she want me apply again and im scared. im an ND holder,just finish my intenship with GTB. i dont have a job yet but have some cash on me. pls reply

    • Hi Soneye

      How are you?

      What can I say? :-). I’m not an expert but I will share my thoughts. You already have a record with the US immigration because of the denied application. There’s no reason to get scared because it will only give you more fear to try again. Be positive this time. Be honest during the interview and be yourself.

      Good luck and God bless us all



  127. Hello, teh! First of all, I wanna thank God for people like you. Secondly, I just wanna ask your opinion. I have been to several Asian countries, and have been to New Zealand and Australia just recently. 15 days in NZ and 1 week in Australia. Now, I am dating an American guy and he’s inviting me to visit the US for leisure purposes during my school break in the university. I’m based in Thailand for 16 years and I teach ESL in my university for almost 9 years. I wanna visit Seattle for 2-3 weeks only as I wanna do it during the school break at my school. In your opinion, would I have difficulty getting a B2 visa? My American boyfriend will be sponsoring me during my stay. I am a single mother with 2 sons from past relationships and they will be left in Thailand in the care of my Thai friend when I fly for a short vacation in the US. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks teh and God bless you and your blog.

    • Hi Elmira,

      Kumusta? Sorry for the late reply

      Ang hirap sagutin ang simpleng tanong hehehe. Hindi po ako expert dito ha but all of my sharing and the people commenting and sharing were based on personal experiences.

      My only advice is to be honest during your interview. Sometimes white lies help wag lang magpahalata hehe. Bring all your documents and be yourself.

      Good luck and God bless us all



    • Hi Heidi

      Kumusta? sorry for the late reply 😉

      As per my experience, I asked my aunt for an invitation letter kasi nga kapos ang pera ko sa bank at baka ma deny d ba but the thing is, d naman tinanong or hinanap sa akin if my invitation letter ba ako. Pero just in case of emergency, mag hingi ka nalang din ng invitation letter sa bf mo.

      God bless us all



  128. Hello po I’m glad I saw this post po. I am planning to apply for US tourist visa po ngayun January, based po ako sa Doha Qatar I’m working po sa isang well known consultant dto sa Doha, Nakapag request narin po ako ng letter from the company and bank statement. Ano pa po mga need na supporting docs? Kahit po ba receptionist lang ang designation okay lang po ba? But I’m earning 7k riyals a month po and I have a bit savings in my account. Please give me advise po. I’m only 25yrs old and currently staying in doha Qatar for 2years and 9 months.

    Please need your advise. Thanks a lot madam.

    • Hi Anne,

      Sorry talaga at super duper late na ang reply ko. Siguro naka kuha ka na ng visa mo 😉

      Sa website nila may mga documents sila na needed but sometimes they ask certain documents na wla sa lista and most of the time least expected to I cannot tell talaga which documents to bring. Bongga naman sahod mo, mas malaki pa nga sa akin hehehe. Sometimes what matters sa Consul is the strong ties mo sa country where you are working and ang sincerity na makikita niya sa you na you will really go back sa work mo.

      Let us know your experience sa interview.

      Thank you and God bless us all



  129. wow! It is my childhood dream to experience christmas at big apple, but im hesitant to apply for visa coz i have no assets here in the philippines but i work as a public teacher..thank you for reminding me my childhood dreams! i once loose hope already that i might not get it…

    • Hi Jenn,


      During the time na nag apply ako, I did not present any exit-re entry visa kasi I applied 3 months before my intended travel date and it was never asked to me.

      God bless us all



  130. Hi, I’m working in Jeddah. Do i need an exit – re entry visa to prove that i will come back here, besides having an employment certificate.

    Thank you

  131. Hello im an OFW also and been here for 7 yrs na in KSA. My question is if i wanted to apply for tourist with my family the thing that goes to my mind first because i was denied before of a touist visa age 22 palang ako kasi and not enough yung reasons ko nun bit this time we just want to tour as family and come back with our usual work. Do u think the consul will found out my denied interview if he ask me a question have i been denied before? I should say yes? Because as you said honesty is better. Thanks po

    • Hi Jen,

      Kumusta? sorry sa late reply kasi super busy ang peg. 😉

      As what I always remind everyone na gusto mag try ng US visa, you have to be honest kasi lahat ng detalye about the person applying lalo na yong mga na denied ay nasa system na po nila yan.

      I’m sure he will ask you the question if you have applied before or have you been denied para ma check nya if mag sasabi ka ng totoo or hindi though alam na nya yan.

      let me give you an example ha. I let my daughter try for a US tourist visa. I was not with her during the interview kasi andito pa ako for work so ang sister in law ko ang kasama nya. Sa application form pa lang, I have stated na there which countries ang napuntahan namin and of course ang mga stamps sa passport nya and visa ay proof of the travels but then the officer still asked my daughter if naka travel na ba sya before. And when my daughter said yes, she was asked where sya naka punta so sinabi ng anak ko lahat ng napuntahan namin. Yon lang at visa approved kaagad.

      So, whatever it is na itanong sa yo ng officer, be honest kasi maliit na detalye lang baka maka cause pa na ma deny ulit ang application mo. And remember, isang tanong, isang sagot, wag na mag elaborate kc kung gusto nya ng follow question gagawin nya yon.

      I hope naka tulong ako sa yo and good luck to you and your family. I hope makuha mo na ang visa mo. God bless us all.



  132. Hi Mam,
    Thanks for sharing your experience US visa application. Im Mike po also an OFW. I’m planning to visit to US this coming June 2016 and I will apply thru US Embassy in Manila. I have 2 questions po sana regarding two details required in the application form.
    1 Has your US visa been canceled or revoke? Im uncertain whether to answer yes or No on this query. I have been issued US visa C1/D type (crew visa type) thrice,my first visa after has been stamped with “CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE” when they issued me the second one, However did not stamp on the second one when I again renewed for the third time. Do you think I should answer YES in the said query? Im worried that this might be taken negatively. But then like you said the application form should be accurate.

    2. In the US Contact section – Organization name – can i put the name of the hotel where i will stay? SInce i dont have any relatives there and Im purely visiting as a tourist (Im a solo traveller) po.

    Thanks in advance po for you favorable response.

    • Hi Mike,

      Kumusta? Sorry for the late reply, medyo busy lang sa pang kabuhayan showcase para may pambayad sa utang hehehe.

      Hindi po ako expert dito ha, but I will share my thoughts on this.

      1) Yes, you should be honest enough to tell the officer if and when you will be asked which I’m sure he will about any history of being denied kasi po nasa record nila yan kahit anong tagal na, nasa system na yan.

      2) Again, yes din po. Just like what I did before, I wrote there the name of the hotel where ako nag stay though nag hotel hopping ako but one hotel name will do.

      My daughter was granted a visa din last year, and nilagay namin dun sa application form nya was the hotel name.

      San ka ba sa US if you don’t mind? My daughter and I will be in NY again this summer.

      Good luck and hope you will get your visa. God bless us all.



  133. Hi cebuanawithlove!

    I have distant relatives in US but never been in touch with them, I just saw them once during my grand dad’s sister’s wake (as in malayong kamag anak talaga). I have also friends there but i don’t have any invitation from them. Nilagay ko ang name ng hotel sa application form ko. Is it better ba to make a hotel booking just in case na hanapan ako ng consul? And do you think the consul will ask more about my relatives in US?

    Thank you

  134. Hi Cebuanawithlove,

    I was planning to take US interview as a family with wife, 2 kids. I would love to ask you what are my chances being here in saudi for just 6 years. My wife and I are working in government hospital. I like your comments about malnourished bank accounts which is very same with us hehehe. However, as i read on how to apply. we have to apply individual application DS-160 but would create only one account profile. How can I apply as a family? Thanks for your reply


  135. Hi again cebuanawithlove,

    This is inaddition sa una kong posts. Mas makakatulong ba na ang contact person mo sa US ay kamag-anak mo or amerikanong kaibigan? Pagba tinanong ka nya kun saan ka titira mas ok ba na sabihin dun ka titira ng kamag-anak or kaibigan mo? thanks po.

  136. Hi Cebuanawithlove,

    Is it okay to bring may payroll bank statement backed up with ITR? I’m pretty confident with the other requirements and strong ties aside from ung total na laman ng bank account. Thanks. I’ll be applying visa in Manila. 🙂

  137. How can I apply a U.S. tourist visa to meet my boyfriend..
    I am working here at Riyadh Saudi Arabia as a domestic helper for 2 years and 5 months.

  138. Does any body knows how long they take for Administrative Processing over Family Application for B1/B2 NIV if they give Yellow paper (221G) and asked you to submit CV only.

  139. Hello po Cebuanawithlove.

    May tanung lang po ako. Ok lang po ba mag submit ng statement of account ng credit card ko kahit almost 75% na ang nagamit ko at konti nalang ang laman? meron ako iba pang credit cards na hindi ko pa nagagamit, ok lang ba yun nalang ang I-submit ko?

    In your case po, anu yung status ng credit card ninyo nung sinubmit nyo?

    Thanks for the help.

  140. Lucky for you! I was very honest during my interview, I thought I will be granted with a US visa because of my extensive travel history but when the consul asked me about my degree and I answered nursing, he told me that he can’t grant me a visa.

  141. hi maam
    tanong ko lang po my b1/b2 po ako nakakuha po ako ng turist 10 years visa.. ngayon po ay mag isang buwan na ako dito if matapos ang anim na bwan ko dito sa us at mag exit ako bago mag 6 month ..
    tanong ko lang kailan ako pwedeng bumalik ulit ng us if matapos na ang 6 month ko dito..

  142. Hi Ms. Cebuanawithlove,

    I’m here n Riyadh and your blog is so informative. I’m inspired. Just one question and I’m ready to go. May I ask if there is a minimum salary for them to approve your application. If there is, how much should it be? Thanks and regards…

  143. Hi, can anyone here answer my question? PLEASE.

    I am planning to get US Visa but I am hesitated na baka madenied lang ako. My auntie lives in Las Vegas at citizen na sya dun. Then, her mother-in-law na may sakit na Alzheimer ay nandito sa pinas (for practicality reason, mas mura kasi service dito). Yearly, bumisita sila dito sa pinas para bisitahin sya. But, this year they open a small business and since nag start pa lang, hindi nila maiwanan pa. So, para makapasyal din yun mother in law nya since birthday naman nito, they ask me if I can assist and accompany her for two weeks (Para na din maka pag DIsneyland ako haha). Pero, currently unemployed pa ko and I have this feeling na malaki ang possibility na madenied lang ako. By the way, I dont have properties entitled, I have bank savings pero hindi ganun kalaki. But, lahat ng expenses i-shoshoulder ng auntie ko and her husband.

    Ikaw, ano sa tingin mo? Please comment. Thank you!

  144. Hi, can anyone here answer my question? PLEASE.

    I am planning to get US Visa but I am hesitated na baka madenied lang ako. My auntie lives in Las Vegas at citizen na sya dun. Then, her mother-in-law na may sakit na Alzheimer ay nandito sa pinas (for practicality reason, mas mura kasi service dito). Yearly, bumisita sila dito sa pinas para bisitahin sya. But, this year they open a small business and since nag start pa lang, hindi nila maiwanan pa. So, para makapasyal din yun mother in law nya since birthday naman nito, they ask me if I can assist and accompany her for two weeks (Para na din maka pag DIsneyland ako haha). Pero, currently unemployed pa ko and I have this feeling na malaki ang possibility na madenied lang ako. By the way, I dont have properties entitled, I have bank savings pero hindi ganun kalaki. But, lahat ng expenses i-shoshoulder ng auntie ko and her husband.

    Ikaw, ano sa tingin mo? Please comment. Thank you!

  145. Hi thankyou for this ate ..i was also planning to apply for visit visa..im also working here in KSA..i just want to ask..if there is age limit for applying?hehe kc 23 yrs old plang ako..morethan 1 year plang aq dto sa saudi..gusto q lng i spend xmass q sa us..thanks po..

  146. Hello po Mam, plan ko po magbakasyon next Year sa Saipan USA..dun ko po icecelebrate birthday ko mga 1 week po sana kng mkapasa po ako .. Wala po akong work at never po ako ngwork kaso may bank account po ako kasi sinusuportahan ako ng bf ko hapon at first time ko pong mag apply ng US VISA .mam may possibility po ba na madenie ako kc po wla akong maipakitang employment certificate.. ? Kindly waiting for your response po..Thank u

  147. Hi Cebuana,
    Just want to share my US B1/B2 visa application today at 10:30am.

    Before kami tumungo as diplomatic quarters, inabot muna kami ng napakagrabe traffic na halos hinde na kami aabot sa interview but we did pray every minute na makahabol sa interview and God hear us. 30 mins late na kami pero nakapasok parin at kami ang pinakahuli sa interview.

    Luckily, we got approved and just waiting for our passport to be picked up in aramex. Thank you for this blog which helpful tips..

      • Hi ate can i ask po if the immigration in the IS is strict if you have a final exit visa..??do they question it

      • Hi Dawb,


        Sa pag punta ko ng US d naman sila nagtatanong kung anong trabaho mo or san ka nag wo- work. Ang itatanong lang sa point of entry ay, anong gagawin mo sa US, ilan araw ka, san ka mag stay? at siguro other personal questions, depende sa sagot mo at follow up questions nila. Basta smile ka lang at wag magpakita na kinakabahan ka kahit kumakalabog na dibdib mo sa kaba.

        God bless us all.



      • Thank you po..im afraid..lang po kasi baka e question yung exit visa..thank u po and god bless din sa inyo

  148. Hi Cebuanawithlove,

    I’d just like to know your thoughts regarding my situation. My aunt, here with me karon sa cebu, had just told me to research on tips and ways I could get a tourist visa. She wants me to accompany her sons (both minors) back to the US, kay adto sila mag study. BTW US citizens sila (dual) and busy siya ug asikaso sa mga paperworks and stuff regarding another aunt’s recent death. Mao, nga she’s hoping i could get a visa. I’m basically unemployed, not studying, naa ra sa balay and currently nag tabang ug bantay sa akong lola nga naay alzheimer’s. How could I possibly have a strong claim on my intent nga for temporary/short stay as tourist lang jud ko? I have read an earlier comment katong about sa teacher who intended to accompany her minor nieces but got denied, quite got my hopes down. I’d really appreciate to hear your thoughts about this.Thank you so much!


  149. Hi,

    Hingi po ako ng tip to prepare for tourist visa application. I’m currently working here in SIngapore and my wife and son are in Philippines. I’f I’m going to apply for a visa, should it be kung saang bansa ka andun? Me here in Singapore and my wife and son sa US embassy sa pinas?

    Thanks in advance!

  150. Good Day!

    I am Jay-Ar Lucas, working as the Executive Secretary dito sa Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of my basic job scope, kailangan kong iapply pati ang Overseas Domestic Worker ng Boss ko ng Non-Immigrant Visa, in contrast with most of the forum dito, hihingi rin po sana ako ng payo kung ano ang dapat na iobtain niyang Visa Category, mayroon na siyang Turkish Visa and Schengen Visas, ang ipinagtataka ko lang po ay denied siya na makakuha ng UK Visa, tapos ito pa po, plano nilang iapply din siya ng US Visa, ang ikinatatakot ko po ay baka madeny na naman po siya. Basically, 2 weeks stay ang plano na kasama siya sa US ng aming amo at ng pamilya nito. Paano niyo po kaya ako mabibigyan ng advise para sa tamang Visa Category. Maraming Salamat po!

  151. wow! I’m inspired by your story. I’m also here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for almost 7 years. Gusto ko rin sana mag apply ng tourist visa sa US and wala din akong bank account kahit sa Phils pero may cash on hand naman ako. Dapat ba yung COE may tatak pa ng Chamber of Commerce kase kung wala kaya ko naman gumawa non with company letterhead and stamp pa. haha..

  152. Blessed day cebuanawithlove! my family is applying for tourist visas and our reasons for applying are to spend time with our relatives in the US and seek medical attention for my daughter–the doctors can’t give their diagnosis just by seeing my daughter’s xrays & medical records, they need to see my daughter in person but they didn’t give us any letter stating that they need to see my daughter, they just told my mom & grandpa…will the consul believe us if we just tell them that the doctors need to see my daughter in person? Thank you & God bless!

    • Hi Queenie,

      Kumusta? As far as I know and nabasa ko sa website ng US Embassy, you need to apply for the B2 visa if you are seeking for medical treatment. You also need to obtain letters from both the Physician and a U.S. Healthcare Professional. And of course, you need to provide proof that you can pay for the treatment of your daughter. I suggest po asking for asking for a letter from your physician why the need to see your daughter and her condition. I believe, the consul will ask for these papers for proof.

      God bless po!


  153. Hi po,

    I am Dora from Kuwait, meron po akong interview sa September 1 for B2 visa. ask ko lang po nilagay ko pa sa form ko na Boyfriend ko po ang sasagot sa expenses ko.
    European po and boyfriend ko at di nya kailangan nang Visa at niyaya nya ako na samahan sya sa Training nya sa US. meron ba akong kailangan hilingin sa boyfirend ko na proof na sya ang sasagot sa 1 week trip namen sa US. Kumpleto naman requirements ko lahat meron din akong recommendation sa pinagtratrabahuhan ko nang limang taon at meron naman akong pera at credit card. Hopefully na magrant ang visa ko.

    Thank you

      • Denied po! sad to say ngayon sana ang flight namen papunta sa US and eto mga tinanong saken;

        ) Where are you going to in the US? New York
        2) What kind of training does your boyfriend going to attend? XXXXXXX
        3) Where are you working? XXXXXXX
        4) Do you have family here in Kuwait? Yes, my sister lives here
        5) Have you been travelling in the past 4 years? Yes, to Macau.
        6) Did the 2 of you meet here in Kuwait? Yes

        Then I confidently answered the above questions and positive ako na maga grant ang visa ko pero bigla nya sinabe na di ako mabibigyan nang VISA ngayon without any documents asked.

        So ngayon anu kaya mga reasons nang di nila pag grant nang VISA? mas madale kaya sa pinas kumuha?

        Thank you

      • Hi Dora,

        Sorry to hear na d ka nabigyan ng visa, pero alam mo try ka ulit. Yong kapatid ko nga may negosyo na yon ha, denied pa. D talaga natin alam kung ano ang basehan ng Consul.

        God bless us all.



  154. Hi Cebuanawithlove,
    Thanks a lot for sharing that previous experienced, everyone who reads this it helps and inspired the readers and i claimed im one of them .
    ……… Yes indeed having faith in God and being yourself with honesty …are the best things we should wear it in every way..in our life for good…

  155. Hi Ate,
    I feel like applying for a visa pero urong sulong ako 😀
    I’ve been here in UAE for 6 years and still not confident enough to apply, the root cause maybe is, I’m afraid to be rejected. I think everybody is naman and its normal to feel afraid. Btw, thanks for posting your success story maybe God put it in the way to encourage me to try. Anyway, at this time I feel like I want to try and pursue getting a US visa but writing this my hands are getting wet and am so tense! and tried answering the questions everyone shared, what if kung totoo na yung interview? 😐 and if I stammer? Andami kong what ifs…

    • Hi Lexa,


      Naku, wag kang matakot at wag kang kabahan, at natural lang yan. Take the risk kc d mo malalaman kung hindi ka mag try. Basta, be true to your answers and to yourself. By doing so, you will never go wrong. Go for it.

      God bless us all!



  156. To Cebuana with love..
    Magandang araw sayo…
    Unang una nagtrabaho aq Dto sa Jeddah as caregiver ang patient q babae at case nya breast cancer and scattered throughout her bones and my patients wants to heal or do operations in Boston USA nabigyan agad cla ng visa kasama ng kapatid nyang lalaki pero suddenly aq lng Ang may alam sa mga gamot nya at pag oras ng injection nya ngaun gusto nila aq isama 10months plang aq nagtrabaho sa kanila ano po ba ang need q pra makasama aq sa kanila wala man akong pera.at ano po kaya ang possible na mga questions?appointment q na pala ngaung lunes sana balisa po aq na kaba.

  157. Thank you for sharing….my queztion iz if you got viza from riyahd…and you want to go back to pbilippines first then to USA ….is that good idea.?

    • Hi Marie,

      I’ve been doing that for the past two years. I go home to Cebu to fetch my daughter. After few days of arriving from Riyadh we fly to US and then back to Cebu and after few days fly back to Riyadh para magtrabaho at makabayad sa mga nagastos sa travel hehe. This is life. Enjoy while we can.

      I hope you will enjoy your vacation sa US. God bless us all!



  158. Hello Weng,

    I wanted to share my B1/B2 tourist visa application here in Riyadh Last November 2017.
    I am working here in Riyadh as a Technician for almost 4 years now. Been to Singapore , Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau at Hongkong in the last 5 years.
    What I bring during the interview day..
    Bank Statement(download for Samba Bank) (6K SAR)
    DS-160 confirmation
    Schedule of Confirmation
    The Questions of V.O.
    What is the purpose of applying a visa? (Visit and Tourism)
    Do you have families in the U.S? Yes (Mother and Sister)
    How long does your mother and sister staying in the US? (mom 5 years, sister 10 years)
    What are there status in the US? Both American Citizen
    What is your work? I am A technician
    What specific duties you do? I maintained and upgrade radio communication for military radio production and I cannot be more specific with my other duties as I am bound of the non-disclosure agreement with the company.
    What is the name of your company? **********
    How long have you been working in Riyadh? Almost 4 years
    How much is your Salary? SAR……******
    Do you have an immigrant petition application? No, I don’t have and I don’t want to be petition.
    Why you don’t want to be petition? Because it will take years to acquired approval and I am already married.
    Where is you wife?( She is in UK.)
    The V.O. says that I will be receiving my visa in 1 week time and wait for Aramex SMS for the date of my passport pick-up from their branch.
    After 3 business working days, I receive my passport with Visa of 10 years multiple.
    The V.O. didn’t ask any documents and any photos from me. The photo that was attached to my application (DS-160) is the one they used for my visa.
    I don’t have any properties back home (pinas), nor any car. This is my first time applying a US visa.
    I hope that someone can benefit with my visa application as well. As what Weng say,
    You don’t need to have a fat bank account nor any properties in your name to get a visa, you must be sincere, truthful, concise, confident and be professional during the interview. You don’t have to memorize the answer as it is only a basic question and most of the time , question came from your DS-160 answer.
    To all the aspiring visa applicant, Good luck and may the spirit of the Lord be with you.

    Thank you weng..

    • Hi Albert,

      God is good all the time. I am glad you were able to get the 10 yrs multiple. I am enjoying my 10 yrs visa and been to the US several times already with my daughter. God bless and enjoy your vacation.



      • hi ms weng😊 i hope u can help me. yung husband ko and youngest son may visa na and now wer planning to get a visa too(me and my 2 kids ages 13,15) kaso ung employer ko ayaw magbigay ng coe😬. tatangapin b nila ko kung contract lang dala ko at walang coe?

      • Hi Jenny,


        D ako sure jan kc ang Consul minsan d na naghahanap ng mga documents. Minsan din hahanapan ka ng mga documents na wala naman sa list. as for your kids, malaki chance nila mabigyan kasi minor sila and may visa na ang husband mo. Try ka lang kasi d talaga natin malalaman kung hahanapan ka at ma grant ng visa kung di ka mag risk.

        Good luck sa family mo.



      • Hi Ms. Cebuana,
        ask ko lang kc kkaaprub pa lang ng Visa nmin w/ fmly khapon, kung magtour kami sa US ok lng ba kung yung point of origin namin sa application form DS160 is Chicago but sa unang tour namin is pupunta kami ng New York or California ok lang kaya yun or baka magkaroon ng conflict sa first visit namin sa US. Pls advice lng po sa lahat ng may experience about this situation. Thanks in advance.

    • hi, albert, i just wanna ask u about the consul not asking u for your documents. because you will give you documents ahead right? i mean somebody in the line will get your documents before u reach the interviewer? please enlighten me. my problem is my employer because he doesnt want to give me coe. i have been working with him since 2009 and hes afraid i might not come back🙁

  159. hello, i hope you can help me. im also here in riyadh and wer planning (me and my 2 older kids) to apply for us visa this dec. my husband and youngest son have their visas already as they applied last march. (emergency bec my mother in law was hospitalized)my problem is, my employer doesnt want to give me employment cert, coz he thought that im not coming back anymore. (ive been working with him since 2009) im a dentist btw. do u think i should go on with the interview without my coe? its the only document that i lack, i dont know what to do anymore😔

  160. I want to re apply for my interview again I was denied last month but I re apply again my interview is next month….am married I have kids an I have strong ties

  161. Hello Madame…

    Good evening sa inyo.. Dito rin ako sa Riyadh at Plano ko rin pong mg try ng B1/B2 visa.. honestly gusto ko lang pumunta sa US to experience.. yung tipong every south east asian (tropical country) dreaming of the actual and real snow… at higit sa lahat business po.. kasi may shop ako sa pinas ng collectable, vintage and arts… lahat ho yun galing sa pag ha Haraj ko…. lol. Si Misis at yung anak namin nasa Pinas..at 12 years na ako dito sa Riyadh happy na ako dito at kuntento sa trabaho ko at mula nang dumating ako dito nung 2004 ito lang yung kumpanya na pinag ta trabahuhan ko.. yung po bang dalawang reason ko na yun… to fulfill a dream of white christmas at bibili ako sa US for every state na may haraj or mga flea market na pwede kong itinda sa shop ko.. I was thinking about.. kung sakaling mag for good na ako.. at least may ibang bansa gaya ng US na pwede kong puntahan para mamimili ng anything I believed is valuable and get profit from it .. categorized po ba yun sa B1/B2 at do you think sapat na po ba yung purpose? Which is yun lang naman talaga ang pakay ko sa kanila… wala akong relatives or friends sa US…

    thanks in advance..

    • Hi Sonny,


      If you will specify na you want to experience real snow pde yon pero yong 2nd na reason mo, d ako sure po. Baka iba ang isipin ng immigration officer. Try another reason nalang po or better stick to your tourism and to experience real snow and winter reasons.



    • Sonny,

      Gudam, katatapos ko lng mgpainterview last Feb 7, mas maganda magapply ngyn kc kokonti lng ang nag-aapply ng Visa cgro nttakot sila sinabi ni Trump, pro sa awa ni God at konti confidence hayun, visa granted w/ 10 Yrs multiple Visa attached to my passport. only 4 questions asked no any documents checked from me although i brought all of the requirements needed. ilagay mo nlng for Tourism lng ang purpose mo dun kc 3 times yan ittanong sayo, pati yun this is ur first time to go to US. yun 2 questions na yun paulit-ulit na ittanong syo. Just answer honestly & directly to the questions that the VO will ask you. Go ahead & good luck.

    • Hello po. May question lang po ako regarding filling the DS-160 application form. Meron po kasi din regarding sa parents name eh both of my parents are now deceased. Should I still write their names and after their names put open close parenthesis deceased or just write deceased only. Please help. Thank you.

  162. Hellow i’m Jay-ar may i ask a question what is the possible cause or possible reason why is it that my visa was holding by us embassy manila, i apply it on january 06, 2017 and until now my agency not yet receive.

  163. Hellow i’m Jay-ar may i ask a question what is the possible cause or possible reason why is it that my visa was holding by us embassy manila, i apply it on january 06, 2017 and until now my agency not yet receive.

  164. Thanks God, It was a great experienced with a mixed emotions of being cold & nervous for me & family for the interviewed done this morning at US Embassy here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Only 4 simple questions for me, 1 question for my wife which is a simple YES or No answer & question only & a simple joke questions for my 13 year old son. First time applicant and our Visa was approved by the Visa Officer.

  165. Hi Ms. Cebuana,
    ask ko lang kc kkaaprub pa lang ng Visa nmin w/ fmly khapon, kung magtour kami sa US ok lng ba kung yung point of origin namin sa application form DS160 is Chicago but sa unang tour namin is pupunta kami ng New York or California ok lang kaya yun or baka magkaroon ng conflict sa first visit namin sa US. Pls advice lng po sa lahat ng may experience about this situation. Thanks in advance.

  166. Hello everyone i applied for a b1/b2 us visa and my interview date is 21-feb-2017.am a cook by profession and am going to visit my elder brother in the US.he is my sponsor in everything over there in US. please i want to know if it will be possible for me to get a visa to the us or i will need to give a bank account

    • Hii Franklyn,

      How are you? If your brother is your sponsor, there are documents needed for him to provide to the immigration officer to prove that he can support your travel, accommodation and all other expenses related to your travel. Check the website because all information’s there. But if not, you have to provide your bank statement or other means of finances to prove that you are financially able to support your travel.

      Best regards,


      • thanks very much for your help ok is a pleasure hearing from you nice people ok love you all especially you miss Cebuanawithlove

  167. Mam. What if wala akong work? Nailagay ko na yung sa ds160form ko.may chance parin ba kahi wala n akong strong ties sa home country?

  168. Hi. I will be having my interview on March 7, 2017. Im a government employee actually sa senate . May nabasa ako dito that government employee usually na deny. Is this true or sa mga teachers lang. Kasi medyo nwalan ako ng confidence nun nabasa ko about nga sa government employee. Wala naman akong balak mag stay sa US all I want is to tour L.A. and Vegas to reward my self after my civil service exam. Hindi ba sapat na strong ties ang pagiging employee sa senate. Please need some opinion. thanks

  169. Hi Ms. Cebunawithlove,

    Just saw your inspiring story and helpful comments and just want to ask if may chance maapprove ako ng tourist visa. I was denied twice before and last time was 2011 and kakagraduate ko lang from college nun. Now I’m working in an IT company for 3 1/2 years. I’m single and problem is hindi pa ayos papel ng mom ko sa US. it’s been 9 years since the last time I saw her. ask ko lang if may chance or makikita ng consul. thank you

  170. hello
    in the application i gave the address of my friend. but now she is planning to shift to some other place. my interview in 3 weeks. if the immigration officer asked where i plan to stay….what should i say? as my friend is shifting in few days.. little worried

  171. Hello, Ms. Weng. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I just wonder if there’s a difference between B1/B2 & B2 only visa? On my DS-160, I chose the B2 only (Tourism/Medical Treatment) since I will not be having any business-related activities in the US, purely Tourism. May bearing kaya ito sa application ko? Kasi feeling ko mali ang napili kong visa type. I have an interview on Sunday, October 22, 9:45am Bahrain time. My supporting documents like COE, no objection to travel cert from my employer, bank statements from my Ph accts and Bahrain account, SOAs of my mutual fund investments, properties owned, & credit card ay nakaready na. Ibibigay ko ba ito lahat ng kusa or hintayin kong bang hingin sa akin? Papano sinasabi ng immigration officer na denied ang isang application?

    Thank you.

    • I GOT IT!! The interview was in less than 5 minutes only. Pray and bring all necessary docs na pwede nila hanapin as you along with the interview. Do come to the embassy at least 45 minutes before your scheduled interview. Dress appropriately, be yourself, keep calm and never lie. No. 13 ang number ko but i prayed to God to bless my number. When I was called, niloloko ako ng nag-interview sakin:

      VO: No. 0013 pls on window 3
      Me: kabado but nakasmile
      VO: good morning, how are you
      me: good morning, i am fine sir, thank you.
      VO: so your number is 13, how’s that? (bilog mata nya na parang nag-asar pero nakasmile)
      me: I hope it’s not a bad number this time sir (tawa ako)
      VO: alright let’s see…so why are you going to the US?
      ….and so on. then nung nasagot ko na lahat ng tanong nya:
      VO: alright, i guess No. 13 is a lucky number. Congratulations, you are going to the US!
      me: thank you so much sir! nakahinga ng maluwag.
      VO: but wait, be sure you’re coming back here ha.
      me: of course sir, i surely will 🙂

  172. Hi, I am an OFW working in UAE for 11 years now. I recently applied for a US visa here in UAE and was successful to get a 10 year multiple entry B1/B2 visa. My wife and 2 kids are in the Philippines and I want to bring them to the US as well purely for tourism. What do you think are the chances that my wife and kids will be granted US visa too? Is it an advantage that I already have my US visa? My wife is a plain housewife.

    • Hi Willy, kumusta?

      As for my experience po, I had my daughter apply for her US tourist visa sa Pinas and since she’s a minor (maybe, she was 16 at that time) she was granted 10 yrs multiple entry din. As for your wife, not sure ako, however, if all documents are submitted and you are capable of supporting the trip based on your income and funds, malaki po ang chance.



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