A walk through the rain in the desert

        April 15, 2011 – It was raining cats and dogs but that did not stop our itchy feet, we proceeded with the plan – visit the top part of the Edge of the World of Huraymila National Park, Saudi Arabia. Halfway to our destination, Mr. Sun showed some smile and gave a hint of a pretty cool weather ahead of us.

        As we enter the desert, body of water was everywhere.  According to the leader of the group (Jojo Obaldo), of their 18 years of coming in and out of the Edge of the world for picnic and off roading, it’s their first time to witness and experience the desert with water. Honestly, I was a bit scared. What if the water will rise due to the flow from the (rock) mountain, how can we go back? But I trust our driver, he’s got a rock climbing land cruiser and a GPS, wohooo!

       In this barren land where a bottle of mineral water is more expensive than a gallon of gasoline, let’s take a walk through the beauty of the desert with a sprinkle of rain.











Photos taken on board a Land cruiser.


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