Pond’s Gold Radiance (Youthful Night Repair and Precious Youth Serum)

         All that glitter is gold. Gold bracelets, earrings, rings, necklace ,  face creams, serum – wait? a gold face cream? hhhmmm.  The new trend in the market must be a luxury – beauty products infused with gold micro particles.  Spas nowadays have added this on their menu and are offering 24k gold facial mask too.  I bet these offers and products come with a hefty price tag considering the high value of gold these days.  I must admit, I am a face cream fanatic, from moisturizer, whitening to anti-ageing. When I found out about this new product, I then searched the beauty aisles of malls and supermarkets for the Pond’s gold radiance  since last year and finally, I found it just 3 weeks ago.  I bought the Pond’s Gold Radiance Youthful Night Radiance with real gold particles and the Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum with real gold micro particles.  At first I was hesitant because of the price tag but I just closed my eyes, bit my lips and reached for my wallet. I want to try the product and find out myself why this gold thing is making so much fuss in the beauty market these days and the difference from the other brands that I have tried and had used all these years.

product road test:

Week 1 – I applied the Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum during daytime topped with moisturizer and SPF 50 sunblock.  At  nighttime, I applied the Pond’s Gold Radiance youthful night repair alone after the toner.  I like the feel of the night cream, smooth, creamy, not greasy and melts on my skin.

 I started using the night cream 2 days before the trip. This was the week we had our  desert escapade and was having the time of my life under the blazing heat of the Arabian desert.  The next day, I did not experience any sunburn on my face but my lips got burned, as in burned and cracked even with a lip balm with SPF. I started using the Precious Youth Serum the next day. I am not totally contributing me not having a sunburned face to this product as I was also using an SPF 50 Sunblock and a moisturizer of another brand. It’s too early to tell.

Set back is the Serum dropper:  I had a hard time with the dropper as I have to press several times and push the top so hard to extract the serum from the bottle. After few days of experimenting, finally, I was able to do the trick, take the dropper out of the bottle, press it and hold, insert the dropper into the bottle and release, this way, it can suck  up the serum. Still, only a drop was extracted and have to repeat until you  have the desired amount.

Week 2 – I used the Precious Youth Serum during the day and the Youthful Night Repair cream in the evening.

We again went for another desert escapade, this time, it’s like winter time.  Raining, cold and windy up at the Edge of the World. I started to notice some improvement on my skin.  Skin pores were smaller this time. 

Week 3 – Precious Youth Serum and Youthful night repair at night.

 I noticed that fine lines in the corner of my eyes were less visible  as compared to before. Skin feels hydrated and I love the softness when I wake up in the morning.  How was I able to know the difference? I took pictures of my face in different angles to document the progress and zoom the pictures to compare.

Pond’s promise:                                                                               My rating

                                                                                         (scale of 1 – 10, 1 being the highest)

re-energize dull skin                                                                                  3

 re-energize the lost radiance of ageing skin cells                                         4

 recapture the radiance of youth                                                              5

reduces visible signs of ageing                                                                  3

Please note that I am using Ponds Gold Radiance in conjunction with my other beauty products and my kitchen find rituals.

I can’t wait to try the 24k gold face mask when I get back to the Philippines, I just hope the price is not as expensive as a gold bar. Well, I will just try for once, maybe. (think, think, isip-isip)


4 comments on “Pond’s Gold Radiance (Youthful Night Repair and Precious Youth Serum)

  1. Iitsss seeriously the nicest product… I got flawwlesss n glowing skin though its looks spontaneous,..
    But it makes u to go down some money so all people can purchase it n get experience of the glowing skin..

    And also some kind of improvements it needs to make The PONDs be top most beauty cmpany through the world.,.
    Thanks 4 the products which u have now…

  2. This is one of the best reviews I have read so far about this product!! Very detailed and really helpful. I’ve been using the facial wash and serum for 3 weeks now and I really love the “glow” I get in the morning and even notice it during the latter part of the day. Even my husband noticed something different about my skin and he never notices shit! Hahaha :p I have really oliy skin especially when I’m cooped up in the office doused in aircon – so I generally have no qualms about oiliness with this product. Over-all I’m happy with the product, worth every penny, and looking into trying the rest of the line! Hope you could keep us posted with your results 😉

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