How to delete skype IDs from log in drop down menu

Skype log in menu doesn’t delete the IDs after someone uses this VoIP software.  It’s annoying at times to see IDs on the drop down list that are from your friends, family or relatives who borrowed your laptop.

I have tried deleting the names from my Skype log in menu but whatever I do, from uninstalling and installing the program, tried some of the suggestions I found on the internet, some were so complicated but nothing seems to help until I found it, very simple and easy.

Very simple things to do:

1) Right click Skype and quit

2)  Go to start

3)  on the run box type –    %appdata%\skype    – and press enter

4)  choose  from among the folders the name you want to delete

5) Close the page and open Skype

Your Skype log in drop down menu is now clean and free of unwanted IDs.  Note that when you delete the folder, the chat archive of the ID deleted is preserved.

Simple, isn’t it?


24 comments on “How to delete skype IDs from log in drop down menu

  1. Your system works perfectly — thank you — 5 stars. While I was reading your explanation, I was doing a SEARCH on my entire computer for one of the names in the dropdown menu. The search took me to the same place.

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