Pasalubong – A Filipino Bakeshop and Fastfood in Batha, Riyadh

So many Filipino restaurants in Al Batha to choose from but the one we frequent is the Pasalubong just beside Al Swalim Supermarket Pasalubong sells Filipino goodies from cakes, pastries, bread.

One of my favorite, the baked chicken empanada.

Pasalubong also have a fastfood wherein they offer all time Filipino favorites like Palabok, Pancit, Spaghetti, Ginataang Halo-halo, Kare-kare, lumpia, fried chicken, shakes, and my favorite halo-halo and many more.
The food here tastes good but sometimes the flavor tends to go a bit salty or a bit sweet on their Ginataang halo-halo but overall, it’s acceptable.

What I love to eat in here is their palabok (small serving costs 6.00 SR while the big serving is 12.00 SR) and halo-halo at 8.00 SR.

As for my tastebuds, Pasalubong’s Halo-halo is the best, not too sweet, just the right amount of sugar and sooo creamy. Ingredients are balanced, unlike others which has too much gulaman or too much beans on it. Crushed ice are not that fine but not too big too that you will be the one to continue crushing and grinding the ice with your powerful teeth. (have done this many times huhuhu)
Entrance leading to the Family Section and Male section. In Riyadh, females and family diners are separated from the common dining area.

            Even during winter time when it was so cold, I still go here just to eat my favorite halo-halo.

                      Overall, Pasalubong’s Pinoy treats are affordable and has captured the Pinoy taste.

This is my personal appraisal and is no way paid in any means by Pasalubong for giving out my opinion.


3 comments on “Pasalubong – A Filipino Bakeshop and Fastfood in Batha, Riyadh

  1. hi there, i’m also based in Riyadh. Thanks for this entry, I look forward to checking out this place. Sa Pinoy bakery kasi kami bumibili, gitna ng Pinoy Resto at Pinoy supermarket. 🙂

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