God, is there any hotline to heaven?

Down and out, so empty and so alone. Nobody to talk to with, nobody to share your thoughts, your ups and downs, joys and sorrows. Everybody is just so busy attending their own lives. Their own struggles in life.

Have you ever felt this way? I do. So many times I just cry at the comfort of my room, wishing someone is there to talk to with when I feel so down and out. So many times I talk to God, whining, asking things that are beyond my limited understanding of what was happening to my life. Not that I am complaining really because if I look back and see things around me, I am still very lucky and blessed by my God. But why is it that when I needed someone to talk with and no one is around and the only one who is available is God, that I started to ask so many why’s? why? why? why?

 Why are you not talking to me face to face God? Well, I know, it’s because of what Adam and Eve did that we have this wall between man and God now. But why do I have to wait for the answers that many times I am not sure if what I got are the answer to the many favor  I have been pestering God with (yes, favors and please don’t tell me you don’t ask a lot for favor from God) , questions and all the stuff. Why not just answer me now?

I know that in this chaotic world, all of us are asking favors and, litany of questions that I sometimes wonder, does God really hear all our prayers and requests? Maybe, His angels are the ones bringing our pleas and plights to God in queue and replying to them accordingly to His will.

One night, I was soooo emoting and crying my heart out and asked God, if we have this problem or question that needs urgent reply or attention from you, how can you reply  when you are not talking to us face to face ? Why can’t you talk to us God and just give your instant reply or encouragement? Why do we have to wait and sometimes wait forever for your answer? Can’t you just make a line to heaven for our queries?

But you know what? Analyzing what I just asked God, a line (hotline) to heaven, I just realized that the hotline to heaven was what I was doing, PRAYER.  A heartfelt prayer, sincere talking to God. Not just whining and complaining but even just a chitchat with Him is already more than a line to heaven, it’s a line to God’s heart.

So many times I received answers to my prayers in so many ways by just sincerely talking to God, like a child talking to his heavenly Father. Many times my requests were granted instantly, some within few days, weeks, months or sometimes years but all were according to His great plans.  Tendency is, human as we are, we tend to be so impatient and want instant answers.

Answers from God are not like the fad that is happening in this world we live in. Instant noodles for eating, instant coffee for a caffeine’s dose, SMS for instant messaging in communication, instant face lift,  etc. etc.

Many times while praying and pouring to my God my heartaches, I visualized that God is hugging me, wiping my tears out and comforting me silently the way a loving father does to his child. With just that, I felt relief and comfort and the assurance that God loves me, regardless of how big  my sins are because, I am His child.

The answers to our prayers are also so simple. It’s just only one of these : Yes, No, Maybe (maybe need to storm heaven with more prayer), Later or just wait.

Is there really a line to heaven? Yes, there is. And the  only way to an instant hotline to heaven is very simple though, just bend your knees,  bow your head and sincerely talk to God and PRAY.


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