I love milk, he hates milk. I don’t know how to cook, he is a master chef. Are we compatible?

Opposite attracts, is this true?

I guess it’s how you define opposite. In a relationship, we usually want to find  “Mr. right”, “The one”, My soul mate” or whatever you call it that is complementary to us. The one whom you can say your strength when you are weak, who can help us learn things and, to grow old with. But thing is, we end up with “Mr. opposite”.

Have you wondered why  two persons hate each other but end up being a couple and lived a happy life together? Or say have withstood the adversities of marriage life and  are still in each other’s arms? My parents are one of them. My mama hates my dad specially when he pester her after his radio program. (My dad was a disc jockey before and my mother was the secretary of the radio station they both worked). But, they have been together for 40 years now. Not a perfect marriage though, but they have overcome the test of time.

I have had my piece of cake when it comes to this one. Lot’s of it. After the long search, I can finally say, I have found “The one”, Mr, right” ” my soul mate”, “my best friend”, “my lover”, “the other end of my intestine” and “Mr. opposite”. But we have differences also. I love milk, he doesn’t even take a drop of milk. I love my halohalo with lots of milk on it, but he orders halohalo without milk. (You heard it right).


 I love to eat raisins, but he collects raisins out from the food and put it aside. He is a good cook, well, I am good at eating (compatible though). 

San Francisco Giants' Brandon Crawford, right, ...

                                He loves sports

                          I love dancing.

We have different religion, does that matter at all?

When you are young, what attracts you is the physical aspect of the person. But when you come of age, it’s the character of the person that attracts you more than the physical side. Having a common interest is somewhat appealing to a person. Because we try to identify ourselves with the opposite sex. And we thought that everything will be fine and all will end happily ever after. Do you think so? Don’t you think that having the same interest and awfully have lots in common doesn’t bore you to death? Isn’t it that having differences add spices to your relationship? That there is something to discuss and argue a bit rather than always agreeing on everything?

We thought that we have fallen in love with the person. But isn’t it that we have fallen for him because he complements our needs more than the physical attraction? For me, bottom line is, it’s not really the question of “are we compatible or not” but rather, do we have the same goal in life? Despite the differences we have, can we settle things out in a civil way and come up with a conclusion that is to the best interest of both parties?

I am in love, attracted to a person with interests I am not interested with. But we tried to meet half way and is focused more on our goals rather than the differences. We may argue on some things, but as what I have said earlier, it is the spice that adds flavor to the relationship – that certain amount of strangeness.

So, are we compatible? Yes, we are.


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