Ananda Marga Wellness Center – Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

I have since been experiencing allergic rhinitis and other illnesses even before coming to Saudi Arabia,. Medicines are quite expensive these days so I tried alternative medicines. And one of which I tried before in the Philippines was detoxification. I read a lot of articles about how to do DIY detox or having detox at the comfort of our home.

I was on my 3rd day of fruit juice detox at home when I bumped into Ananda Marga Wellness Center page on the internet about wellness and detoxification. I was more delighted to know that it was actually in Mandaue City, a city next to Cebu City.  I did not waste time and enrolled myself where I continued my detox program.  I stayed for the weekend.

An in-house nurse checked on me after which, a tailored program based on the findings were given to me.  I have insomnia, allergies, fatigue, body pain and the tenderness on my knee (I am not that old, ok).

My program started at 6:00 in the morning with steam bath,  mud pack, lecture, exercise, yoga,  meditation, prayer and intake of fruit juice only. I retire to bed at 9 in the evening after a walk around the village. As Ananda Marga is a vegetarian, fruit and fruit juice only wellness center, you will not find meat of any kind during mealtime. The center treats those who enter the wellness center as student and not patient.

PROGRAM RATE includes food, room and treatments


Program title/number of days                                                 Local rate

                                                                                     Private room                Shared room

Introduction to natural healing & yoga      Non AC: P4,500.00        Non AC: 3,000.00

(2 days)                                                                                  AC: P5,100.00               AC: 3,600.00

 Introduction to detoxifacation                     Non AC: P12,500.00      Non AC: 9, 700.00

(7 days)                                                                                 AC: P14,500.00             AC: 11,700.00

 Basic detox (no special problems)               Non AC: P20,000.00      Non AC: 15,500.00

(12 days)                                                                              AC: P23,500.00              AC: 19,000.00

 Deeper healing                                        

(Deep detox for chronic diseases                  Non AC: P36,000.00      Non AC: 27,500.00

and significant problem)                                               AC: P42,500.00             AC: 34,000.00

(21 days)

Thorough treatment for so-called           21 days charge & extra           21 days charge &extra       

terminal diseases and very serious   days charge at P1,600 per day   days charge at P1,200 per day

stubborn conditions                         Plus other extra charges            Plus other extra charges 

 (More than 21 days)                        AC: P300 per day                        AC: P300 per day

EXTRA CHARGES: Detox kit (colon cleanser and toxin remover) P1,700/kit

Optional: wireless internet P150/week, laundry P10/piece, outings.

When I had my vacation last year, I did colonema and mud pack with mama and my daughter.  This year, we are already booked during weekends for some detoxification specially for mama.  I will keep you guys posted on any updates of their services and facilities.

Ananda Marga is not a posh wellness center as compared to others which offer the same services. Ananda Marga is an affordable yet a cozy place to stay healthy, the natural way.

For more information about Ananda Marga Wellness Center, please visit their website at Or call (006332)236-4797 and look for Savitre.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Till then.


One comment on “Ananda Marga Wellness Center – Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

  1. hi my name is lester i didnt really understand the chart.. so how much does the 21 days treatment for a chronic disease and thorough detor for a non A/C patient? i want to know the exact detail so that i can prepare for the expenses

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