At the lowest point of my life – (battling breast cancer with Mama)

Today, I must be at the lowest point of my life.  No sleep since last night.  Eyes swollen from crying. Around 4:00 a.m. Riyadh time, I was informed that Mama was already admitted at Chong Hua Hospital.  She cannot bear the pain anymore.  Her right chest bone where the breast cancer metastasized was giving her this unbearable pain she is experiencing now. A slight movement, a simple sigh is already a torture for her.

When I knew she was already settled in her room, I phoned my brother hoping to talk to mama. Words failed mama and the only sound she can produce was  a painful, groaning sound. It tears my heart apart hearing mama’s painful voice.  It is a different scenario when you hear, see and witness a relative, specially your mother suffering from a killer disease than just hearing stories from other people. It is so hard for me considering I am miles away from her. I cannot even give Mama the healing touch of a daughter.

The pain-killer administered intravenously to mama does not do her good anymore. The excruciating pain is like killing mama slowly. My Aunt Ida, a doctor based in Germany, advised that mama’s current pain-killer be changed to morphine, a stronger pain killer, as soon as possible.

I remember Mama’s best friend Nang Nimfa who happens to be my wedding Godmother was struck by this deadly disease, breast cancer.  She had stage 3 breast cancer when it was detected. Mastectomy to both breasts was done. One day, while on her way to the hospital for a chemotherapy session, the taxi she was riding on jumped when it hit a pothole in the road. After that, she felt numbness and was shocked to realize that she cannot move her legs and body. After a thorough laboratory tests, it was then she knew her breast cancer has metastasized to the bone, actually her spinal column, paralyzing her. She stayed in the hospital most of her remaining days, very skinny and fragile. She lost the battle to breast cancer a year after that taxi incident .

I lost a good friend to cancer. She was my office mate before and was on her late 50’s. Days before she succumbed to breast cancer, she was so lively, talkative,  pretending as if everything was alright with her . Friday, she did not report to work. Few days after, we visited her at the hospital not knowing that would be our first and last visit. We bade  goodbye to her to go back to work.  surrounded by her family, she breathed her last .

When Mama’s oncologist spilled the beans to us, that Mama will have 6 months to a year to live, I hardly can’t believe him. You are lying, I told doctor. He was lying, only God knows what will happen. It’s like we are racing against time to get mama healed of this cruel disease only to realize that life is not ours to keep.  It is hard to accept things like this, in this kind of situation. Maybe, God gave us time to be with Mama, time to prepare ourselves of the unexpected. Time to ask forgiveness of all the pain we gave Mama all these years. To show Mama our love and appreciation for all the things she has done for us. To give back to Mama the love and care she showered upon us when we were still young and even until we are grown-ups. Time to look back and appreciate that undying love of mama to her children.

The only thing that we can do the most for mama is to be at her side and support her emotionally. Maybe this can at least lessen the pain she is experiencing now. And let her know that everything will be alright. Everything will be fine because God loves her so much and will not abandon her because we trust in God’s love and mercy.

I am glad that I have friends who showed their emotional support to me and my family.  I am glad I have my family to be with during this crucial time. I am glad I have my best friend, my LOML with me who is always there to give me emotional support and encouragement eventhough we are continents away.


6 comments on “At the lowest point of my life – (battling breast cancer with Mama)

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mom’s health. I too had many tests done recently, including a biopsy – tests/procedures I have never ever experienced before, nor thought would happen to me. I am worried about the results that I’ll be hearing from my doctor next week.

    Anyway, I know how difficult it is to be far away from your loved ones, especially when they are sick. You actually posted this on my mom’s birthday. Reminds me to appreciate her while I can and pray ever so fervently for God to keep her strong and healthy.

    I said a prayer for you as well as for your mom and the rest of your family. Again, I am very, very sorry 😦

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to add you to my blogroll on so that I can remain updated with your posts.

    Take care and hang in there,

  2. HI Jaz, thank you so much for taking time to read my blog, I’m humbled. It’s my honor to be on your blogroll. I am a bit emotionally down today but I tried to make my attitude positive.

    I said a prayer for you too. One person praying for another person that will eventually lead to more people praying for one another eventhough we don’t know each other is all we need to storm heaven to hear our pleas.

    Easier said than done but always stay positive. Positive attitude is a small thing that makes a difference. I have made a separate blog about mama’s battle with cancer –

    Take care and always have a positive attitude. God bless us all.

  3. Thanks for your prayers! I appreciate it very much. Really awesome to see how you’re spending time with your mom. I’ll check out the other site you shared. Take care.

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