Mama’s 1st day of radiation treatment for her bone cancer

June 15, 2011 was Mama’s first day to receive radiation treatment. I wanted to go inside the radiation room to document the treatment but I was not allowed inside. She mentioned that this time, radiation took more time than the one she had last year. They had it on the front (chest bone) and on the sides.  And she felt the heat and burning sensation on her chest.  I told her, don’t worry, we will just buy a burnt ointment cream to alleviate the burning sensation.

 After the treatment, we ate at Julie’s fast food of Cebu Doctor’s Hospital. Mama had her ever favorite fruit salad and lugaw. I had sapin-sapin and lugaw and my sister-in-law had her brazo de mercedes.

 Also, we received a call from the travel agency that the passports of Mama and my daughter were already available. That means Hong Kong trip is just around the corner.  Unfortunately, Mama can’t go with us because of her condition. 

 Few weeks ago, Mama was very lively and excited of the Hong Kong trip.  This should have been her first travel abroad. Upon knowing of their passport’s availability, I can see the disappointment on her face knowing she might not be able to join us.

 I have with me the Mama’s “NOT FIT TO TRAVEL” letter from the doctor.  I asked Mama, do you think you can make it this Sunday? How do you feel? Do you still feel that so much pain?  Mama replied, let’s see because it’s still on Sunday, maybe I will be ok by that time and can join you and Krystal.The positive attitude in Mama is still intact despite her struggles and battle against cancer. I know she was so looking forward for this Hong Kong travel but her health condition might not allow her to walk around and enjoy the place.  She was looking forward to see the light show in the evening and the Disneyland. 

 To appease the disappointment in her, I then suggested, why don’t we go to the beach and stay there for a night? Mama’s face beamed and said, that’s nice because you know, I guess me, your dad and Nanay (grandmother) need fresh air, the sea breeze and this and that.

 With the tight budget I am having now, I am still working on how to juggle the finances so just to accommodate everything.  My daughter and I will push through the Hong Kong trip because this is my birthday gift to her, a visit to Disneyland and ocean park.

 I have only one body, with 2 hands, the left and the right. I don’t want to hold them up high because by doing so, it means I gave up and surrender on the trials God has challenged me. Maybe, I will just clap them softly one, two, three and praise God for all the blessings that come our way.  Specially, those that comes my way.

 Thank you Lord God for the TLC.


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