Body massage at Nuat Thai

June 25, 2011 – So tired. My feet and legs were still aching from the 3 days walk in Hong Kong and Macau. I decided to have a good body massage. The budget massage parlor I used to visit is a bit far from my place. So I went to Nuat Thai in F. Cabahug st., Mabolo for a good rubdown. This was my 2nd visit since I arrived from Saudi for my annual vacation. I had the dry massage that time. I love the stretching, missed it a lot.

I had the package 2 – whole body massage (Swedish) and foot reflex for an hour and 45 minutes. The therapist asked me if I want soft, medium or hard massage. As I really felt the soreness and stiffness of my calf muscles, I had the hard massage. Uggghh. I can feel my calf muscles bigger than before huhuhuhu.

I love the leg and back massage. Feels so relaxing. Many times, the strokes were a bit painful specially on the thigh area where my cellulite got a the shock of their lives. oohhh really painful. ouch ouch ouch. I just covered my face to hide the pain from the therapist. I kept my composure under the painful strokes of the therapist until the last second of the 1 hour and 45 minutes massage.

It’s been a year since I had a good body rub down. Oh, not really a year, because my honeybunch gave me a good massage few months ago, though not the professional style. But he was a fast learner and was able to learn quickly some body massage techniques from me.

In Saudi, If I felt so tired and muscles were aching, I just give myself a massage as nobody else can do that for me there. If I go to massage parlors, it would be very expensive. So better save every Riyals and have a good massage from one of the many massage parlors in Cebu.

Their prices are reasonable:

foot massage 1 hour               –    P150.00

body massage 1 hour             –    P150.00

body massage 2 hours           –    P300.00

head massage 30 mins            –   P100.00

back massage 30 mins            –   P100.00

swedish massage  1 hour        –   P250.00

aromatherapy massage

1 hour and 30 mins            –     P350.00

full body oil massage

1 hour                                      P250.00

2 hours                                    P500.00

Business hours:  10:30 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.

Please note that I am not paid in any kind by Nuat Thai for this blog.


6 comments on “Body massage at Nuat Thai

  1. Hi! I’m the owner of Nuat Thai Mabolo, Gen. Maxilom and Mandaue North Road. Thank you for the very good review of my Mabolo branch. I really appreciate what you wrote, it drives me to continue in developing my branches to give satisfaction to every customer. I am encouraging everyone to visit Nuat Thai Mabolo 032-5824077/ 09225079878; Nuat Thai Gen. Maxilom 032-5120051/ 09335108848; Nuat Thai North Road Mandaue 032-5126795/ 09324593594

  2. Very good info as we are going to stay near SM Cebu on February next year (2015). Looking forward to having a nice massage. I’m an OFW nurse as well.

  3. I love real authentic Thai massages where they stand on the back and dig the heels into the back and all the correct areas. But i’m a bit apprehensive of having a ‘Thai massage’ in Cebu city. Are these the real deal Thai massages because Thailand is a bit far to travel for a real hard Thai massage that bends you and shapes you in all manners.

    I’ve seen numerous Nuat Thai around in Cebu and still i’ve yet to have one.

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