Why do I blog?

I am in the middle of writing a new blog about me and Krystal’s supposed movie time at SM. But in the middle of my writing I just stopped with no reason at all. Truth is, I am in the mood to write. But I just stopped, well, just like that.

I made my first blog under cebuanawithlove.wordpress.com on March 24, 2011. And after few months, I started onthewingsofweng.blogspot.com. As you can see, I am new in this world of blogging.

Anyhow, I started to read my previous blogs. Some blogs were about happy memories, some were painful ones that made me, ugh!, emotional again. Tears fell. Let it be, I just want to pour out my emotions and cry anyways. It’s better for me to let go of my tears. Well, at least it cleansed my eyes.

Looking back, I started to write and blog for the purpose of expressing my thoughts and emotions. As an OFW in Saudi Arabia, it’s hard to be alone in a foreign land with a foreign language, different religion and culture. Not the literal “alone” because I have kabayans in my workplace to talk with every now and then. But, alone in the sense that I am far from my family. I am not able to talk to them the way I used to talk, laugh, argue with them when I was home. Long distance call is very expensive though we have two 15 minutes call free every month but that won’t suffice the loneliness and the joy of hearing the voices and talking to your loved ones. Technology like skype and YM is of a great help but sometimes, they (my family) are not available for a chitchat for some reasons. Example, my daughter will send me text message of “Mama, I will not online today because I have lots of school projects to do”. What can I do? nothing but just be emotional.

Awhile ago, I opened my cebuanawithlove.wordpress.com blog site and saw a comment from someone who happens to just pass by and read my blog. It really gives me joy to see someone leave comments and took time to read my simple blog. Knowing people took time to read my simple tips and humble stories, make my day.

I know deep in my heart, I am not a good writer. I’m just here in this world of blogging to express my simple thoughts. Somehow, I have shared simple tips on just about anything based on my experience. And somewhere, somehow, through my simple stories and in my own little way, I know I have touched someone’s heart as they have touched my soul too.

Friends, thank you for your support. Thank you for reading my simple stories.


10 comments on “Why do I blog?

  1. Great post 🙂 A thoughtful one. Sometimes I ask myself the same question: Why do I blog?

    Reading others’ blogs as well as receiving encouraging comments from people you don’t even know can be very refreshing. I also received a comment on my blog from a stranger earlier today and I was at one of the lowest points in my life! I couldn’t even concentrate at work…until I saw that comment. It made things a lot better. I’m glad that despite our challenges, our heartaches, our distance, we still can find a way to make a difference.

    You mentioned that you are very new to blogging. Well, welcome! Your sentiments remind me of Tony Marco’s blogpost, “The Truth About OFWs”. He also started a blog so as to ease his longing to be with his family. His blog has inspired me in a different way, and I just finished blogging about it a few minutes ago.


    Your blog also inspires me in a different way…to cherish my mom while I can. Again, thank you!

    PS. If you haven’t done so already, visit http://www.thepinktarha.com; they’re some pretty cool girls in Riyadh. Take care.

  2. Hi, I can truly relate with you. We are on the same boat as mentioned by Jazmin through her comment. Surely, this is the perfect place to lighten up loads on our shoulder and connect with fellow OFWs.

  3. @Jaz: I have read both sites you recommended. Nice talaga, at least nga kahit nasa malayo tayo at minsan nag eemote, but through blogs from kababayans, may nakukuha tayong inspirations and makakarelate tayo somehow, na d pala tayo nag iisa, na minsan, mas light pala ang load or problema natin sa buhay compared sa ibang kababayan natin.

  4. @Tonyboy: I agree with you, blogging is my window sa maliit kong mundo wherein, nakikita ko ang magaganda at medyo d magaganda sa buhay ng mga OFWs. Kkaya nga may mga interviews ako sa mga kababayan natin na ipinost ko dito sa blog ko din po.

    Btw, nice blogs din you have there.

    Thank you for dropping by.

  5. HI Jaz, thank u so much. ngayon lang ako naka open ulit kahit dami kong gustong i share kc not feeling well and i’m back na sa saudi ulit. I wil visit the site soon and hope I can meet Kuya Ronnie one of these days. ’til then. 🙂

  6. Keep writing, it’s a good and healthy form of self-expression. Plus,you’re good at it too! I read your blog about the unconditional love you witnessed between your parents and that was a very moving piece. God bless you and your family.

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