Beauty parlor bonding time with mama and my new hair cut

This morning, after Mama’s radiation at Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital, we went to have snacks in one of the bakeshops in Fuente Osmena. After satisfying our taste buds we decided to have some salon pampering.

Just few steps away from the bakeshop where we have some light snacks is the F Salon and Spa.

manicure and pedicure for mama

I want some change in me. A new look. So I decided to cut my hair. After me and Martin decided of the hairstyle, he then started to sculpt my hair into the look that I wanted. Hhhmm he went a little off board from what we have discussed because my hair was cut a bit shorter than what I have expected. Nevertheless, the style was fine with me because my hair grows so fast.

After the haircut, I had the chocovita hair treatment to treat my dry and damaged hair. From the word choco, it’s pretty obvious that the treatment is a concoction of chocolate and other ingredients for hair mask.  This one is my favorite hair treatment because of the chocolaty smell and the fact that I love chocolate.Yummy. I had my pedicure while the hair treatment was doing its purpose on my hair. I chose the green glaze color for my feet.

                                                   before  (picture taken a day before the hair cut)


If I’m down and out, instead of bingeing on foods, I usually hop into a beauty parlor and just do whatever makeover that suits my budget. Sometimes, just a pedicure will suffice and calm my anger, depression, tensions, upset feelings, etc. etc. etc.

 The past few days, I visited facial centers, body massage and beauty parlors to perk up my mood. Well, at least these were on my “to do list during vacation”. But the new hair cut? It’s a product of my scrambling hormones, este, mood specially when I am a bit upset over some issues.

My daughter doesn’t want me to cut my hair. She wants me to keep my long hair so that we can have the same length of hair. But I want some changes in me. In two weeks time, I had my hair cut twice.
Sometimes, trying new things won’t hurt if you are sure of what you really wanted to do. (Even if you’re unsure at times.) If things won’t work the way you wanted them to be then make the most of what you have. If I don’t look great with my new hair cut, so be it. In due time, it will grow long again and I can style my hair to whatever I want.
I am me. I am who I am.

2 comments on “Beauty parlor bonding time with mama and my new hair cut

  1. Chocovita? Sounds awesome. Wish ko lang Coffeevita rin kasi I *heart* coffee!!! Sooooo nice to see you got some pampering done w/ your mom. You are an awesome daughter; I bet she is an awesome mom 🙂

  2. My mom is the best. Lahat naman tayo for us our mom’s the best in the world. I am trying to build good memories with mama. Kaso lang these days, d na talaga kaya pang mamasyal, napapagod na kaagad. Love ko din ang coffee kaya nga I add ground coffee or granulated coffee sa salt scrub ko 😉 TY so much Jazz for always dropping by.

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