Photo shoot cum bonding time with Krystal

Krystal and I went to Cebu South Reclamation Project (SRP) for a photo shoot together with Cindy.

Ana, a colleague in Saudi Arabia made this gown for Krystal.

Photo shoot with Krystal was on my “what to do during my vacation” list but I never thought this would materialize because of many reasons.

But God is good. God knows my heart’s desires and granted me this wish – a photo shoot cum bonding time with Krystal.

This is Krystal’s first photo shoot experience.

Krystal, my musically inclined daughter plays string instruments like the banduria, violin and guitar. She is a member of her school’s Rondalla Club.

The photographer.

 The mother.

  The stage mother.


4 comments on “Photo shoot cum bonding time with Krystal

  1. Impressive – musically talented na, ang ganda pa 🙂 Wish you could let us hear some of the tunes she plays. I love music myself!!! Great photography, by the way. I love photography, too 🙂 Glad to have met you via your blog!

  2. Hi Jaz, glad to meet you too. Di ko inakala na may magigiging kaibigan pala ako dito sa world of blogging. Thank you at napadaan ka sa simpleng mundo ko.

    I am hoping nga na my daughter can play na the “STORM”, a techo-violin piece. She is practising this piece at the moment but due to her school projects at medyo hard ang music piece, baka matagalan pa bago ma perfect.

    While we were having the photo shoot, Storm ang tinutugtog nya. Dapat sana, this vacation ko sa Pinas, we should have done some video shoots, her playing the violin and me on the guitar or piano. Di nga lang natuloy kc walang practise. (Joke! Taray no, parang true!)

    She can also play a bit of flute. She’s the one realizing my frustrations in music ;-).

  3. Nakakatuwa naman!!!!!!!!! Very talented. Ang ganda pa! I saw her pics sa other blogpost mo about tempura. Na-miss ko tuloy fishballs sa Pinas!

    Yes, definitely next time, sana mag-video shoot kayo or even an audio recording, basta ma-share ang talents nya. I started posting mine online kasi my friends told me the same thing. Don’t worry about the “no practice” thing. I shared mine kahit hindi perfect 🙂 Looking forward to those videos. You’re doing a great job!!!!

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