Mama’s brain planning and radiation therapy

September 29, 2011 – We went to the clinic of Dr. Tudtud at Perpetual Succour Hospital for mama’s check up. Was there at about 9:30 am and too many patients were queuing up because the doctor was out of the country for a week. Unfortunately, there was an emergency call that he has to leave to check on a patient in another hospital so we waited until 2:00 in the afternoon. Mama was already very tired and dizzy that she started to have hay fever. One of the attendant saw mama laying already at the waiting lounge and had us prioritized.
There, the doctor advised for a brain radiation to ease the swelling and pain mama was experiencing and advised for admission that afternoon so that radiation will be done the soonest possible time.
The doctor explained to us that these brain radiation and chemotherapy is not to heal my mother’s disease but for palliative treatment, to lessen the pain she is experiencing, as this stage of cancer is already incurable.
We were advised to proceed to Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital for the radiation therapy as the machine at Perpetual Succour Hospital was out of service. We admitted mama that evening.
September 30, 2011 – Mama’s planning and brain radiation therapy at Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital.

Mama lost an incredible amount of weight in just a matter of weeks.

Just hold on Ma. We love you. God loves you so much too.

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