Mama at 68 – fighting the good fight with metastatic breast cancer

(This is a late posting. We lost our beloved Mama Lily last November 4, 2011 after four years of battle against breast cancer. I just did not have the courage and strength the to write anything since October 15, 2011.)

 Mama celebrated her 68th birthday last October 30, 2011. She just got out of the hospital after 2 weeks of confinement. We thought it was a mild stroke but after the brain scan result, it came out that her cancer has already spread to her brain.

I had this weird feeling that this might be Mama’s last birthday. I did not waste time. After she was discharged from the hospital, I gave her a simple birthday and get together with all her children , grandchildren, close relatives and a handful of close friends.

As you can see, Mama was wearing a smile, a beautiful smile. She was a woman of courage and strength. But I know, that behind this wonderful smile she was wearing is pain. Pain of the thought that sooner or later she will be leaving her loved ones specially my Dad. He had a stroke 13 years ago and his speech was the one that was much affected.

Four days after this early birthday celebration I throw for mama, she then started her 20 sessions of brain radiation and her first and last shot for bone chemotherapy. Mama’s birthday on October 30, 2011 was her last. Four days after her brain radiation, she joined the Almighty God in heaven on November 4, 2011.


Ma, you will always be beautiful in our eyes and hearts. You will always be missed and lovingly remembered. We love you so much. Thank you for all the love and care.


2 comments on “Mama at 68 – fighting the good fight with metastatic breast cancer

  1. Your mom was beautiful! You can’t even tell she was battling cancer in the pics. She looked radiant. I am sorry for your loss and god bless.

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