Mama, where are you going? You’re so sexy. – my daughter asked me

Woke up at 3:30 a.m. because it’s a monday. I have to prepare breakfast for my daughter and for her lunch. I cooked chorizo as per her request. After having breakfast with her and done washing the dishes, I then prepared myself. I wore the same clothes I had yesterday as I will only have to send her to school and change clothes when I get back home to go with mama to the hospital for her radiation therapy.

This was the conversation I had with Krystal when I went out of the bedroom:

Krystal  : Mama, where are you going? (so surprised to see me)

Me       :  Why?

Krystal  : Because you are so sexy.

Me      :  Send you to school. Why?

Krystal : You will send me to school in that clothes? (she asked me wondering as if she hasn’t seen me wearing such attire in her lifetime.)

Me      :  What’s the problem with what I’m wearing? How come this is sexy? I wore this yesterday, isn’t it? Many times I sent you to school wearing short pants paired with spaghetti strapped tops. What’s the difference now? I’m just wearing a shirt. Also, I will wear flip-flops and not the gladiator sandals, so it’s ok.

Krystal :  Your short pants is very short, Tatay will get angry. (I raised my right eyebrows at this statement. (Lower my right brows please.) She somewhat saw my reaction and continued with her unsolicited comments.) Also, Sister (their nun school principal) will see you again wearing short pants, she might get angry at you. )

Me      : Don’t worry, she won’t get angry at me. She won’t see me because I’m not going inside your campus anyways. I will only be outside the gate.

Krystal smiled approvingly.


One comment on “Mama, where are you going? You’re so sexy. – my daughter asked me

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