Awardee for an OBRA award of Exlink Events: Outstanding Filipino Blogger

Aug 29, 2012 – I woke up at around noon time, opened my laptop to check any emails and my Facebook before heading to the shower, my usual daily routine. There was a notification in my email for a comment on a blog in my website. And this is what it was:

another enqiury posted on my Who am I page.

Initial reaction as anybody would think is, “Hmmm is this true or some sort of spam?” I searched for the event company’s information and FB account to check on the authenticity of the enquiry and I may say possible “good news.” Exchange of emails then followed.

I phoned Emmanuel Rabulan, the man behind the story  Adobong Mani:  a story of survival and success (Emmanuel Rabulan) which caught the attention of the organizing committee of Exlinkevents and told him the good news. He was so excited that he himself can’t believe the opportunity to be recognized as an OFW.

I was sent the nomination form for my nomination as Outstanding Filipino Blogger.

After few exchange of emails, I was asked for my CV and 2×2 picture for marketing purposes as I am not now a nominee, I am already one of the OBRA awardee, Outstanding Filipino Blogger category.

Now on its 4th year,  the annual event held in conjunction with the Megabalikbayan and OFW Expo (MBOX), OBRA aims to recognize OFWs and Balikbayans who are worth emulating by our countrymen because of their exemplary actions.  This year Exlinkevents added a new category, the Outstanding Filipino Blogger, which, fortunately,  I am one of the two first awardees.

“ We are doing this award to give OFWs and Balikbayans models to emulate in their quest to better their lives, their family and the country”, said Michelle Ballesteros, CEO of Exlinkevents.

Since I cannot be in Manila on December 7, 2012 at SM Mega Trade Hall to receive the award as I am working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, my daughter Krystal will be the one to accept the recognition on my behalf together with my brother Oliver, sister-in-law Aireen and my Tito Elson Ogario.

Indeed, big surprises come in small packages. Never in my wildest dream that my simple thoughts, my past time of writing is recognize even if I am not a pro-writer. I am so humbled of the opportunity even if I am thousands of miles away from home and expressing my thoughts at the comfort of my room.

 This award is heartily dedicated to my daughter Krystal,  late parents Mama Lily,  Daddy Boy and my family.

Truly, God is good.  To the Almighty Father be the glory.


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