I am a Freelance Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant, does this ring a bell?

Virtual assistant is a professional independent business contractor working in a remote place and usually from home office. He may work with an agency or directly hired by the client.

Virtual assistant or VA is a fast growing business not only in the Philippines but all over the world where there is internet connection. This is eminent for stay home moms, dads or person who doesn’t want to endure the hassles of traffic, working with people and colleagues around, doesn’t want nag by superiors and is happy  working alone and at the comfort of their home.

I have been doing this job full blast for almost a year now and so far so good. I have a full-time job in Saudi Arabia, and my being a VA is just a work on the side to ease my homesickness being a OFW, away from home sweet home and family. I decided to make use of my God-given talent rather than just chatting and be annoyed with psycho in chat rooms.

My VA job helped me a lot to improve my competence in terms of graphic design, web design, article writing, blogging, admin tasks and more as I am able to learn from my clients as well. Learning is a two-way process and I’m just glad that few clients that I have worked with were just so kind to share their knowledge about trade of their business or their skills. I learn new things too in this new era of technology. I research, read and learn to upgrade my knowledge so as not to be left behind and be competitive in this world of virtual assistance.

Being a virtual assistant is not for everybody. If you enjoy working with colleagues, dressing up like an executive everyday and doesn’t mind the pollution and traffic before and after work, rub elbows with top executives and clients, then work from home is definitely not for you.

I have worked with a pilot for sometime just to manage his schedule, an IT geek to help him with his business schedule and help him update his blog site,  website, flyers and creating and converting videos,  a hairstylist and salon owner for marketing and social media update, a homebuilder for his social media update, a fitness guru and innovator for CRM and graphic designs, a Doctor for her website and marketing materials, a Pastor for her online broadcast, social media, and research materials,  article writer/blogger for a company and for a nurse (entrepreneur couple actually) who is opening an adult day care center to name a few.

A virtual assistant work is not a long-term as the work that you may have will depend on the need of the client. Some clients need you for just a project, so work is on a project basis. Some will need you for 2 weeks to a month to help on some paper works or schedules then after work is done, end of service. There are also clients who are into long-term business meaning, if they are happy with you as their VA, you work with them as long as the business is doing great but not like as when you really have a stable job in a physical office with all the benefits of an office employee.  VA job is a stable one if you have connections and referrals and will not run out of clients.

So far, I am paid by the hour and my income depends on the number of hours I worked for the client and the number of clients I have. The more project, clients and more hours mean more income. My rate is getting good now and is paid in US and Australian dollars by my clients straight to my bank account or through Paypal.

A virtual assistant needs to build reputation so for him or her to get referrals and get more work. Work means money and money means sustaining your daily needs.

Remember, not all work from home are legitimate, there are scams as well.

My virtual assistant job is a way of making use of my spare time in a productive way and in return augmenting my income while doing work I enjoy most.

You will know more about virtual assistant or work from home on my succeeding blogs. See yah!


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