OBRA (Outstanding OFW/Balikbayan Reputation Award) Outstanding Filipino Blogger 2012

Hi, everyone! I know, this article is long overdue and was suppose to be written after the ExlinkEvents OBRA awarding last December 7, 2012, held at SM Mega trade hall. Unfortunately, I was really tied up with all the article writing and blogging, newsletter and holiday flyers for clients. Nevertheless, it’s better late than never.

We sleep really late here and my insomnia attack was very bad lately too. Early morning today, I decided to write (ehm) about the OBRA award (as I feel I am in the mood though very sleepy). As I was gathering my thoughts on how to start the blog and while trying to compose the first line, I browsed the internet and just checked on my name if something will come out. I tried few tweaks with my name on and well, I found links to my blogs and Facebook until I finally wrote my full name. I was surprised to find my name tagged with Exlink Events and with blogger Nessie, author of  Say it, Nessie. I opened the site and saw a picture of my on the big screen during the OBRA (Overseas OFW/ Balikbayan Reputation Award) with my name and few lines about me.

from Say it, Nessie's blog

from Say it, Nessie’s blog

I again browsed the internet hoping to see if something else might come up and viola, another one popped out from Mai Flores, author of budget biyahera. I was really overwhelmed and I am humbled as I did not expect to be mentioned and recognized in someone else’s blog.

from budgetbiyahera's blog

from budgetbiyahera’s blog

As I have mentioned on my earlier blog about the OBRA award, the recognition as the 1st OBRA Outstanding Filipino Blogger for 2012 comes as a big surprise and I may say “the highlight” for the year 2012 for me, being a blogger. The story I wrote –  Adobong Mani: Emmanuel Rabulan – OFW  story of success and survival caught the attention of one of the organizers of ExlinkEvents which paved its way to my nomination and finally receiving this award.

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In as much as I wanted to be present during this momentous event to receive the award and hold the plaque personally – distance, finances and work prevented me from going home. My daughter Krystal Eulaflor Jayme received the award on my behalf with my brother Oliver, sister-in-law Aireen. Thank you Tito Elson Ogario and Venus Tagala for the warm accommodation while my family stayed in Manila.


My daughter, Krystal Jayme, received the          award on my behalf.

All the awardees were given 15 minutes to deliver their speech.  The other awardees were  Outstanding Entrepreneur – Milagros Remugat Leviste, Domingo Carmona De Leon ; Outstanding Community Builder – Jeffrey Ximo Ramos, Rosalie Ellasus ; Outstanding Positive Character/Deed ; Emmanuel Rabulan, Juanita Limbago ; Outstanding Family Builder – Solito Cruz, Analiza Lupisan; Outstanding Blogger Advocate – Gracia Amor. Since I am not able to make to the event, I was asked to record a video instead of having it live on skype to avoid untoward episodes like lag, robotic sound or worse, being cut off while delivering the speech.

Working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where strict rules for women are imposed is somewhat difficult to get stories of Kabayans as we are not  free to talk to men especially if not a relative and roam around the kingdom without the official drivers of the house.  But this award made me realized that even if you are confined to the four walls of the room and your working place, you can still make a big difference in your own little way. And that, by the mighty power of the world wide web, the internet and social media, one can reach out to the world and I can say and share what’s in my heart and mind.


Thank you Exlink Events for recognizing an Overseas Filipino Worker’s simple thoughts, my simple thoughts, through blogging.

Indeed, big surprises come in small packages. To God be the glory.


5 comments on “OBRA (Outstanding OFW/Balikbayan Reputation Award) Outstanding Filipino Blogger 2012

  1. KUDOS and Congratulations to you Eula! I wish you’ll continue with what you’ve started and may it be an inspiration as well to other OFW aspiring and future bloggers.

    All the best!

    Gilbert – KSA-EPKhobar

  2. Your story was very touching. I’m glad that I was able to witness it, and to see your daughter receive the award on your behalf. Again, mabuhay po kayo! Ingat po parati jan. 🙂 — Mai Flores of

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