Cusina – A Restaurant in Batha

We went to Batha to buy few things. Since it is Ramadan time, we went there in the evening. Weather was quite good, not too hot. Went to the blue building or the electronic building to buy internet security for my computer. My friend noticed the signage of Cusina and then decided we try this new restaurant.

20130727_005511 copy

20130727_000701 copy

20130727_000714 copy

20130727_000758 copy

20130727_000859 copy

20130727_001116 copy

So hungry already.


20130727_002739 copy

Sinigang na Lapulapu.

20130727_002941 copy

Beef with oyster sauce.

20130727_002851 copy

Japanese rice


20130727_002007 copy

Overall, the food was good – just ordinary, nothing special though.

An update:

I mentioned to the waiter that the food was not impressive on our last visit. He apologized and when our food was served, it was way better than the last time. At least, they listend to our suggestions.




Shanghai Fried Rice


As recommended by the waiter, we tried the pineapple, avocado (mine) and mango fresh fruit shakes.


Our bill.


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