Batha, Riyadh – A Place Frequented by Pinoy Expats

I have been talking about Batha where we buy our grocery, send money to Philippines and dine when we have an extra budget but I never got the chance to talk about the place itself. In my previous blogs, Batha is where I got the stories I shared about OFWs and some review of the restaurants that we tried on for our food adventure.

It’s Ramadan time and most souqs or shops are open in the evening.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia changed their weekends to Friday and Saturday from Thursday and Friday. Even with the change of weekend timings, the crowd has not changed in numbers. If you go during the weekend, be prepared to push your way around and  be careful of unscrupulous sellers selling fake gadgets, aggressive and naughty men who will touch women’s private parts. But there are few people who are selling perfumes like Indians who are honest in their dealings. You can also see many Kababayans roaming around selling roasted peanuts, call cards, those who are just on the side walks selling different kinds of Pinoy delicacies.

Batha is not only a commercial trading area where you can find shops for shoes, jewelries, bags, supermarkets, restaurants, clothes, electronics, perfumes, shades, and more but also home of expatriate workers from Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan to name a few.


20130731_200238 copy

This perfume, watch and eyewear store is owned by Ahmed, a businessman from Bangladesh who owns this shop.

20130731_200327 (1) copy

20130731_202657 copy

These shops are found in Manila Plaza.

This is where Filipinos buy celfone card loads or eloads.

20130731_204308 copy

20130731_205913 copy

This is a jewelry shop in CFC area.

20130731_205943 copy

20130731_210112 copy

The Pinoy Supermarket is one store that is frequented by Pinoy grocers. 20130731_235653 copy

The electronic area. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to take pictures inside the blue building as what they call it because of the color of the building that is blue or the electronics building as religious police are roaming around the place. Scared to get apprehended.

Wherever Filipinos are, sorbetes ice cream is also there or what we call in Pinas the flavor of the road icecream. This is Randy, the friendly sorbetero who willingly took the pictures of this area for this blog. On the second floor, you will find clothes, curtains, the Telemoney bank, curtain shops, restaurant and more.

Many Kababayans don’t want to visit Batha during weekends because the place gets too crowded and so hard to get a taxi if you don’t have your own car or service from your employer. But most of the time when one needs to send money back home, it doesn’t matter if the queue is too long as long as the family back home receives their allowances on time. That is how we OFWs love our family. We save on food and wants because we prioritize the needs of the family. But there are those Kababayans who are into spending spree that what is left for the family are only few Riyals.


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