DQ Grill and Chill – Um Al Hamam, Riyadh

I’m hungry and was dying to eat burger. Since Panda Um Al Hamam was just around the corner, we went to DQ.


20130804_221855 (1) copy           20130804_222159 copy

As usual, we ordered the kid’s meal – our favorite because it’s cheap. We ordered the kids cheeseburger meal and mini blizzard.

20130804_222242 copy  20130804_222559 copy

I love my brownies temptation blizzard – super delicious. The server turned the blizzard upside down test in front of us when it was served for us to see that it’s not melted and flips away.

20130804_225002 copy  20130804_225025 copy

I asked the Kabayan at the next table if they could give me the chance to picture the blizzard – upside down which they willingly agreed. The one on with the striped T-shirt is Francis Lumague and couple Chiron and Marife Agbisit. Maraming salamat po sa inyo.

20130804_225017 copy  20130804_221617 copy

20130804_221807 copy

20130805_001006 copyAnd finally – our bill.


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