Panorama Mall, Riyadh

It was a tiring day and just wanted to see something else or new in my eyes, not the usual room and office setting. I asked my housemates if we could go out and just eat -not burger this time, my tastebud’s yearning for some chinese food. So, off we went to Panorama Mall.
1    2

Panorama Mall is one of the biggest malls in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

3  4


7  8

We ordered our chinese food at Lai-lai.

9  10

Ordered a combo meal of beef, fish fillet, rice, noodles with softdrinks at 28.00 SR and water at 2.00 SR. The food was not like the authentic chinese food that is sweet but glad it’s not salty either. Verdict – just an ordinary treat, nothing special.


It was prayer time so all were closed. We just stayed at the food court and finished our meal while waiting for the shops to open.

13  14

15  16



My favorite Cinnabon.  This time I did not buy one as I have been downing too much sweets the past few days.



As you can see, the mall is full of high end products and brands from the US and Europe.






I’m into bath stuff and I so love body wash, gels and creams, so what do you expect? I bought the lavender foaming bath cream and the body wash both at 50% off – it’s sale anyways.


34  41

I wanted to buy a Michael Kors watch but just had this in my dreams for quite sometime. I searched the internet for designs and when I went to the watch store, saw these designs which really got me confused. Good thing because I forego of buying the watch but will buy one as a gift to myself soon. (excuses, excuses!)

42   43

Time to go home. Jarir Bookstore, one the biggest bookstores in Riyadh has a branch in Panorama Mall too. This is where I sometimes buy my office supplies.



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