Marks and Spencer – La Maison de Senteurs, Fleur d’ Orangier Body Wash

One of my weaknesses is bath stuff. I just love body wash and I can’t help but buy and buy specially if I like the smell of it. I went to Marks and Spencer, checked on the bath and perfume aisles to see on some perfumes and colognes but I ended up buying a body wash and a foaming bath cream.

I will give my personal review on La Maison de Senteurs, Fleur de Orangier Body Wash.


It says here – A conditioning body wash blended with essential oils of sweet orange and
petitgrain to refresh and revitalise.

As mentioned, it has sweet orange and petitgrain essential oils but when I opened the bottle and smelled on it –  I associated the scent to lemongrass rather than orange but, I still love the smell that is why I bought one bottle to try on.


Product details:


  • Refreshing fragrance
  • A conditioning body wash to leave skin feeling cleansed and delicately fragranced
  • Contains sweet orange and petitgrain essential oils
  • Chic design inspired by the traditional styles of Southern France
  • 25% recycled material in tube

Directions:  Squeeze into hands or body polisher and lather over wet skin, rinsing well after use

Indications:  Avoid contact with the eyes. If product gets into the eyes, rinse well with warm water

Special Size Type:  One size


Can’t wait to try the product when I get home but hey don’t get me wrong, I did not hop on the shower right then and there. 😉

The first time I tried this one, I poured a little of the liquid on the loofah, but the scent was not strong enough as what my sense of smell visualizes it. The smell was so light when used unlike other body washes that even after getting off the shower, the scent lingers on.

I was not quite happy about the scent not leaving my skin the way I was hoping it would and that the smell I hope should linger on the bathroom and my room after I leave the shower. But as I mentioned earlier, I just love the smell on the bottle and it serves the purpose – cleaning my body.

Marks and Spencer was having a sale so I got this bottle at 12.50 SR from the original price of 25.00 SR, not bad at all.


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