Moroccan Argan Oil – Instant Glow

I have used Argan oil for the past two years and I love this oil. The very first bath set of Argan oil I got was from France and from there on, I never stopped searching the beauty aisles of products with Argan oil.

When I had my vacation in the Philippines last May, I went to SM to find argan oil and I found this one from Instant Glow. The smell is not the same as with the pure argan oil, it’s more of with light scent that I just love.


I have an oily skin so I am apprehensive in applying oil of any kind onto my face as it might clog my pores and create more problems. And because of my oily face, I have this black marks (or say blackheads) on the side of my nose. I have tried to get rid of this for quite sometime but to no avail. Used different solutions from derma clinic but still it’s there.

I have used this brand for 3 months already. The first time I used the oil on my face, (uses this on my face only) my skin felt supple. Also, the oil is not greasy unlike other oil, and is absorbed by the skin easily. I don’t just apply the oil on my face but massage it for better absorption for 5 – 10 mins. And the most visible progress is that the blackheads on the side of my nose is now say 80% less. I love it.


At the back of the bottle is the information about Moroccan Argan Oil.

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil comes from the fruit of the Argania Spinosa  in the Southwestern area of Morocco. Argan oil is rich in Anti-oxidants Vit. E, Oleic Acid, and Linoleic Acid. This “secret wonder oil” has been used in Morocco for centuries to repair wrinkled damaged skin and in fight against premature ageing. Instant Argan OIl immediately delivers deep moisturizing care and protection for your hair, skin and body.


Rich in essential oil elements such as: Omega 9, Omega 6 and Vitamins A & E which helps rejuvenate the elasticity  of your skin keeping you looking younger and younger.


Treats dry scalp. Fights hair loss.


Clears skin. Prevents wrinkle.


Promotes suppleness. Evens skin tone.

I didn’t try this on my hair and the body because I find it really expensive at 1,199.00 Pesos. And using this on my hair and body won’t make the one bottle last that long. But then again, for its price and using this on a daily basis – face only, day and night for 3 weeks, I guess its worth the price.

Overall review:

I just love the oil with its light scent.  Reduced the blackheads on the side of my nose and my skin is more soft and supple.

Note: I bought this and made my critic on this product. I am not paid to make the review.


22 comments on “Moroccan Argan Oil – Instant Glow

  1. Maganda nga po yang Argan oil, I used Argan oil for my dry hair. Natatawa nga ako sa hubby ko kasi sabi niya amoy italian sub daw ang buhok ko.

    • Hi Chandra,

      Maganda din sa buhok na try ko din, but sa bottle na to, sa face ko lang talaga kc sa PInas ko nabili, at meron naman ako na isa pa dito but another brand. will post more of argan oil products.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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    • Hi Shii,

      Hindi po iniinom yan because this one is for cosmetic pursposes lang- for the hair, face and body lang po yan. You can drink the edible or culinary argan oil pero hindi ko alam kung may mabibili ba sa Pinas.

  3. I saw one yesterday sa Watson’s gateway. I also use Argan oil po (different brand) Maganda nga po talaga ang effect. I would like to try Instant Glow pag naubos na yung gamit ko.

  4. hi ask ko lang po kung nagleleak ba yung bottle ng argan oil nyo?? I just bought po today and then naka isang pump lang ako then close ko na sya then pagopen ko ang daming nakaleak na oil sa may takip nya.. Ask ko lng po if normal to or may problem ung pump ko thanks 🙂

    • Hi Malene,

      I guess sira yong pump ng argan mo kc d naman nag leak ang sa akin. Dalhin mo nalang yan dun sa pinagbilhan mo with the receipt baka mapalitan pa nila.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.



  5. Ive been using the same bottle for almost a month now. Thanks to you, maam! Ive been looking for Argan Oil but to think Php 1200 for 100ml is cheaper than the ones being sold in online shop. 30ml is like Php550. I’m really into it. I do face massage as well after applying it. I make it as my base for make up everyday then every night as my “nightcream” . It’s quite expensive because you will shell out 1200 but then again u will not buy a day cream, a night cream and make up primer. 🙂 Once again, thanks for your blog I got my Argan oil.

  6. hi,

    i had dry,toasted freezy hair due to digiperm.bumili ako knina ng 30ml btl,same brand.. can u give me idea of the result of this product in your hair??thank u …


  7. Halo,
    Aku din bumili kahapon lang napahanga kasi aq nang subukan ng sales lady sa kamay nag absorb xa ,hndi malagkit ,kaya kahit mahal na pabili aku heheh sobrang nice niya .

    • Hi I’ve been using Argan Oil for almost A week. Nung Una Maganda Yung Result nya Sa face ko coz i have an oily skin . Pero na Noticed ko ngayon na Nag bebreak out ako. Ganun Ba talaga Yung Effect nya ? And Anu bang Dapat Na Soap ang Pwedeng I fair sa Argan Oil ?

      • Hi Criss,

        depende kc yan sa skin natin kung babagay or hindi. Ako kc madaming ritual hehehe, pero yon may breakout din but I’m using a mud pack weekly at so far effective sya.


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  9. i am using this product in one bottle and i don’t see yet the effect on it maybe i should’ve use it consecutively . .i am hoping for still the best result most specially for my acne.Nevertheless it is so hard to find.

  10. naubusan ako ng conditioner sa buhok so dikit dikit ang buhok ko pagkatapos maligo naalala ko yung sinabi ng babae sa watson na pwede rin ang instant glow argan oil sa buhok….. true enough habang basa ang buhok ko, naglagay ako ng argan oil….. nang matuyo ang buhok ko maganda ang naging bagsak nito since straight ang buhok ko….. even sa mukha ginagamit ko syang moisturizer at nakita ko ang difference nya compared sa known brand ng moisturiser…. mas maganda ang effect ng argan oil as moisturiser since oily face din ako, itong argan oil na to is madaling ma absorb at hindi oily talaga.

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