Florencio Superales, Jr – Filipino Chess Club of Riyadh

I wanted to eat something that is not from our usual menu at home.  And since my friend Ana wanted to buy a tablet we were thinking of going to Panorama but end up going to Batha instead as we were at Panorama Mall the other day.

Before we went to the electronics building, we had our very late lunch at the food court of Manila Plaza. The food court is at the fourth floor of the building if I’m not mistaken. It was too different from the first time I ate at this place four years ago. That time it was kinda dirty and with some foul smell that I can’t describe. But it was too different now.

It has few opened food stalls and the catch – a new recreation area: dart and chess.


This is the dart area but only for men. Ladies are not allowed to mingle with men in public places – that’s Saudi and most of middle east’s strict ruling.


As you can see, these Kababayans were really having and enjoying their time.  20130920_180247

And this is the Filipino Chess Club of Riyadh International.


I was quite amazed on how this place has transformed and how the Filipinos really find time to socialize and be with fellow Kababayan. Since I wanted to know more of this chess I club, I approached one member and asked few information.


Mr. Abad founded The Filipino Chess Club of Riyadh International seven years ago and since then members have grown in numbers. Membership fee is at 100 SR which includes 1 t-shirt and ID. The chess club is open during Fridays and Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm. –  at the fourth floor of Manila Plaza building, Batha.


I am honored to have a brief chitchat with Mr. Florencio Superales, Jr, who works at King Abdullah Financial District. He came to this oil rich Saudi Arabia in 2011. I am convinced that this man must have that analytical skill and wits to bag home the trophy and honor as FCCR 2013  2nd placer – Class B category. He was with his beautiful and supportive wife Nielsen who was sitting at the family area while hubby was into the tournament. After sometime, Mr. Florencio joined his wife for dinner. (I know I mentioned earlier that  it was lunch for us – yes,  very late lunch indeed but for everyone else it’s dinner time.)

It’s good to see OFWs joining this kind of recreation for relaxation and having their “ME” time. Working away from home is really not easy but that doesn’t mean you have to devote all your time at work so you can get all the money you can to send back home.  We should be mindful of our hard-earned money and not just throw it away to unnecessary expenses and unproductive hobbies.  It’s all about managing your income. On the other hand, putting yourself into so much stress is not good as it will eventually get back at you. Always keep in mind that we are just humans and not machines.  We need to mingle and socialize to be able to have not only a “sound and healthy” body but mind as well.

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