Thailand House Restaurant, Batha, Riyadh

The main restaurant of Thailand House Restaurant is in Telemoney Building, Batha.  Since I arrived in Riyadh, we have dined at this restaurant for a couple of times already. This is the second time we dine at the Manila Plaza food court and found this Thailand House Restaurant.


The cook is Arsenio and a Filipino. The good thing in this restaurant is that you can actually see the activity at the kitchen as it is open, no walls at all.



Choosing from the menu what we want to try. Hhmm, let’s see what we’re going to order.

 Maximo, the ever accommodating and the only waiter serving its patrons.


The rice.


I love the sauce.


The best Tom Yam we ever had. The taste was so delicious and just enough, not salty and not too sour, so savory. As we were only two, we ordered the half serving.


Beef crispy pata – true to its name – so crispy just like cracklings. The taste was just so perfect specially that it was served hot.


It was only the two of us who dined out and as the serving were too much for us, we took it home.


And last but not the least is the halo-halo for dessert. This one is good but not the best.


Our bill.


Overall, food was great, served hot and palatable. I will definitely come back for that beef crispy pata.


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