Chick Buck – Batha, Riyadh

Since the façade of this fast food chain was up, I was already on the look out when they will open to serve the public. The waiting was over and finally time to check on their menu and how the food tastes. It was a Saturday (Saudi Arabia changed the weekend from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday) so expect a number of people in banks to send money, markets and groceries, restaurants and other stores.

We were  with our grocery shopping at around 10:30 am and then headed to Chick Buck hoping it’s not full of people queuing up to eat like most of the food chains and restaurants in the vicinity.

We were glad there were only a handful of people dining. Once inside, we then checked on their menu board.

6 (1)

The menu board is not customer friendly. I mean, as you can see, it is glaring. you cannot clearly see what’s written on the menu board unless you position yourself from another angle or better make your eyes bigger than its usual size to see and read the menu. (You get what I mean?)


This is the shake and juice area.



We took a brochure so we can choose the food that we want to try to eat. Very hungry now.


I ordered first and had double beef burger and butter shake. My colleagues were still contemplating on what to order. The roasted chicken and the French fries will take about 40 minutes as it was not ready yet, according to the person at the counter. So both of them settled for Shawarma instead.



Their order came in first ahead of my order. I said, it’s ok as I will have mine any minute now.

People came in, started to line up and queue. The two women behind me were already complaining about their orders. They were there ahead of us and said they were waiting for more than 40 minutes for their burgers and shakes. What???? 40 minutes and I did not see any activities in their kitchen area. Are you kidding me?

They complained again. The ones who ordered for Shawarma were served first. I approached the counter and inquired about my order and was told it will be done. Again what? I asked where was the cook as I only saw one guy cooking and doing the burger then went to the shake stand to make the order of the two ladies.

As you can see from the picture, those ladies lining up cancelled their orders after staying for about 10 minutes and few men left too.  A couple of women came in, colleagues of those who were sitting behind me and was shocked to know that their orders were not yet served. They left and came back again after 10 minutes with the same situation so they decided to eat in another restaurant.

The supervisor or whoever he was, was at the counter beside the cashier. They were undermanned and the supervisor was not helping in the kitchen or to prepare for orders. He was just giving instructions and this and that. So I went to the counter again for the 3rd time as it was already 30 minutes. For a burger and shake – more than 30 minutes is not good anymore.

Then the cashier called my attention and showed me a receipt and asked if it was my order. Oh my goodness, it was not my order so I gave him my receipt. After 10 minutes of waiting my shake  was finally served. I ordered for the butter shake and I’m not sure if this is the butter shake as this is avocado shake.


I wanted to question but just did not complain as I don’t want to get my blood rising up to my head. When I ordered the butter shake I asked for the ingredient and was told that it’s a mix of fruits that is why I ordered so I can try.

In fairness, the shake tastes good, with real fruit, not too sweet, just enough for my taste.


After say 5 minutes my double beef burger arrived. My friends were all done with their Shawarma about 20 minutes ago and I’m just starting my food.


This is the double beef burger. I don’t like the taste, even though there was mayo on it, still taste bland and the catsup was a little sour. Also, I don’t like that the French fries were inside in the burger, they could have at least served it in another plate. It was not what it was shown on the picture though.


This is the shawarma stand.


Finally, my receipt.

My observations:

1) Due to its limited staff, they were not able to accommodate the orders. Main reason why those customers left.

2) Only one person preparing for all orders, running from the burger station to the shake station.

3) I guess they opened the store in the morning not fully prepared. They should have thawed the beef patties and the French fries out of the freezer ahead of time so that everything’s ready when they open the store for the day.

4) No Filipino crew. It should have been better if there is one or two Filipino crew to attend to because this is the Philippine side of Batha as they call it, and expect more Filipino customers flocking this area.

5) The supervisor and  front clerk were not well versed with the menu yet or was it that we were not able to understand each other when I had few questions about the menu.

6) The burger patties were fried on the French fries deep fryer then transferred to the burger fryer. Shouldn’t be the burger patties  cooked on the burger fryer and not deep fried before frying it on the burger fryer?

7) Catsup should have been given to customers and not prepared with the burger so diners have option to put more or little catsup according to their preference.


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