Who am I?

 Everyday is a learning experience be it small or big, it is what makes me whole as a person. One may love me, one may hate me. If one doesn’t like me, I don’t care and I don’t give a damn, I am who I am.

I am Weng, originally from the Queen city of the south, Cebu City, Philippines.  I am an OFW working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as personal secretary of a Princess.  A single mother with a beautiful and musically inclined daughter named Krystal (a member of the school’s  rondalla club during her elementary days, choir and violin major student during her Grade 7-10 years and a member trainee of the Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra)

Loves photography, music (plays the piano (before don’t know anymore now (ugh! 😉 , the organ with full pedal and a bit of guitar), travel (bisan gikan sa colon to  carbon ok ra jud), food trip (from 2002 to 2008, was a food taster at (Julie’s Bakeshop),  Julie’s Franchise Corporation – executive secretary to the CEO.  When the company ventured into fast food business, I transferred and held the position of Ad and Promo specialist). I love to window shop,  loves to pamper my body the natural way (coz no budget for posh salons, so have to find what is available in the kitchen which is way better than chemicals.  This is my way of de-stressing and it makes me feel soooo good and beautiful inside and out).  Was a sign langauge teacher in Cebu and hope to be of service again to the deaf community.

 Life has been a roller coaster ride. Sinner as I am, God  has never abandoned me.


39 comments on “Who am I?

  1. very well said..very relatable with my own life story:) Aja! Aja! lang..kaya natin ‘to… more power to you. Godbless

  2. maam naa sad ko sa riyadh since 2002 pa until now wala pa gyud ko makaanha sa end of the world. pwede ask ko where man na dapita kay gusto ko ako dad on ako wife diha kay sige lang mi adto sa red sand. salamat maam

    • HI Jhun, salamat for dropping by. Edge of the world is in Huraymila Park, 2 hours drive from Riyadh. Just give me your email address so that I can ask Kuya Jojo, a filipino off-roader para mahatagan ka sa sakto nga direction. Very nice kaayo didto but not suitable for summer time dapat winter time mo visit sa Edge.

      • sec.vicechairman@othaim.com ang email add nako maam ug 0535408221 ang mobile nako,e-miz kol lang ko niya maam kay motawag lang ko (kay medyo taud-taud man gud maam if maghulat pako sa imo reply hehe) ask man sad ko mga friends nako diri pero ingon man sila di daw pwede ang car didto, prefer daw ang 4wheeldrive na mga sakyanan. is that true maam?kay humok daw ang dalan pasulod sa place. basin ba sad ug lain nga edge of the world ila tell, kay 2nd overpass daw if padulong ka sa salbuk na dalan from old deriya. God bless

  3. Hi Jhun, kumusta? sorry for the late reply kay karon pa jud ko open balik sa akong account. just came back sa saudi from vacation, perte ka abog sa bahay and room so general cleaning then nagkasakit sad due to weather na perte nasad ka init. will call u.. TY

  4. Good day! this is Lyza from Exlinkevents, Maam baka matulungan nyo po ako na makahingi ng contact ni Mr. Emmanuel Rabulan. We have an upcoming event po entitled (OBRA) Outstanding Balikbayan ReputationAward on December 7, 2012 . Also Ms. Weng if you will be here in the Philippines by the time, hope you can also provide me your contact details so that i could communicate with you as one of the nominee for the category of the (Outstanding Filipino Blogger) This will be held by the way on SM Mega mall Mega Trade Hall.

  5. Hi Weng,

    I stumble upon your site by accident. Nice blog you got going here. Keep it up! Just like you, I am from Queen City South of Cebu. Just stopping by to say hi. I have read your tourist visa ariticles, it is a good read. Thanks for sharing.

  6. hi weng, impress ako sa blog mo..hehe,by the way,magtnong ako di b n mention mo n nag apply k ng US visa sa saudi ,ask ko lng sa interview mo ba with consul ttwgan pb ng consul ung employer mo for asking some information?or okey na ung may certicate of employement lng?pls reply po..need to know kasi my schedule ako ng interview next month.thanks and regards ..elay

  7. Hi Elay


    sa mga tanong mo, d po tinawagan ng Consul ang employer ko to ask further information. So far, certificate of employment lang ang dala ko at yong email ng aunt ko na invitation letter, pero d naman tiningnan ang letter of invite. Basta sa employent certificate mo mas maganda na indicated na you are going back sa work mo at yong tentative date ng travel and until when, yon ang ginawa ko kc.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


  8. Thanks Weng for posting a very nice blog about ourselves and our chess club in Riyadh. You are such a terrific and multi talented writer and blogger. Keep up the good work…

  9. Dear Weng,

    My name is Joyce and I work for ExpatFinder.com.
    ExpatFinder.com is a free one stop website for people preparing to move or working and living overseas. We provide a myriad of services for expatriates and we have over 2,000 articles to help and support the people moving around the world and we are now creating an interview section to help the expats with real life experiences!
    We quite enjoy your blog about living in Riyadh, it is very interesting and informative. Would it be possible to interview you to further share some of your tips and feature some of your first hand experience as an Expat and your interview will be published on our Expat Interview section as a guide for our expat readers. The questions are mainly about the day to day lifestyle of an expat. If it would be possible, could you also send some photographs that we can use?
    Of course, if you accept, we can add a link to your blog or some of your website.
    The questions are enclosed, feel free to respond freely. You can return the doc with your answers if you accept this invitation.
    Thanks in advance and do let me know if you prefer other means to conduct this interview and we would be happy to accommodate your terms.

    Best regards,

  10. Dear Weng

    I have been reading your blog with great interest and wonder if you can assist me with a project. I am undertaking a dissertation in Domestic Tourism in Saudi Arabia. I need to get an insight into how often expatriates and Saudi nationals travel within Saudi Arabia as a tourist and have therefore compiled a questionnaire. The questionnaire will take about 5-8 minutes to complete and will assist me with my analysis.

    Are you able to complete the questionnaire for me and/or distribute it amongst a small group of acquaintances?

    I would be very grateful for your time and efforts and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

    Many thanks in advance.


  11. Hi Weng!

    I just read your blog and we’re interested to hear your story; your journey as an OFW. Is there any other way to contact you? Thank you.

  12. Good day, Mam:

    Do you still have the full pedal organ available? If you are not using it can I buy it? I just need it as a practice organ because I am a church organist. I am from the Philippines, Mam. Thanks

  13. I am separated with my husband and having new boyfriend and i am planning to visit him in US. how will i apply for tourist visa? consul might think i am going to stay in US or whatsoever. pls help me on this.

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