My Instagram Great Wall of China Travel Picture Was Used by a Travel Blogger from France

I just recently went back to using Instagram after I started it 2013. I went into a hiatus for the reason that I was just so busy with work and doing IG is not on my top list. Working as a virtual assistant social media manager requires me to learn the ins and outs of social media and how it works. In short, I need to go back to using Instagram to learn how to get more followers and likes (organic and inorganic). For my own IG account, I prefer it to be organic followers (at the moment ;-). Since I have tons of pictures to share from my travels and random trips, I then thought of sharing them with the world.

I shared some photos of my trip to Beijing and The Great Wall of China. One day, as I was browsing through the albums I found one picture of The Great Wall that I thought of sharing few times before but just hold off to it because I consider the other images to be nicer or I just felt like the ones I like to post.

Few hours after I posted this image to IG, I received a direct message from @randadeutsch asking permission to use the said photo for her article about the Seven Wonders of the World. Of course, I said yes! Randa is a pharmacy student from Limoges, France.


I appreciate bloggers and website owners who ask permission before grabbing images, linking articles or spinning articles and give credits to the rightful owners. I have several experiences where my articles were being reposted without giving me due credits. The images I owned that were grabbed and used as if their own in their articles and news. However, there were also websites though, without asking permission first to use my images but, gives me credit as the owner of the images used.

Modern technology gives us the opportunity to meet and have friends from across the globe. Don’t you think so?

You may check on Randa’s travel blogs and be inspired.