Royalista sa Riyadh – Ana Canezares

Royale products are mushrooming in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Wholesalers and retailers are aggressive in their marketing strategies to compete not only with fellow retailers but with malls and grocery stores selling the products.

Networking is one business that is burgeoning not only in the Philippines but around the globe offering almost the same products and services. They have their own marketing strategies to cajole people to join them in their so-called “power team”, offering chances of building wealth and acquiring cars, houses and travel incentives. This is not an easy thing to do as you really have to work hard to work your way up.


Ana Canezares, an OFW from Sariaya Quezon is a seamstress who works for one of the royal families in the Kingdom. She is one of the go-getter retailers of Royale products in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. For over 8 years of working in her regular job, still, the monthly income is not enough to keep up the needs of her son’s schooling and the support she is providing her family. The high-priced commodities and piling monthly bills prompted Ana to look for other means to augment her income.

She was invited by a friend to join Royale Business Club and started to order her first package. From then on, she maintained a stream of customers. She just doesn’t sit and wait for whoever comes to order but is using the social media, giving out flyers to wherever we go like restaurants, malls, stalls, sidewalk vendors in Batha to penetrate the ever competing market.

With the help of her upline, Ana already has downlines and earned points from their purchases which are turned into cash as an added income.

For Ana, this is the kind of business that she believes can help her boost her residual income and help her build her dream house, maybe have her own dream car too and the chance to travel locally and internationally.

Who knows, with all her hard work, determination and a boost of motivation from her upline and downlines, her dream is just a Royale product away.

Ok let me go to some of Royale’s products. Since I am living in the same house with Ana, yes, we are housemates, but not housemates ni Kuya LOL, I cannot of course help but try some of the products and here’s my honest to goodness, unbiased review of the products. Please note that I am not paid in any way by Royale to give my review.

Work related stress and retiring very late for the day always made me feel so sluggish and tired. It’s when I first tried one of Royale’s products, Richarge Herbal Drink Mix. This is a mixture of natural fruit and plant extracts of Mangosteen, Barley Grass, Cranberry, Blueberry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate and Sylimarin. After my first glass of the juice drink, I felt a bit energetic. I downed another glass after an hour or two, and whoa, I felt recharged. Since then, I have Richarge always handy when I needed a boost of energy.


When I am stressed out and or my monthly visitor is dropping by to say hi to me, my dear hormones are kicking my blood out, giving me a dose of breakouts – cystic acne (Ouch!) The second product I bought was the Kojic Papaya Soap not for the purpose of whitening but for drying out my pimples. Combined with my other beauty essentials, this product is decent enough to use. At first, a tingling sensation is felt that is tolerable if you are used to using strong products but if not, you may feel remorseful why you event tried. But it’s not only Royale soap; it is almost same as with other brands especially if the ingredients are quite strong. After using the product, I slather my face with my daily moisturizer and sunblock, which is a must if you are using products with whitening or peeling effect.


I admit, I am a chocolate lover and I have tried almost all that has chocolate in the world that I find from the grocery shelves, from drinks to beauty essentials (as you can see on my other blogs about chocolates). I cannot resist the urge to try the Choco All8. I love the taste not to mention the added ingredients of Grape Seed, Chlorella, Calcium, Gingko Biloba, Spirulina which entices me to give this one a try. The beverage drink is somewhat oily but tastes good.


Coffee is one of my perk me up drinks. My day is not complete without a cup or two coffees a day. I have tried several coffees with added ingredients; some tastes good and some were too strong for my liking. I bought 8in1 Coffee Blend that has added benefits of Agaricus Mushroom Extract, Spirulina, Korean Ginseng, Ganoderma and Grape seed. If I want to have a mild coffee, I used half of sachet or the packet if I want the full flavor.


The above mentioned products were bought by me.  Ana wanted me to try her other products, she gave me the following to try for free.

L GlutaPower Facial Soap with Glutathione, Alpha Arbutin, Collagen and Shea Butter. What I like about this soap is the moisturizing effect of shea butter. As I always mention, using this product is in conjunction my other beauty essentials.


Pinkish Glow with Glutathione, Lycopene and Arbutin. This product is for brightening and smoothening cream with UVA/UVB protection. From the name itself Pinkish Glow, you will have that pinkish tint when applied and a smooth coverage, concealing skin blemishes.

Roasted Corn Powdered Drink Mix with L-Carnitine. This tastes like the good old roasted corn drink made by our grandparents and forebear in lieu of coffee. I am not fond of this type of beverage but I can say this is a good alternative to coffee drink with the same benefit.


Fiberich Psyllium Seed Husk. I tried this one because sometimes, I need to regulate my bowel movement. With regular intake, this product aids in weight and blood sugar management. All you have to do is stir one tablespoon in a half glass of water or juice followed by an extra glass of water soon after. Drinking plenty of water all day is crucial because some who have taken the product claimed that they have difficulty in moving their bowels. The reason for this when asked is that they don’t drink enough water during the day.


For more information and to order your Royal products please call Ana at 0598378351 in Riyadh, roaming number 00639394322948 for Philippines customer or add her on Facebook – Ana Canezares



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