Tempura – a Philippine street food

Tempura. Yum, yum, yummy. I know what you’re thinking guys. Sorry, I’m talking about the famous tempura – Filipino style street food. The authentic Japanese tempura is a bit expensive dish of shrimp, seafood or vegetable .

The ever innovative Filipino reinvented Tempura into a gastronomic, affordable, street version of this oishii (delicious) tempura with matching sweet and sour sauce or hot and spicy sauce.

 The half- cooked tempura is deep-fried. Some customers want it golden brown, others just want it lightly fried (like me.)One can either dip on the sweet and sour sauce or the hot and spicy sauce or both of the sauces.

                                       Re dipping of tempura is discourage.                                        Hot and spicy sauce.

                                       Sweet and sour sauce.

An affordable snacks for students and those who are fond of streetfoods at 10.00 pesos per stick ( 3 pieces of tempura per stick) can already fill and calm a hungry stomach.


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