Ashra Ashra Park (Kamsa Kamsa) Part 2 – Right side of the Park

We went with our couple colleague to celebrate Eid Al Adha with their peers. Since it’s a holiday, we went to have  picnic lunch at Ashra Ashra Park formerly known as Kamsa Kamsa Park. This is my second trip to this Park. We went to the left  side of the park on our first trip. This time we went to the right side part of the Park where you can see lots of activities.


Entrance fee is 10 SR per person.


This is the entrance to the right side part of the park where we parked the van and we had our picnic.


My buddies Saphia and Ana.


Ten in the morning and the volume of visitors were increasing in numbers.


I was doing my photography stuff – “the can and my shadow”.


You can see people cooking and grilling for lunch.


I know I’m almost kissing the ground just to take a good shot like this. And I really don’t care as long I can have and  capture the shot my imagination was tying to conceptualize that time. I seldom use digital enhancement (Photoshop) of images as I just want to create shots as it is, manually manipulating my buddy – my camera.


Barbecue time.


The long and winding pond.

Ninety percent of the visitors in Ashra Ashra park are Filipinos.



There is an only restaurant in the park managed and owned by a Filipina entrepreneur.

Wherever and whenever there is karaoke and microphone, expect to hear a singing Diva or a Bon Jovi in the making belting out a song or two they have mastered.


I was trying several shots for these pens when I saw what this guy is doing  – playfully posing. (in yellow arrow)


This is Renee – the next top model in the making.


Lunch time with my peers.


Doesn’t matter how you position yourself, as long as you are comfortable.


Burp! What a meal. Picture time now!



Picture and selfie time.



The basketball court.



Pond’s school of fish.


I caught Alvin starting up a fire for grilling. I approached and helped him start a big fire as I wanted to take few fire shots.  I asked him to stand behind and do the pose which he gladly did.  (I can’t help but to digitally enhance this picture to add more tone to it.)


Eugene and Alvin.

As we moved towards the inner part of the park, we found a group  who invited us to take part in their lunch. We heartily declined the invite as we just had our lunch but took the bottle of water offered to us.  The birthday celebrant – Angie.

Most of them were beauticians in Riyadh. They gather once a year like during Eid Al Adha with friends and spouses.


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