Mama’s first day of radiation

June 14, 2011 Mama met with Dr. Philip Larazabal of Cebu Doctor’s Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology. First day was dedicated for CT scan (head/brain plain), treatment planning & dosimetry, mapping and discussion with the doctor. Mama will have a minimum of 20 days of radiation treatment.

 Dr. Larazabal noted that the radiation will not include the lungs as it cannot reach the lung area. He advises for another round of chemotherapy but mama declined and as per her Oncologist’s advice too due to her condition.

 Dr. Larazabal pointed out that the radiation procedure is much different from the previous one as this will be specific for the bone cancer.This procedure avoids hitting the heart during radiation. Unlike the ordinary one that radiation may hit healthy cells around the area.

 Mama was a bit tense. I guess she was scared as the last radiation she had, she got unconscious for almost 8 hours. Nothing was injected to mama of yesterday’s CT scan. According to mama, during mapping, there was something that was placed on her chest that felt hot. During the CT scan, that equipment was placed again on her chest. (I’m not sure of the name of that thing placed on her chest)

 I thought it will be the same cost as before but I was so shocked to see the computation though the doctor warned us already of the different fee.

 The ordinary radiation treatment costing is as follows:

 Simulation and planning    =   Php   4,250.00

Simulation and Replanning =  Php   4,250.00

Thermoplast mask            =   Php   3,715.00

Center’s fee                      =   Php      800.00

Center’s fee replan            =   Php      800.00

X-ray plate                       =  Php       200.00

Daily treatment :

Radiation treatment           = Php     1,200.00

Center’s fee                      = Php        350.00

Mama’s radiation treatment cost is as follows:

 CT simulation (refer to CT scan section)  = Php   4,300.00

Treatment Planning & Dosimetry             =  Php 18,150.00

Planning/ Replanning Fee                        =  Php   6,000.00

Daily treatment:

Radiation treatment                                =  Php 1,200.00

Center’s Fee                                             =      Php      350.00

I thought we were going to pay the 6,800.00 pesos only so I changed my Riyals just enough for the week’s treatment and for other utility bills. Since, I was caught off guard by the fee, I used my ever “just in case of emergency” plastic – the credit card for the treament planning. We paid Php 28,450.00 for the first day only.

 Dr. Larazabal was kind so enough to give us Php 1,000.00 discount after I requested the receptionist to ask the doctor for some discount of his professional fee.


11 comments on “Mama’s first day of radiation

  1. Where do u stay????/Please can you provide me the details cost for the Radiation treatment planning??????Nice blog………

    • hi Ram,

      Radiation treatment depends on what kind of treatment and which part wil be treated. Best thing for you to do is to go the hospital and ask for assessment. If you or the patient is eligible for Philhealth, it will be a great help too.

  2. How much was your total expenses for the treatment? My mom will have to undergo the same treatment after a month and I would like to prepare for it. Thank you. 🙂

  3. how long was the radiation? how is your mama now?
    my daughter needs to undergo radiation too. im desperately looking for info on the process and all

    • Hi Emma,

      How’s your daugher now? I hope she is all ok. My Mama passed away a year ago. Radiation usually takes 21 days but it depends on the advice of your doctor.

      Thanks for dropping by.


      • im sorry to hear that weng.

        my daughter is completing her chemo. her doc said that she might need to undergo radiation as the tumor is quite active. i dont know weng, i just lift everything to God

      • I’m really sorry to hear that Emma. Just don’t lose hope, you and your daughter will be in my prayers. Same with my mom, after chemo was radiation. God bless to your daughter and your family.


  4. Hi weng!

    My mom 74 recently dec21 diagnosed lung ca with bone mets. She has severe pain on her balakang due to mets and spondilyosis. Will radiation on said area help ease pain?

    • Hi Magnolia,

      Sorry for the very very late reply. AS far as I can remember, the doctor advised for the radiation to ease the pain. Consult with your doctor on what’s best for your mom.

      I hope she will get well soon.

      Best regards,


  5. My ffather is set to have radiation ang chemo t chonghua hospital. Can you pls give me an idea how much is the cost? He has a tumor in his neck. Im away frm them now.

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