The shirt and facial pampering I gave myself

Still upset about something but that’s ok. Rather than consuming my thoughts on this negative emotion, I decided to go out and have a diamond peel at my favorite (because it’s affordable) facial center – Cherrie D’ facial center because my face is still very itchy despite me having a facial and acne treatment a week ago at another facial center.

I decided to wear the new shirt I bought during the SM City sale. At first, Krystal wanted to have the shirt and was asking me to give it to her. When she saw the hole (a design) at the back of the shirt she then said, “never mind, I don’t want it anymore”. I asked her why, she replied “It has a hole at the back”.

Then, what’s the problem? Before you wanted to wear sexy clothes but now it seems you don’t want to wear something like this anymore. She said, “I just don’t like it. And I don’t want to wear shorts anymore. I will just wear a pair of pants today” I told her, I’m going to wear shorts today. That is why my friends say you look like my sister because you wear clothes that makes you look old” I teased her. She then went to the room and changed her pants into shorts. She doesn’t want to look like a sister to me, hehehe.

We then headed to Cherrie D’ for my facial. I had my first facial last June 25, 2011 at another facial center for the treatment of my irritated acne. (I will make a separate blog after my acne treatment).

Donna Mahilom was the one who took care of my facial. The white heads and acne pricking was quite painful. I gave a soft, painful moan (because there were other clients having their faces done too. It will be an embarrassment if I’m going to shout from pain, no poise LOL. Well, at least here, if I cry, they will assume it was from pain cause by pricking the white heads. But, what if I did cry because of the emotional pain I felt? What do you think? Was is or was it not? A good disguise, isn’t it?).

Anyways, Donna was kind enough to ask me every now and then to tell her if it’s already painful so she can stop for a while to help me recover from the whew!!! pain. She twice wiped the rolling tears off my face. Yes, tears but tears from pain of pricking. (They say, women can endure anything that is painful for the purpose of beautification but can’t handle the pain ant’s bite. Is this true?)

I added mask with vitamin C for 200.00 pesos on top of the diamond peel that costs 500.00 pesos.

I miss the facial pampering I did to myself when I was still Cebu based. In Saudi Arabia, I am not able to do this as often as I want because of reasons too many to mention ;-). End point, I have to do the facial on my own.

After the facial session, I felt a bit revived. Emotionally? hhmmm was at least able to boost my morale and my self-confidence.

Cherrie D’ facial center for men and women is located at Binamira Bldg., Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City with telephone number (032) 4126467.

Please note that I am not paid by Cherrie D’ in any kind for this blog.


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